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AppFolio / GraceHill Time Management Webinar for Property Managers


Published on

Patty Morgan-Seager (Marketing Expert and Trainer) shares how you can maximize your time and realize your highest potential in this complimentary webinar (hosted by AppFolio and Grace Hill) that …

Patty Morgan-Seager (Marketing Expert and Trainer) shares how you can maximize your time and realize your highest potential in this complimentary webinar (hosted by AppFolio and Grace Hill) that property management professionals will not want to miss.

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business
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  • Introduce the webinar and discuss the major trends we are going to talk about. (AIMEE)
  • **On the days you do the list, you will waste NO time figuring out what to do next. Without the list, you will probably waste an hour. To Do List tips – Be specific (only things that you will DO); Big things to smaller (Don’t say Clean out Office, say “Purge filing cabinet today”) **Manage yourself like you would manage an Assistant (too broad a task will not get you anywhere).
  • Transcript

    • 1. Time Management Tips For Today’s Busy Property Manager Patty Morgan-Seager
    • 2. ©2012 AppFolio, Inc. All Rights Reserved. AppFolio
        • Web-based property management software
        • Complete Solution Includes
          • Property Mgmt & Accounting
          • Online rent collection (free)
          • Prospect / Guest Card Tracking
          • Marketing
          • Website
          • Payment processing
          • Online applications
          • Resident Screening
        • So You Run a More Successful Business
    • 3. Grace Hill
        • Leading Education Provider
        • Apartment-Industry Specific Training
        • Vision Learning Management System (LMS)
        • Custom Course Development
    • 4. Ever Feel This Way?
    • 5. Poll Question
      • Per a USA Today article, #1 pet peeve of people in the workplace is…
    • 6. Do You Suffer From The Fiddlies?
      • Small tasks/interruptions that consume large chunks of our day!
    • 7. Fiddlieidous?
      • constantly checking e-mail
      • Web browsing, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube
      • Tweaking your productivity tools
    • 8. Fiddlieidous?
      • team players with drama!
      • 65% loss of daily productivity due to mindless complaining and gossiping
    • 9. Your To Do List!
      • Plan ahead
      • Be clear about goals/objectives
      • 5 have to’s
      • Ink it!
    • 10. Your Not To Do List!
      • To Do list first
      • Then reward yourself
    • 11. Poll Question
      • What percent of adults have clear, written goals?
    • 12. Eat That Frog!
      • Most difficult task on to do list!
      • Do it FIRST!
    • 13. Dreaded Distractions!
    • 14. Dash Through Tasks!
      • Pick a task!
      • Set a timer!
      • Obliterate!
      • Break!
    • 15. Poll Question
      • What percent of population checks e-mail before arriving at work?
    • 16. Avoid Technology Interruptions!
      • Don’ t check e-mail first thing in the morning!! Get some work done first since mornings are often when we function best.
    • 17. Avoid Technology Interruptions!
      • E-mail chasing!
      • Death by Social Networking!
      • Phone tag!
      • Silence It!
    • 18.
      • Switch tasking
      • 50% is wrong!
      • 40% drop in productivity
      • Do over
    • 19. Information Overload Cure
      • Pause…
      • Do nothing!
      • Schedule you!
    • 20. There’s An App For That!
      • Rescuetime
      • Evernote
      • Lastpass
      • Workrave
    • 21. Two Awesome Time Savers! ©2012 AppFolio, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    • 22. Gumby!
      • Flexible!
      • Bendable!
      • FUN!