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  • Thank you. Good morning and good afternoon, I’m [name], [title] for MAP at Mocana Corporation. I’d like to take you through why Mocana and Apperian feel so passionately about an application centric approach to mobile security, including an example of how federal government customers could use the MAP technology to meet their organizational mobility needs.
  • Mocana is a software security and services company. We are headquartered in San Francisco, CA and have rich IP in the area of smart device security. We currently have over 200 OEMs that are shipping products with Mocana security IP that span different markets from Medical, Federal, Military, Industrial, and Consumer segments. We have seen tremendous growth in the market over the past few years and expect this to continue. Lastly, we have Symantec, Intel (McAfee), and Shasta Ventures who have funded our company. This is great validation, as the worlds top 2 security companies see Mocana as their answer for smart device security.
  • Now when we look at the market and what organizations are trying to solve today with their organizational mobility projects, including BYOD and corporate issued devices, here are some of the key requirements we see that are important to meet.It’s starts with onboarding their employees with their applications and in some cases devices. It includes things like making sure the right users are given access, data is not lost.
  • Mocana’s Mobile App Protection (MAP) protects sensitive corporate data through the use of a unique and patent-pending technology called Appvelope™ that “envelopes” or “wraps” fine-grained data access, usage, and protection policies around individual apps.Enables enterprises to securely extend data access to a greater number of mobile devices, including employee, customer, & corporate-owned devices.Completely automated & seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure for staging and deploying mobile apps, including 3rd party MDM systems & Corporate App Stores.Designed for enterprise IT to build and deploy secure internal facing & customer facing (B2C) apps—without needing access to the app source code or requiring an on-device client.Compliments MDM systems, but goes beyond sandbox or container solutions to bring security to individual apps.The result is a secure, self-defending App that does not impact user experience.
  • Federal Grade Security with Mocana

    1. 1. Mobile Data Security w/MAPThe Power of Application WrappingSeptember 2012
    2. 2. Introducing MocanaOffices Target Market Major Products Major Products Target SegmentsSan Francisco, CA - Enterprises - Mobile App Protection™ - Automotive & Aviation Shipping Security Platform: 22 Modules Smart DeviceHeadquarters - Device Manufacturers (MAP) - Banking & Finance - Service Providers spanning end-to-end device security - Smart Device Security - Consumer ElectronicsIndustry Platform™ (SDSP): - Datacom Primary 24 Modules - Defense & GovernmentSmart Device Security - Industrial AutomationSoftware and Services Business Benefit Customers - Medical Mocana instills confidence - MobileAwards and trust for OEMs, service 200+ customers - Smart Grid / AMI providers, consumers and- World Economic Forum 2012 enterprises by securing smart Multiple Patents Solid Investors devices and the applications Tech Pioneer and services they carry. Filed and Granted - Trident Capital- RedHerring Global - Intel Top 100 Private Co. - Symantec- Plus others - Shasta VenturesAugust 13, 2012 For Internal Use Only – Mocana Confidential
    3. 3. Organizational Mobility Priorities▶ Onboard mobile assets fluidly▶ Give app / data access to the right users▶ Prevent data loss or leakage (DLP)▶ Separate or distinguish between corp and personal data▶ Make it easy / seamless for the user▶ Understand who is using what / whenAugust 13, 2012 For Internal Use Only – Mocana Confidential
    4. 4. Mocana Mobile App Protection™ (MAP)Protecting Corp Data Thru Self-Defending Mobile Applications ▶ Integrates seamlessly into Apperian EASE ▶ High confidence mobile data protection based on the creation of “self-defending applications” ▶ Patent-pending wrapping method adds key security in seconds ▶ Flexibility to vary security on each app as necessary ▶ Support across iOS and AndroidAugust 13, 2012 For Internal Use Only – Mocana Confidential
    5. 5. Seamless Integration Into Apperian EASEAugust 13, 2012 For Internal Use Only – Mocana Confidential
    6. 6. Mocana Mobile App Protection™Key Security Policies Security and Usage Policies* Benefit Per-Application DLP Encrypt data stored by a specific app, without having to encrypt the entire Data-at-Rest Encryption device. Prevent malware and rogue apps from accessing data. Prevent sensitive enterprise data leakage by prohibiting unauthorized Secure Copy-Paste copying and pasting from specific apps. Per-Application VPN A VPN specific to the app prevents rogue apps and malware from accessing Data-in-Motion Encryption or performing reconnaissance on enterprise networks. Per-Application ACCESS User Authentication Authenticate user prior to granting access to a specific app. Jail-break/Rooted Disable a specific app when the device is compromised by jailbreaking Detection or rooting.August 13, 2012 For Internal Use Only – Mocana Confidential
    7. 7. Illustrative Federal Case StudyThe Goal:• Want to embrace BYOD as an agency standard platform for field work and communications• Looking to embrace a MLS strategyChallenges:• iOS not open enough for their needs• Android fragmentation makes security standardization at a device-level difficult• Different users have different security clearances and access to less or more sensitive mobile applications• Data needs to be encrypted at a FIPS 140-2 level and using the latest cryptographic standards such as Suite BAugust 13, 2012 For Internal Use Only – Mocana Confidential
    8. 8. Federal Case Study Cont’dHow MAP Technology Fit In• User access: 6-digit Alphanumeric passphrases rotating every 6 weeks on applications touching classified documents• User agreement feature used to prominently display warning/alert for sensitive applications on initial access• Using a secure VOIP app wrapped with Mocana for person-to- person communications• Use of only wrapped applications for key functions • Third-party camera app can be used which allows photos to be encrypted and stored on network share via per-app VPN• Ability to disable access to some applications (and their data) but not to all communication channelsAugust 13, 2012 For Internal Use Only – Mocana Confidential
    9. 9. Mocana Mobile App Protection™Summary ▶ A new way to embrace BYOD securely ▶ The “application becomes the endpoint” ▶ Best of both worlds: great user experience, no compromise in security ▶ Available today for both iOS and AndroidAugust 13, 2012 For Internal Use Only – Mocana Confidential
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