Sacramento AppFolio meetup 1/24/2013


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AppFolio vision, best practices and, industry trends.
Coverd in the Session

- Maximize your use of time and money-saving features.
- Learn why property managers are converting to AppFolio.
- Learn about upcoming product features.

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  • -We gather Users’ feedback via feature requests, forum, calls
  • That averages to 1.2 new features a weekThese features don’t include the ongoing infrastructure and security work to ensure that we’re reliable and available 99.99% of the time.
  • AppFolio’s report:Full credit reportFICO scoreNationwide eviction searchNationwide criminal (optional) (includes OFAC, sex offenders, Interpole)Soon to include RentBureau rental history information as well$10 basic or $15 with criminalMajor advantages: built in creates significant time savings, often less expensive
  • We have a new partnership with ERB.RentBureau allows PMs to report rent payment history to Experian. There’s a benefit to good tenants – their on time rent payments help them build good credit history.Plus PMs who participate report fewer skips and collect more successfully because RentBureau makes it harder for a bad tenant to find a new place.Another totally free service for customers using AF screening, there’s no extra work because rent payment info is automatically provided to ERB from your AF database
  • Sign up and you can instantly grant a tenant a basic liability insurance for less than $10 a month. So when a new tenant shows up to sign a lease without their proof of insurance you can easily (and always) keep your property protected – enroll with the click of a button. This is a great service to market to owners, it saves claims on their property insurance – or covers the deductible in more serious incidents.
  • • Hot topics right now• Article Sept 2012 multi Housing News – find on their website• One quote: “Requiring insurance is a best practice that will one day be an industry standard” • NMHC survey of 50 largest apartment firms • Most common limit is $100K• Early Adopters: Large Communities, Owner Operators, Student Housing
  • It is all about the bottom line
  • Tracking 3rd Party Coverage
  • Sacramento AppFolio meetup 1/24/2013

    1. 1. The Team Here Today Brian Deignan Regional Director Erik Sandoval Whitney KopfAccount Executive - Regional Director, Insurance Services Joel Rogers Account Executive - National Danielle Sandoval Ursula Shekufendeh Associate Product Manager Website Services Manager
    2. 2. Agenda Your Feedback Payment Solutions and Other Services Hidden Features Coming Soon! Have Some Lunch and Meet Some Friends
    3. 3. The Product Development Process How AppFolio features are conceived • We listen to our Users’ Feedback • Follow Market Trends • Innovate How AppFolio features come to be • Share findings with the development team • Build a feature and test it with clients • Make updates if necessary
    4. 4. Your Feedback is Key! Feature Requests 5,500 received in 2012 User Forum 6,000+ posts to date Usability Tests and Validation Calls 600+ in 2012
    5. 5. Features of 2012
    6. 6. Thank You! Most Number of Feature Requests submitted by: Brittain Commercial Most Forum Posts made by: Cornette Property Management
    7. 7. Payment Solutions
    8. 8. Industry Stats 15% 2% 15% 68% Check ACH Credit Card Cash or Money Order
    9. 9. Rent Payments – what is changing? WSJ says - 70% of Americans who accessed the internet in Q2 made an online purchase Buysight (internet research company) says - 88% of Americans made a purchase online in the past 12 months 80% of shoppers are between age 33-44 Brian says - How many checks have I written in my life?
    10. 10. The Old Days
    11. 11. The Bank
    12. 12. Cost Cost Of Handling A Paper Check
    13. 13. Scanning
    14. 14. The StoryThe 90’s called… they want their scanner back
    15. 15. AppFolio E-Check Always Free!
    16. 16. Comparison Industry AppFolio AppFolio 0% 0% 12% 12% 15% 2% 28% 15% 53% 35% 68% 60% Check ACH Credit Card Cash or Money Order Checks Check AppFolio Online ACH Credit Card Credit Cards Cash or Money Order Money Order Cash or
    17. 17. Credit Cards Available Now!
    18. 18. Credit Cards Coming Soon!
    19. 19. Industry StatsAppFolio 0 12% 15% 2% 26% 15% 68% 62% Checks Check ACH AppFolio Online Credit Card Cash or Money Order Cash or Money Order
    20. 20. PayNearMe
    21. 21. How It Works No NSFs!
    22. 22. Coverage
    23. 23. AppFolio Payment Services 0 0 0 12% 26% 74% 62% Checks Checks AppFolioAppFolio Online Online Cash or Money Order
    24. 24. AppFolio Payments
    25. 25. Your Rent Week…
    26. 26. Value Added Services
    27. 27. Resident Screening Our reports are… • Built In – no separate login or duplicate data entry • Instant Results – get your screen in 60 seconds • Easy to Read • Attached and stored in APM automatically
    28. 28. Coming Soon…
    29. 29. Resident Screening Pricing
    30. 30. Professional Websites Website Features • Purpose-Built for Property Management • 100% integrated with AppFolio Property Manager • Custom website URL for your company • Variety of styles and colors to choose from • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    31. 31. Professional Websites Plus Only Website Features • Individual sites customized for each property, including image galleries and floor plans • Mobile version of site(s) • Google Analytics for tracking site metrics, traffic and visitors • Social media integration, including Facebook, Twitter and more • Blog
    32. 32. Professional Websites Plus
    33. 33. AppFolio Insurance Services
    34. 34. AppFolio Insurance Services Requiring Insurance Apartment Firms Requiring Tenant Insurance Annual NMHC ACOR Survey
    35. 35. AppFolio Insurance Services Why are we seeing this trend? • Transfer risk away from owners • Gain ability to recover repair cost for damages • Increase owner’s profitability o Reduce expense of resident caused damage o Reduce property insurance rates (MFR) • Competitive advantage for fee managers
    36. 36. AppFolio Insurance Services Tracking Tenant Provided Insurance StateFarm #8890011 12/31/2013
    37. 37. AppFolio Insurance Services“ What customers are saying: Keeping track of all our tenant policies and enforcing our insurance requirement used to be a big headache, but with everything managed right in the AppFolio software it’s just so easy to mandate renters. We now have the confidence that every unit in our portfolio is protected. Pricing
    38. 38. Using AppFolio Value Added Services One Underwriting Process for ALL Services Payments Screening Insurance
    39. 39. Hidden Features
    40. 40. Accrual Accounting
    41. 41. RUBS
    42. 42. Mobile Apps iPhone Android
    43. 43. Require Full Payment
    44. 44. Direct Connect Expedite the bank reconciliation process Reconcile on a more regular basis Allow AppFolio to match transactions View warnings for transactions that have not been found
    45. 45. RentMatch
    46. 46. External Payments
    47. 47. Customizing Apps
    48. 48. Help & Training
    49. 49. Help Resource Center Full Resource Center • Recorded trainings (65+) • Downloadable resources • Live Training registration • Online help file • Submit support requests
    50. 50. User Forums: Share and Succeed Together Online Community • Others best practices • AppFolio participation • Feature discussions • Accounting section • Tips & Tricks • Read, learn and contribute
    51. 51. Support Team: There for You
    52. 52. Questions?
    53. 53. Not a Customer Yet?•Talk to Someone Here•Ask Questions•Make Friends
    54. 54. Thank You!