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Walt Disney series VII …

Walt Disney series VII
Cinderella is a wonderful little story. Please go through it and

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Walt Disney Series VIICINDERELLABabu AppatC
  • 2. Walt Disney Series IIIIn this series I will tell you some storiesSelected from world classics.It’s to improve yourLanguage skills,Listening skills,Narrative skills,Vocabulary, andComprehensive
  • 3. Once Upon a time there wasa widowed gentleman wholived with his smalldaughter, Cinderella.
  • 4. One day he married awomen with two daughters,Anatasia and Drizella
  • 5. Unfortunately Cinderellasfather died and she was leftalone with her stepmother andstep-sisters who soonrevealed their nature.
  • 6. Cinderella was forced to bea servant in her own
  • 7. Many years passed likethat…
  • 8. And then one day there wasa letter from the king.
  • 9. Cinderella heard herstepmother read it aloud toAnastasia and Drizella
  • 10. “All young girls in theKingdome are invited to aball at the castle in honourof the Prince….”
  • 11. “May I come as well?”Cinderella asked politely.
  • 12. “But of course, my dear. Aslong as you finish all yourchores first.
  • 13. Stepmother answered witha cruel smile.
  • 14. Cinderella quickly foundher mother’s old dress
  • 15. “I’ll need to alter it a bit,”she decided, but first therewere all the chores to do.
  • 16. As soon as she had left, herfriends Gus and Jaq calledtogether all Cinderella’sanimal
  • 17. “Poor Cinderella will neverget time for that, but we cando it for her!”
  • 18. They soon found ribbons andpearls discarded by the step-sisters and in no time they hadcreated a beautiful dress.
  • 19. Cinderella’s chores took a long,long time. So when she finallycame back up to her little atticroom she had given up ongoing to the most wonderfulball.
  • 20. But as soon as she opened thedoor, she was met by happycheeping and chirping!
  • 21. And there was the dressever so beautiful!
  • 22. “Thank you, thank you!”she almost cried in joy to allher
  • 23. She happily hurrieddownstairs. But there she wasmet by her envious step-sisters.
  • 24. “That ribbon is mine!”shouted Drizella and startedtearing it off.
  • 25. “And that necklace is mine!”screamed Anastasia.
  • 26. And in no time the twostepsisters had tornCinderella’s beautiful dresscompletely to pieces, whiletheir mother watched with amalicious smile.
  • 27. Cinderella ran out into thegarden crying her heart
  • 28. But suddenly she wassurrounded by light andthere was her fairygodmother speaking to her.
  • 29. “Come on my sweet girl,dry your tears away… Nowlet me see!
  • 30. “You need a carriage andsome horses and someservants”
  • 31. And then she used hermagic wand.
  • 32. Finally she turned toCinderella, “Oh I nearlyforgot!
  • 33. You cannot go to the ball inthat dress!”
  • 34. She exclaimed and thenwaved her magic wand sothat a cloud of shimmeringdust fell on Cinderella.
  • 35. “How can I ever thank youfairy Godmother”
  • 36. Cinderella gasped when shesaw the magnificient
  • 37. “Remember, that at the firststroke of the mid-night thespell is broken!” said thefairy.
  • 38. As soon as Cinderellaarrived at the ball the Princetook her hand whirled heroff in a walts.
  • 39. Never in life had he seensuch a beautiful girl.
  • 40. They danced and danced,but suddenly heard theclock strike midnight…
  • 41. …and she rushed down thestairs from the castle.
  • 42. “Why are you running?Please, tell me your name!
  • 43. The prince shouted afterher.
  • 44. But all that was left of thebeautiful girl was a smallglass shoe…
  • 45. The next morning theKing’s servant was sent outto find the girl who had lostthe shoe.
  • 46. He soon arrived atCinderella’s house wherethe step sisters wereanxious to make their ownlarge feet fit into the daintyshoe.
  • 47. “And these two the only younggirls here?’ he asked hopingnot to have any more fittingsession with such awful girls.
  • 48. “Yes, they are,” replied theevil
  • 49. Just then there was a cryfrom Cinderella. “Please letme try it.”
  • 50. “Oh, pay no attention toher, she is just a servant,”said the
  • 51. But the king’s servantsmiled to Cinderella and lether try the shoe.
  • 52. “It fits her!” he shouted
  • 53. “This lovely girl is ourPrince’s bride.”
  • 54. The Whole Kingdome-except three- celebrated thehappy news.
  • 55. And soon after Cinderellaand the Prince hadwonderful wedding.
  • 56. And they lived happily ever-after……
  • 57. A Few Questions:1. What are the names of Cinderella’s step-sisters?2. Name at least animal friends of Cinderella3. Why did King’s servant was sent again toCinderella’s house?
  • 58. THANK YOU to all myCinderellas and Princesbabuappat@gmail.com