Codestrong 2012 breakout session making money on appcelerator's marketplace


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Codestrong 2012 breakout session making money on appcelerator's marketplace

  1. 1. How to Make Money with Appcelerator’s Open Marketplace Stephen FeloneyDirector, Product Management– Titanium & Marketplace/Modules
  2. 2. 1
  3. 3. Agenda• What is the Marketplace?• What are modules?• Marketplace Today• How do add modules to an application?• How to make money?
  4. 4. What is the Marketplace The marketplace is our online site where developers can find, purchase, and download modules to add additional capabilities to the mobile applications they are developing
  5. 5. What is the Marketplace Build The marketplace extends the Titanium development platform to help you: Connect • Speed up development • Enhance application functionality Test • Ensure the quality of your apps • Easily manage data Manage • Increase app usage Analyze
  6. 6. What are modules? Modules are extensions that are added to mobile applications to enhance and embed functionality. They can be related to • UI • OS API extensions • Wrappers for ISV products
  7. 7. Over 300 modulesMarketplace Today 15 new modules every month 41,000+ registered developers 3,500 new users every month 6,500 active users every week
  8. 8. Top Modules• $9,000+• $8,000+• $7,000+
  9. 9. Why are they top? • Found a need that 1000s have • They work as advertised • Provide proper documentation • They are supported Urban Airship | PSPDFKit | Forged UI
  10. 10. What Can theMarketplace do ForYou?
  11. 11. Create A Module • Find a feature that developers need and build it • Make 10s of thousands of dollars a year with the right module • The more complex the problem, the more money you can make
  12. 12. Market Your Company • Provide modules that are: • Free or at low cost • High quality Consulting & App Dev • Value we can offer : • Brand recognition in the community • Exposure to over 360,000 developers Design & Dev Services To succeed you must provide a great web experience
  13. 13. Wrap Your APIs • Have an API for IOS &/or Android? • Create Module to wrap the APIs • Reach 360,000+ developers
  14. 14. Monetize Your Apps • Appcelerator has over 10 in-app advertising modules to help you make money • With ads you can bring in recurring revenue from your app • Next steps: • Identify the optimal channel • Identify the type of ad • Download the module
  15. 15. How To Get Started
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Add new product • Select sell • Add new product • Name and tag your module • Upload: • Module • Screen shots • Documentation • Videos
  18. 18. Features and Benefits Adding features and benefits: • Helps users understand your added value • Helps Appcelerator advertise your module • If you can’t say what value you bring, why would people use it?
  19. 19. Categorize Tips for optimized categorization: • Provide a meaningful title Search • Group the module in the correct category at publishing • Don’t forget to add keywords • Create a brand with author consistency
  20. 20. Pricing Think about the following when pricing your module: • Target users • How much are they willing to pay • How large of a market? • How long would it take a to reproduce the module? • What’s the demand? • You get 70% of all sales of your module
  21. 21. Easy as 1-2-3 Reuben Fonseca Founder of 0x82 “The easiest money I’veModules in the marketplace: TestFlight ever made has come from DropBox ShareKit 2.0 publishing my Titanium KeyChian iOS5 Twitter Framework Webserver HTTP code in the Marketplace”
  22. 22. Roadmap for theMarketplace
  23. 23. • Open Source SectionRoadmap • Promote developers/partners • One Marketplace for Titanium • Appcelerator Cloud Services • Node.ACS • MORE INFO: Today session at 5:00pm “Building Your Own Cloud Services” • Alloy Widgets • 4pm Today “Alloy (MVC App Framework Overview)
  24. 24. • How long does it take to get aFAQs module approved once submitted for publication? • Do I need to support my module? • How do I know if someone else is writing the same module? • Does Appcelerator help market my module?
  25. 25. Stephen