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Appirio Cloud Metrics for


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Bring insights from thousands of Salesforce projects to identify drivers of cost and complexity in your Org. …

Bring insights from thousands of Salesforce projects to identify drivers of cost and complexity in your Org.

Are your Salesforce deployments taking longer than they used to? Is it becoming more difficult to troubleshoot issues? Are you wondering if there is an opportunity to retire code, and accomplish the same results through configuration? If you’re asking yourself questions like these, then Appirio Cloud Metrics for Salesforce can help you understand the hidden complexity in your Salesforce environment that threatens to dilute the cloud’s benefits of lower cost, ease of use, and flexibility to change.

In order to understand the trade-off of the next change request, configuration change or development initiative, organizations can access benchmark metrics across a larger set of companies. Using key metrics from your Salesforce org and how they compare to other Salesforce environments provides context and potential guidance on your own future direction and maximize the ROI from your Salesforce investment.
What you get with Cloud Metrics:

-Benchmark against other leading orgs
-Compare metrics from your org against other leading Salesforce orgs.
- Insight on drivers of complexity
-Eliminate guesswork and understand the biggest factors that are driving up the cost of managing your org.
-Identify opportunities for improvement
- Identify steps you can take that will have the biggest impact on improving the performance and cost of managing your org.
-Win stakeholder support
-Get a professional, formatted report that contains rich technical data and is easily consumable by business stakeholders. By including executives and other key stakeholders, you minimize resistance to change, and win their support.

Get started today by signing up for your FREE one-time Cloud Metrics Report for a more effective, efficient, and agile Salesforce:

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Benchmark Your Salesforce Orgwith Cloud MetricsSpring 20130© 2012 Appirio, Inc. - Confidential
    • 2. © 2012 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialWhy Complexity Matters for• Are your Salesforce.comreleases taking longerthan they used to?• Is it becoming moredifficult to troubleshootissues?• Are you wondering ifthere is an opportunity toretire code, andaccomplish the samethrough configuration?1
    • 3. © 2012 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialAppirio Cloud Metrics for to Maximize ROI2Cloud Metrics delivers a report withexpert analysis that helps youidentify the critical factors that drivethe complexity and cost of managingyour environment.
    • 4. © 2012 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialWhat Cloud Metrics Delivers3Insight to Maximize ROIProfessionallyformatted report– technical butshareable withbusinessBenchmark yourorg against bestpracticesInsight on driversof complexitySecurity - nopasswords orcustomer data isshared
    • 5. © 2012 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialTwo Levels of Cloud Metrics for Salesforce.com4It begins with one free automated report on key complexity indicators related toconfiguration, code, user administration and level of adoption. The paid Cloud Metricsprovides further analysis, metrics results over time, and access to cloud experts for fixed$12k.
    • 6. © 2012 Appirio, Inc. - Confidential5Why Appirio? Cloud Management Center Captures andAnalyzes Metrics across 1000s of Cloud Projects• Multi-tenant platform to runand manage cloud projects• Capture metrics such asvolume of custom objects andfields, frequency of changesand number of objectinterrelationships• Multi-tenancy enablescomparison across 1000s ofcloud ProjectsYou Are Here
    • 7. © 2012 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialSummary – Our Lessons Learned from 1000s of CloudProjects• Even minor changes compound at highvolume• “What’s measured improves”Peter Drucker• Understand trade-offs and strike thebalance between complexity andbusiness benefit6
    • 8. © 2012 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialSee more on Cloud Metrics on Salesforce Appexchange7Click here to view our listing on Appexchange
    • 9. Learn more about Appirio – Thank You! Apprio on TwitterAppirio on Facebook Appirio on Google +