AppJam 2013 - Tips & Tricks: Getting the Most out of AppDynamics


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AppJam 2013 - Tips & Tricks: Getting the Most out of AppDynamics

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AppJam 2013 - Tips & Tricks: Getting the Most out of AppDynamics

  1. 1. AppDynamicsBusiness TransactionsBest PracticesOpportunitiesand food for thought..
  2. 2. Copyright © 2013 AppDynamics. All rights reserved.APPDYNAMICS PRODUCTION MONITORING ARCHITECTURE 3.7•  Central Management Server•  SaaS or On-Premise•  User Interface & Reporting•  Business Transactions•  Application Mapping•  Application Diagnostics2•  Database Diagnostics(on-premise only)•  Server Monitoring•  Data API•  Run Book AutomationJava.NETPHPAppDynamicsControllerSingle WayHTTPS PushSingle WayHTTPS PushContext-SensitiveIntegrationBrowserRUM JavaScript AgentApplication Server AgentsMachine AgentDatabase Collector•  Real User MonitoringORCollectorAgentlessü  Measures and Manages the health andwellness of the business logic within theapplicationü  Auto-creation of Business Transactions(BT=concrete use cases of application)ü  Deep Diagnostics for easy root causeidentification•  Correlated Transaction View•  No Code Changes Required•  < 2% Overhead in Production
  3. 3. Amazon EC2Windows AzureVMWareBlackBoardOracleESBTomcatMQATG, Vignette,SharepointSQLServer.NETMule, Tibco, AGJBossTomcatTomcat.NETHadoopCassandraMongoDBMemcachedBrowser LogicAJAXWeb FrameworksLoginGet QuoteView ClaimsReport a Claim
  4. 4. Copyright © 2013 AppDynamics. All rights reserved.MachineAgent(OS)PROVIDES DIRECT MEASUREMENT OF THE HEALTH OF YOURAPPLICATIONS FROM THE USERS PERSPECTIVEBUSINESS TRANSACTIONS – A KEY MEASUREMENTBusiness Transaction Calls Response ErrorsProcess Payment XXX XXXX.YY XXProvision Service YYY YYYY.YY XX
  5. 5. Copyright © 2013 AppDynamics. All rights reserved.APM 1.0 – Quick Reference BT Attributes•  Business Context•  End to End Visibility•  Baseline Scoring•  Run Time Visibility•  AnalyticsEntry Points•  Aligns user requests withapplication architecture•  Dynamically named usingruntime data•  Maintains business context•  MTTI/MTTR Reductions•  Contains User IdentifiersInformationPoints•  Express Application Traffic asa Business Metric•  Visibility into key intersectionsof the business traffic•  Enables analysis ofapplication/business in realtimeRun Time Dataand PayloadOptions•  Root Cause Evidence•  Express path to reproducibleuse cases for development•  Optimize ExceptionsManagement – Dev Ops“force multiplier”•  Pin point data and MTTI dataon the periphery of themanaged applicationBack End andRemoteServices•  Automatic Identification of 3rdparty services combined withruntime data•  Improved time to Innovation“Realized”
  6. 6. Copyright © 2013 AppDynamics. All rights reserved.CONCRETE EXAMPLE OF BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS ANDTHE WEALTH OF INFORMATION THEY PROVIDEInformation Point used toaggregate the totalamount of revenueprocessed by theapplication every minuteAdditionalInformation Point used toaggregate the totalnumber of tickets soldevery minute
  7. 7. Copyright © 2013 AppDynamics. All rights reserved.APPDYNAMICS: INDUSTRY LEADING PLATFORM FOR THE APM LIFECYCLEApplication Operations, Development, Pre-Prod/QA, Dev-Ops, EUMApplication OperationsLeading APM platform for the roles/activities specific tothe Application Operations teams, provides criticalanalytics specific to supporting day to day needsDevelopmentDelivers clear and concise benefits for developers andensures that a Production Application MonitoringPlatform approach is leveraged up streamPre-Production / QAUtilizes the entire APM Platform, in total, ideal for usersthat are focused on Pre-Prod and QA activities, qualityand agility within complex development lifecyclesDev OpsEnsures that production APM capabilities are alignedwith the challenges faced by Dev-Ops teams. Directapplicability of the benefits that AppDynamics providesto the APM lifecycle; Dev-Ops can derive uniquebenefits from AppDynamics given that it is acomprehensive platformEnd User MonitoringEnd to End is a critical component of the AppDynamicsAPM Platform; Tracks performance at the client tier anddirectly measure performance issues for all users7ApplicationOperationsDevPre-ProdQADevOpsPRODUCTION
