Cmcl 334 case study project


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Cmcl 334 case study project

  1. 1. Facebook Sells UserInformation to 3rd Parties Facebook and social media sites actively distribute your personal information.[2] Facebook and other social media sites sell this information to 3rd parties. This data is sent regardless of privacy settings
  2. 2. What Information is Sent? Usernames ID numbers Query key words Search history Activity logs Dates Times
  3. 3. How is This Information Taken? Facebook apps send user information to 3rd parties when utilized regardless of the user’s privacy settings.[9] Ads on Facebook also send user information when utilized.[8]
  4. 4. Who is this Information BeingSent to? Advertising Companies Marketing Firms Data Firms[7]Examples: Google’s Doubleclick Google’s Invite Media[10] Yahoo’s Right Media RapLeaf, Inc. [3]
  5. 5. What Happens to theInformation? Data is compiled Profiles are created based on individual users behavior and online activities, known as collective profiling.[11] Resold to other companies who can but are not limited to: Creating specific marketing and advertising campaigns that target individuals based on their online activities.[1]
  6. 6. What is the Danger? Data sent by Facebook to 3rd party companies can be used to lookup individual user profiles, which can contain:[3] Real names Age Occupation Phone numbers Location Addresses Personal information of friends[2]
  7. 7. Danger Continued This data can be cross referenced with other existing databases to single out and identify individuals which poses risks such as: Identity theft Scams[5] Competitive edges in research[11] Competitive edges on the market[11]
  8. 8. Tips and Advice Determine whether to go public or private with your profile Eliminate people and sites from your social networks you don’t need Pay attention to your friend, invite, and connection requests[1] Be cautious of what you post Your friends make you vulnerable Facebook apps can contain malware Check your privacy settings after updates to the social network[5]
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