Are You Ready For An Enterprise App Store? 5 Questions You Should Be Asking


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At Apperian, we’re always hearing people ask “Do I need an Enterprise App Store?” and “I want to embrace mobility, but where do I start?”.

Thankfully, we have one of our inside sales reps, Chris Julien to answer these questions and more during this webinar!

Chris will help you to understand if the Enterprise App Store is right for you and if so, where do you begin?

If you’ve already started your mobile initiative, you will learn about a few new killer enterprise apps in the industry today. See if these are the same you are using already?

Answer these 5 questions to see if your company is ready for an Enterprise App Store?
- Are employees bringing their personal smartphones & tablets to work?
- Can mobile devices make my employees more productive?
- What apps do I buy?
- What apps do I build?
- How do I get apps to my employees?

5 Most Requested Apps you can start with:
-Corporate Directory
-Content Management

And more:
Is an Enterprise App Store scalable?
What platforms should I support?

To view our webinar recording, please visit:

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Are You Ready For An Enterprise App Store? 5 Questions You Should Be Asking

  1. 1. .............................................. presents .............................................. Are you ready for an Enterprise App Store? Chris Julian @ Apperian
  2. 2. 1. Are Employees bringing their personal@APPERIAN#EntAppStore smartphones and tablets to work? Consider the OS and device standards 5 Key Questions Provide incentives Corporate email access? Can apps help them do their job better? Have apps been requested by employees?
  3. 3. 2. Can mobile devices make my employees@APPERIAN#EntAppStore more productive? Mobile workers are key 5 Key Questions Consumerization and Gamification Quick and native features, take action and move on Apps don’t feel like work!
  4. 4. @APPERIAN 3. What apps do I buy?#EntAppStore General purpose & company wide 5 Key Questions Productivity Tried and tested
  5. 5. @APPERIAN 4. What apps do I build?#EntAppStore Specific to company 5 Key Questions Specific to roles Developers that focus on the killer app
  6. 6. @APPERIAN 5. How do I get apps to my employees?#EntAppStore Simple yet effective solutions 5 Key Questions Self-serve model Ability for IT to push apps and downloads
  7. 7. @APPERIAN 5 top enterprise apps to start#EntAppStore Social 5 Key Questions Corporate Directory Content Management Approvals CRM
  8. 8. @APPERIAN Other Considerations#EntAppStore Scalability Short and long term rollout 5 Key Questions Openness vs Security Where is the balance? Phone or Tablets? Or both? Translating to today’s work? How many devices per person? Device Support Lifecycle Enterprise purchase vs BYOD? Devices that have staying power in the enterprise Application Support Lifecycle Future releases, native OS changes, keeping up to date Build vs Buy should be considered
  9. 9. Are you ready?@APPERIAN