AppFolio Mobile Inspections Module


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AppFolio customer training webinar overview of the new Mobile Inspections functionality.

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AppFolio Mobile Inspections Module

  1. 1. Introduction Arezou Gholami, Kenna Edwards, Emily Petty, Todd Smith PresentationTeam Approximately 45 Min WebinarLength AppFolio Inspections Content
  2. 2. PleaseAsk QuestionsAnytime! Use the Questions section of the GoToWebinar panel On right of desktop
  3. 3. This Event is Being Recorded You will receive a follow up email with a link to the recording
  4. 4. Agenda • Feature Overview & Notes • Starting an Inspection • Customizing the Inspection Form • Conducting an Inspection • Managing Inspections • The Inspection Tab • Tips & FAQ's
  5. 5. Polling Feedback How do you currentlymanageinspections? • Use paper and pencil forms • Use a 3rd party solution (HappyInspector, TapInspect, etc.) • Use AppFolio Inspections Feature • Other
  6. 6. Overview • Ideal For On-Site Inspections • 100% Built into AppFolio • No Additional Cost for AppFolio Customers • Speech-to-Text Compatibility • Images Are Easy to Upload and Attach • Multiple Record Association Options (Property, Unit, Tenant) • Automatic Inspection Layout & Copy Previous Option • No App to Install (Use Any Device / Mobile Friendly)
  7. 7. Notes • Supported Browsers • For Desktop: Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 30, Chrome 35 and Safari 7 • For Mobile: iOS 7 Safari for Apple and Chrome 35 for Android • To fully utilize the Inspections feature please be sure you are using a supported browser for your device
  8. 8. Create New Default Inspection Form • From Any Property, Unit or Tenant Record • Task Pane “New Inspection” • Fill In Details • Starts with “Default” template based upon property or unit details • Start Inspection
  9. 9. Copy an Inspection Form • Can select to use either the default form for the unit, or copy any previously completed inspection form • To create a “template” create and customize a generic inspection
  10. 10. Different Sizes for Different Screens • Inspection form is responsive to the size of the screen of the device you are on • Will automatically adjust display format
  11. 11. Add Areas to Inspection Forms • Option to “Add Area” at bottom of form • Add as many areas as desired
  12. 12. Add Items to Areas • At the bottom of each Area is the option to “Add Item” • Add as many items as desired
  13. 13. Edit or DeleteAreas • May Edit or Delete any Area • Click the “Edit” link at right-side of Area name • Either: 1 Change the Name 2 Delete the Area
  14. 14. Mark an Items Condition • Flag items as “OK” or “Needs Follow-up” • If select “Needs Follow-up” will get the additional info screen to add notes or photos
  15. 15. Add Notes • Click the Item name for which you want to add a note • Enter your note into the Notes text box • Save your note
  16. 16. Use Speech to Text • If using a mobile devise that has speech-to-text ability • Tap in the note box, then on your keyboard tap the speech-to-text icon and speak your note
  17. 17. Add Photos • Click the Item name for which you want to add a note • Click the Add Photo • If on a mobile device you will be prompted to take a photo or choose from library • If on computer you will be prompted to browse your files to import photo
  18. 18. Viewing Inspections • Available on Property, Unit or Tenant Page • Right-side Tasks pane, click View Inspections link • Will reload page to Inspections page and pre-filter to desired property, unit or tenant
  19. 19. Deleting an Inspection • May delete an inspection at any time • Please note, deleting an inspection is final and cannot be undone • On the Inspections page, to the right of the inspection you wish to delete, click the delete icon
  20. 20. Inspection Page • The Inspection Tab retains a list of all your inspections in a central location for fast easy access • Click the Maintenance tab, then the Inspections sub-tab • Two sections: 1 Filter 2 List
  21. 21. Inspection Filter • On top of Inspections page • Click link to “Click here to search again” • Opens the filter screen • Can filter by Property, Unit, Tenant or Date
  22. 22. Tips • For a “Template” create a generic inspection and then copy it for others (use “template” in inspection name) • Start the Inspection in the office with your computer, conduct it in the field on your mobile device • You do NOT need an app, it is Mobile Friendly
  23. 23. Summary • Feature Overview & Notes • Starting an Inspection • Customizing the Inspection Form • Conducting an Inspection • Managing Inspections • The Inspection Tab • Tips & FAQ's
  24. 24. Polling Feedback Does the feature meet your needs to begin usingit now? • Yes - Completely • Yes - Mostly • Not Sure • No - Needs More Functions
  25. 25. More Info Help File CommunityForum SupportTeam ClickForumsLink
  26. 26. More Info: > “Inspections”
  27. 27. FAQ’s • Is there an inspection app I can download? • There is no app you need to download or install to use this feature. This feature is mobile friendly, meaning it will adjust its layout to best fit the size of the screen you are on (computer, tablet or cellular phone) and does not require you to download an app.
  28. 28. FAQ’s • Can I create a custom inspection form? • AppFolio provides a default template that will appear every time you create a new inspection from a property, unit or tenant page. In addition, you can copy a previously completed form, or create a “generic” inspection to use as a template.
  29. 29. FAQ’s • Can I use this feature for Move-In, Move-Out, Annual and other types of inspections? • Yes, you can customize the form to fit any type of inspection you need to perform. You can also use the “Name” field to give the inspection the appropriate title.
  30. 30. FAQ’s • Can I complete an inspection at a later time? • Yes. You can start an inspection and setup your areas and items first, and then perform the actual inspection at a later time, by accessing the saved inspection from the Inspections tab in AppFolio (located under Maintenance).
  31. 31. FAQ’s • How do I get to my inspections on a mobile device? • Open up your browser on your mobile device, and log into your AppFolio database. Go to the Maintenance page, and then select the “Inspections” tab. Once you select an inspection, you will be introduced to the mobile view of the inspection feature.
  32. 32. FAQ’s • Can I print a copy of the inspection? • We don't currently provide a built-in print button, however most browsers will support the ability to print the displayed information. You can do so by clicking on Ctrl+P (or Command+P). The printed .pdf will include all areas, items, checks, flags and notes. Currently this works best in the Firefox browser, if using the Chrome browser please be sure to set the Layout to Landscape.