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This is the second of the Walt Disney Series. My aim is to make reading the work easy and to facilitate true comprehension of the story. Thus the linguistic abilities of my students can be improved. To make communication better, both written and spoken, I use various tools, in and off the classroom. Please go through these slides and watch the video and send me a write up on the work. Please visit also

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  1. 1. Walt Disney Series IIPinocchioBabu Appat
  2. 2. Walt Disney SeriesIn this series I will tell you some storiesSelected from world classics.It’s to improve your Language skills, Listening skills, Narrative skills, Vocabulary, and Comprehensive abilities
  3. 3. The Second of this series isPinocchio
  4. 4. Pinocchio
  5. 5. Please Read onJiminy Cricket, the great traveler, waslooking for somewhere to spend the night.He found his way to the workshop of the oldwood carver, Geppetto. Once inside,Jimmy noticed a wooden puppet carved inthe likeness of a little boy.
  6. 6. The puppet was nearlyfinished: only its eyebrowsand mouth were missing.At that moment, Jiminy heardsomeone coming downstairsand slipped out of sight.
  7. 7. It was Geppetto coming downto put the final touches to thepuppet.He carefully painted oneyebrows and a wide smilingmouth.
  8. 8. “I think we shall call himPinocchio” Geppetto said tohis companions Figaro thekitten and Cleo the Goldfish.
  9. 9. Then he said goodnight to thepuppet.Before Geppetto went to sleephe saw the wishing star, andhe wished that Pinocchiocould become a real boy.
  10. 10. Later Jiminy saw the blue fairyarrive! She said:“Little Puppet, the gift of thelife is thine.” Pinocchiostretched his arms and legs
  11. 11. “I am alive” he exclaimed.“Prove yourself brave, truthfuland unselfish” the Blue Fairytold him. “and someday you’llturn into a real boy”
  12. 12. Then she discovered JiminyCricket: “Pinocchio must knowright from wrong! JiminyCricket.I name you Pinocchio’sconscience! And with that shedisappeared.
  13. 13. The noise woke Geppetto upand he went downstairs. Hewas overjoyed when he sawthat Pinocchio had becomealive. Geppetto said:“Tomorrow you must go toschool to learn things andbecome a real little boy”
  14. 14. The next day on his way toschool, Pinocchio was spottedby two scoundrels. Theywanted Pinocchio to join apuppet theatre.Pinocchio was very interestedand wouldn’t listen to JiminyCricket who told him not to go.
  15. 15. That evening Pinocchio sangand danced at the puppettheatre.He got a bit tangled up with theother puppets’ strings. But theaudience roared with laughterand clapped. After the showPinocchio was very proud.
  16. 16. “I want to go and tell myfather” he said.“You are not going anywhere”the puppet-master toldPinocchio, and then he threwpoor Pinocchio into the cage.
  17. 17. Jiminy found Pinocchio in thecage, and suddenly the bluefairy appeared. “Why didn’tyou go to school?” she asked.Pinocchio told a lie and eachtime he told the fairy a new lie,his nose grew longer.Finally Pinocchio said: “I’llnever lie again”
  18. 18. On hearing this, the fairy turnedhis nose back to normal. Beforeshe vanished, she opened thecage and Pinocchio and Jiminyrushed out and hurried towardGeppetto’s house.
  19. 19. But Pinocchio never made itback to Geppetto. He met thetwo scoundrels again.They convinced him that a visitto the Pleasure Island was justwhat he needed. The twoscoundrels put Pinocchio on acoach.
  20. 20. It was loaded with excitedboys, eager for fun andamusement. As the coachrolled off, Jiminy Cricketmanaged to slip on. “Gohome” he told Pinocchio.But Pinocchio was too takenwith the tales of fun to payattention to his conscience.
  21. 21. On Pleasure Island, thecoachman cried: “Go on andenjoy yourselves, boys! Youcan do as you like on PleasureIsland.Nothing is forbidden!Pinocchio and the other boysran off excitedly.
  22. 22. They couldn’t wait to try out allthe merry-go-rounds and eatthe candies and ice-cream.But to himself the coach-mencrackled cruelly: “Little badboys have a nasty surprisecoming”.
  23. 23. Jiminy Cricket was looking forhis friends. He finally foundPinocchio playing billiardswith a boy. Jiminy scolded:“This is wrong”But Pinocchio wouldn’t listen.Just then Pinocchio begangrowing donkey ears and tails.“Let’s go” cried Jiminy
  24. 24. He and Pinocchio ran to thesea and they swam away fromthat terrible place.They hurried home toGeppetto, but he and Cleo andFigaro had been swallowed bya whale. When Pinocchioheard this, he was determinedto save his father.
  25. 25. He and Jiminy found thewhale, and the whaleswallowed them as well.“Father it’s me” cried the littlepuppet.Geppetto was very happy tosee Pinocchio and hugged himin delight.
  26. 26. Together they tried to figureout how to escape the whale.Suddenly Pinocchio got anidea. They made a big fire tomake the whale sneeze andpopped them out.
  27. 27. Once out of the whale, a waverose up in the water, washingthem ashore.They were all safe, except forPinocchio. They found him inthe water lying face down, limpand lifeless. Broken-heartedGeppetto took him home.
  28. 28. As he knelt by Pinocchio’sbed, a light filled the work-shop, and the voice of the BlueFairy was heard.“You have been very brave.The gift of life is thine. You area real boy now, Pinocchio”.
  29. 29. Pinocchio looked at his humanhands and felt delight.Geppetto couldn’t believe hishappiness. Pinocchio- a realboy!
  30. 30. He hugged him, tightly anddanced around the workshop.As for Jiminy, his mission asPinocchio’s conscience wasover, and quietly slipped away.
  31. 31. Pinocchio (IT: [pi n kkjoˈ ɔ ]; UK: /p nə kiə /ɪˈ ʊ ʊ ;[1] US: /p no kio /ɪˈ ʊ ʊ )is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the 1883childrens novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi,an Italian writer, and has since appeared in many adaptations ofthat story and others.Carved by a woodcarver named Geppetto in a small Italianvillage, he was created as a wooden puppet but dreamed ofbecoming a real boy. He has also been used as a character whois prone to telling lies and fabricating stories for various reasons.
  32. 32. Go and read other interestingbooks to improve your languageShare your experiences with me
  33. 33. THANK