  8. 8. Copyright © 2013 AppDynamics. All rights reserved.APPLICATION OPERATIONSDetect, Identify, Isolate, Triage and Automated RemedyDetection Identify Isolate TriageRapid RepairRapid Identification•  Automated Application Discovery•  Automation BT Detection•  Automatic Baselines Analysis•  AppDynamics Event Modelaccelerates MTTI•  Events are categorized by impact onthe business, the user or the fabric•  Transactions are filtered based onperformance issues•  Rapid ID of root cause•  Pinpoints performance bottlenecks indistributed environments•  Directly correlates issues with usersand underlying fabric•  Code level visibility across the entireapplication architecture•  Shortest MTTR in APM Market•  Quickly Identify Performance Issues•  Quantify Impact on the Business•  Measure the impact on Customers andthe underlying fabric•  All transactions are scored based onthe quality delivered to your customers
  9. 9. Copyright © 2013 AppDynamics. All rights reserved.Test DetermineRemediate&ConfirmPromote•  Increase Testing Frequencies•  Increase Code Coverage•  Improve RequirementsTraceability•  Increase Overall Quality•  Impacts on Users and Business•  Isolate Business Logic issues inIntegration and Performance Tiers•  Code Optimization opportunities•  Quickly Identify and Fix PerformanceIssues•  Fast and Easy means to DriveOptimizations•  Increases Collaboration withOperations and QA•  Promote High Quality Unit Code into QAPerformance Tiers•  Eliminate Delays and Friction withindevelopment life-cycles due to poorperforming Code/Business LogicImproved Quality Increases Customer SuccessDEVELOPMENTTest, Determine, Remediate and Confirm, Promote
  10. 10. Copyright © 2013 AppDynamics. All rights reserved.Align Optimize Focus Improve•  One Platform, One source of truth•  Shared Information drives collaboration•  AppDynamics provides a single paneof glass into application performancefor all teams•  True performance testing in pre-prod/QA environments•  Keep business and transaction context in the forefront•  Shorten test cycles, prioritize optimizations, measureimprovement•  Real-time visibility into performance•  Resolve problems faster•  Focus on innovation, not firefighting•  Produce higher quality code, faster time to value•  Avoid problems being released into production•  Only APM Platform that promotes fastest timeto Innovation for Cloud/Agile Architectures•  Rapid “Capture and Implement” drivesinnovation to protect revenue and increasecustomer retentionDifferentiate through InnovationPrioritize EnhancementsPRE-PRODUCTION / QUALITY ASSURANCEAlign, Optimize, Focus, Improve
  11. 11. Copyright © 2013 AppDynamics. All rights reserved.Localize Reproduce Validate DeployBusiness Agility•  Automatically Pin-Points Issues•  Shortest MTTI within APM Industry•  Uniquely Suited for Cloud andAgile environments•  Ensures that issues are enriched withcontext needed for fast fix, fast deploy•  Capturing production data gives engineersproper context for code fixes•  Designed for Agile/ContinuousDeployment lifecycles•  Comprehensive Correlation enginevisualize enhancements forimmediate validation•  Drastically Reduces level of effortand supports fast time to repair•  Regression Analysis Simplified: ProtectsQuality and Performance•  Solves Issues in Real Time withintegrated Run Book Automation andPAAS / Cloud FabricProcess AutomationsDEV-OPS (DEVELOPMENT IN OPERATIONS)Localize, Reproduce, Validate, Deploy