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Video Editing
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Video Editing

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Some details about video editing is being discussed in this slide. The beginners of video editing can find some use of it. Linar Editing, Non Linear Editing (NLE) etc do come into the slides,

Some details about video editing is being discussed in this slide. The beginners of video editing can find some use of it. Linar Editing, Non Linear Editing (NLE) etc do come into the slides,

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  • 2. 07/06/13What is Editing?Editingis the process ofselecting and preparingwritten, visual, audible, and film mediaused to convey information.
  • 3. 07/06/13What is Editing?The editing process can involvecorrection, condensation, organization,and other modifications performed withan intention of producing a correct,consistent, accurate, and completework.
  • 4. 07/06/13Editing bwgins with:The editing process often begins withthe authors idea for the work itself,continuing as a collaboration betweenthe author and the editor as the work iscreated.
  • 5. 07/06/13Please WatchPlease watch a short movie
  • 6. 07/06/13Editing in Print mediaPrint media also requires editing beforethe product is finalisedBut it doesnt fall as todays topic ofdiscussion
  • 7. 07/06/13Editing InvolvesAs such, editing can involve creativeskills, human relations, and a preciseset of methods.
  • 8. 07/06/13Video EditingVideo editing is the process of editingsegments of motion video productionfootage, special effects and soundrecordings in the post-production process.
  • 9. 07/06/13Video Editing simulatesVideo editing simulates motion picturefilm editing, in theory and the use oflinear video editing and video editingsoftware on non-linear editing systems(NLE).
  • 10. 07/06/13Video made capable of communicatingUsing video, a director cancommunicate non-fictional and fictionalevents.
  • 11. 07/06/13Goals of Video EditingThe goals of editing is to manipulatethese events to bring thecommunication closer to the originalgoal or target.
  • 12. 07/06/13Video Editing isIt is a visual art.
  • 13. 07/06/13Home video editingLike many other technologies, the costof video editing has declined very much
  • 14. 07/06/13The ChangeThe 2" Quadraplex system cost somuch that many television productionfacilities could only afford a single unitand editing was a highly involvedprocess requiring special training. .
  • 15. 07/06/13On the ContraryIn contrast, nearly any home computersold since the year 2000 has the speedand storage capacity to digitize and editstandard-definition television (SDTV)
  • 16. 07/06/13Editing in Olden daysPlease Watch this
  • 17. 07/06/13The Major TwoThe two major retail operating systemsinclude basic video editing software -Apples iMovie and Microsofts WindowsMovie Maker.
  • 18. 07/06/13In AddditionAdditional options exist such as moreadvanced commercial products, as wellas there are free opensource video-editing programs
  • 19. 07/06/13SoftwareVideo editing software is applicationsoftware which handles the post-production video editing of digital videosequences on a computer non-linearediting system (NLE).
  • 20. 07/06/13Linear EditingEditing in Sequential order
  • 21. 07/06/13Non-Linear EditingA non-linear editing system (NLE) is avideo - (NLVE) or audio editing (NLAE)digital audio workstation (DAW) systemthat performs non-destructive editing onsource material. The name is in contrastto 20th century methods of linear videoediting and film editing.
  • 22. 07/06/13SoftwareVarious softwares.
  • 23. 07/06/13ModernisedIt has replaced traditional flatbedcelluloid film editing tools and analoguevideo tape-to-tape online editingmachines.
  • 24. 07/06/13So Get TainedYou too can be a video Editor
  • 25. 07/06/13Edius 6You too can be a video Editor
  • 26. 07/06/13You can be successfulProfessionalOrAmateur
  • 27. 07/06/13An Editor has a respectfulPosition
  • 28. 07/06/13Wish you all success asprofessional EDITORS
  • 29. 07/06/13THANK YOUbabuappat@gmail.com
  • 30. 07/06/13Immense ScopeUniversitiesCollegesTelevision ChannelsFilm IndustryHobbyFreelance Editor