Blind boy

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This is the story of a blind boy and modifying the way he communicated to the people passed by, siting on a pavement.

This is the story of a blind boy and modifying the way he communicated to the people passed by, siting on a pavement.

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  • 1. EffectiveCommunication..!!Babu Appat
  • 2. I will tell you a storyAbout a blind boyThe purpose of telling this storyis to improve yourLanguage skillsNarrative SkillsVocabularyComprehensive abilities;And thus to make youcapable ofcommunicating effectively
  • 3. Please Read on:A blind boy sat on the steps of a buildingwith a hat by his feet.He held up a sign which said:"I am blind, please help."There were only a few coins in the hat
  • 4. Begging on the PavementsA man was walking by. He took a few coinsfrom his pocket and dropped them intothe hat
  • 5. Sign BoardHe then took the sign, turned it around, andwrote some words. He put the sign back sothat everyone who walked by would see thenew words
  • 6. How things changeSoon the hat began to fill up. A lot morepeople were giving money to the blind boy.That afternoon the man who had changedthe sign came to see how things were
  • 7. You Changed my signboard?The boy recognized his footsteps andasked, "Were you the one who changedmy sign this morning? What did youwrite?“
  • 8. "I only wrote the truth”The man said, "I only wrote the truth.I said what you said but in a differentway.”
  • 9. It’s a beautiful dayWhat he had written was:"Today is a beautiful day; I cannotsee it; I too can enjoy it, yourgrace"
  • 10. Saying it differentlyDo you think the first sign and the secondsign were saying the same thing?
  • 11. Stating it SimplyOf course both signs told people theboy was blind. But the first signsimply said the boy was blind
  • 12. Bliss of SightednessThe second sign told people they wereso lucky that they were not blind.Should we be surprised that thesecond sign was more effective
  • 13. So How you say it importantCommunicate effectivelyAnd walk into a successfulcareer and life
  • 14. THANK YOU VERY MUCHbabuappat@gmail.com