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Appian's CEO, Matt Calkins, delivered the company's worksocial vision at the IDG CITE Conference in NYC. Appian is the market leader in modern Business Process Management software. We deliver unique worksocial capabilities by combining our proven expertise in improving how work gets done with our industry-leading innovations in social collaboration, enterprise mobility and portable on-premise/cloud computing. Worksocial from Appian gives you everything you need to drive better business decisions, actions and results. All the data, all the processes, all the documents and all the collaborations – in one environment, on any device, through a simple social interface.

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Appian worksocial

  1. 1. the worksocialrevolution 10.10.2012
  2. 2. Appian – BPM Market Leader 3,500,000 users Leader in all quadrants 100+ Appian applications & “Appian scores the highest $100M+ savings annually. for the Technology dimension and its User Sentiment score is remarkable, unmatched by any Enterprise-wide process other vendor.” use saves $10M+ per year.
  3. 3. Appian Brings Work & Social Together Introducing worksocial
  4. 4. Participation Anywhere, AnytimeAppian runs natively on every mobile device.Participate in processes, access systems…from anywhere.
  5. 5. Participation Made Easy Appian’s social interface requires no training Ease of use mass participation better work Executive Responding to Alert Sales Collaboration HR New hire information “Appian, with its mobile and social capabilities, will change the way we work with our partners, and how we service our clients.” - Brian Flynn, Global CIO, Crawford & Co.
  6. 6. Speed of ExecutionProcesses take too long with many delays and wait timesACT ACT ACT ACT WAIT WAIT WAITAppian removes wait times by…ACT ACT ACT ACT involving decision makers faster eliminating wait times in between steps
  7. 7. Commitment to Speed Fast time to market, Drag-and-drop, 100% portability no-code development PRIVATE PUBLIC ON-PREMISE "With Appian Cloud, we built and deployed our first solution by ourselves in only three weeks.“ - Dave Woods, Sr. Process Manager at SNL Financial
  8. 8. Work Brings Action & Coordination to Social
  9. 9. Take Actions within a Social EnvironmentTasks Processes Social Tasks System Tasks
  10. 10. Better Coordination in a Unified Environment ACCESS COST
  11. 11. Access Key Data, Make Better Decisions
  12. 12. Maintain Focus & Prioritize What’s Important
  13. 13. worksocial Delivers Business ValueNew Lines of Business Customer Experience Customer Experience Doubled users of new Mobile iPad inspections Enterprise RideShare service across 17,000 stores Managing largest co-located 50% increase in call center data center productivityOperational Effectiveness Modernizing IT Short-pay savings of $10M Savings of over $28M across for invoice payments IT Shared Services $16.5M annual benefit from $9M first-year savings from sales forecasting system Procurement system
  14. 14. Enterprise Runs New Business with Appian “Appian is the basis for anend-to-end operating systemfor our Rideshare business.” Now available across the USA - Dion Beuckman, Dept. Manager
  15. 15. Getting Veterans Back to Work with Appian 26,482 887,925Worksocial Job FairsRoving staff matched vets to jobs with Appian softwareSoftware training took only 20 minutes10,000 veterans received 16,000 job offers
  16. 16. CME Group Runs on Appian IT Service Project Resource Management Portfolio Management “Front-Door” New Hire On-BoardingSystems MaintenanceMobile IT support for Product Manage projects, Customer Day 1 new-hire428K sq ft data center Management deliverables & Support productivity resources Product Introduction Customer Engagement 40% decrease in Single environment time-to-market for rapid response