AppFusions is a market leader in new technology packaged integration applications (middleware),
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Appfusions Overview Brief - Feb 2014


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AppFusions ( is a market leader in packaged integration applications (middleware). Our “quick to trial, buy and deploy” scalable solutions solve common yet complex mixed-tech problems for corps of all sizes: Enterprise to SMBs.

Our senior development team focuses on simplifying and optimizing common business processes through the perfect mix of right tools, seamless integrations, good workflows - in that order!

AppFusions’ products bridge Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Crowd, IBM Connections & Sametime, Jive SW, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Alfresco, Lingotek (translations), Mixpanel, Parature etc.

We also provide top tier professional services support, for migrations, SSO, health-checks, database merges, custom development, netops, sysops, technical mentoring, 24x7 hosting.

AppFusions’ expertise integrating the technologies we work with is some of the most technically capable in the industry. Their portfolio of products and active engagement in the community exemplifies this high level of expertise.

AppFusions is a global organization, working in US, Australia, and Europe. For more information, please visit, @appfusions on Twitter or Facebook, or call +1 888.516.2890.

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Appfusions Overview Brief - Feb 2014

  1. 1. AppFusions is a market leader in new technology packaged integration applications (middleware), bringing together some of the most common Enterprise 2.0 Web applications, without a forklift! AppFusions’ “quick to trial, buy and integrations, and good workflows for corps should not need the compounded deploy” scalable solutions and products of all sizes: Enterprise to SMBs. challenges of bouncing between systems, bridge Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Stash, FishEye, Crucible, Bamboo, Crowd, IBM Connections and Sametime, Jive Software, Dropbox, Lingotek (translations), Box, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Alfresco, Mixpanel, Parature and more coming. Founded in 2010, AppFusions thinks collaborating between systems should simply not be so hard. Through simplifying and optimizing common business processes, AppFusions integrates the perfect mix of right tools, seamless AppFusions believes that customers should not have to embark on laborious custom development efforts to meet their system-to-system integrations needs. “Packaged integrations should just be available to trial, buy and deploy within days or weeks, not months.” multiple logins, and lacking logical data, process, or document management capabilities, among other. AppFusions also provides top-tier technical services for migrations, health-checks, database merges, development, netops/sysops, SSO, mentoring, and 24x7 managed hosting. Users should be able to log into primary AppFusions works in US, AU, and Europe. work systems, daily, and work natively Their customers include CA Technologies, across integrated other systems. Users AT&T, Neiman Marcus, HubSpot, and more. Our Solutions, to date Social Business Platform Integrations: Document Management Integrations: Immersive for Atlassian, in Jive 7+ Jive-side. Supporting JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Bamboo, FishEye, Crucible. Real-time activity streams, etc. Immersive for Atlassian, in IBM Connections 4.5+ IBM Connections-side. Supporting JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Bamboo, FishEye, Crucible. Real-time activity streams, etc. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or Alfresco file management in Atlassian Confluence or JIRA WordPress for IBM Connections 4.5+ Post WordPress blogs to IBM Connections and more. Translation Integrations: Enterprise Translations Hub for Atlassian Confluence (with Lingotek) Translate Confluence documentation into 100+ languages. Supports Asia-Online, Google, MS, Language Weaver, etc. SpeakMyLanguage Translations for Atlassian Confluence or JIRA On-the-fly translations for Confluence or JIRA. Google Analytics for Atlassian Confluence Single-Sign-On Authenticators: AD SSO Authenticator (via Kerberos) for Atlassian Applications Log into desktop domain, and Atlassian application automatically. Supports all Atlassian applications and SVN. Google Apps Authenticator for Atlassian Confluence or JIRA Alfresco SSO Authenticator for Atlassian Crowd Log into Confluence or JIRA using Google Apps log-in. Single sign-on between Alfresco and Crowd. Enterprise Essentials: Analytics Integrations: Mixpanel Analytics for Atlassian Confluence Access, search, preview, embed or link, edit in Office apps, download local copies of files, from Confluence or JIRA Enterprise Directory and Org Chart for Atlassian Confluence Rich, deep user/site/space analytics for Confluence. Site-wide/space-wide analytics of all Confluence activity. Enterprise Messaging Integrations: IBM Sametime for Atlassian Embedded IBM Sametime in all Atlassian applications. IM, presence, click to chat, group meetings, user lists. Connecting technologies and people | AD/LDAP integration, with list filtering, search, and more. CFR Part 11 E-Signatures (FDA Compliance) for Atlassian JIRA E-signatures for JIRA, printable audit reports, more. SharpView PDF Viewer for Atlassian Confluence Rich-featured high-resolution viewer in Confluence. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. | | US • AU • EU