H+E Wrap-up spring 2012


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H+E Wrap-up spring 2012

  1. 1. What wasthis classabout?
  2. 2. Are you thinking,“I could have doneall this on my own.”?
  3. 3. That’s true,and you shoulddo these thingson your own,but...
  4. 4. “The people who are doing the workare the moving force behind theMacintosh. My job is tocreate a space for them,to clear out the rest of theorganization and keep it at bay.’’--Steve Jobs
  5. 5. We want you tohave space
  6. 6. This is a space toask questionsexamine realitiesexplore possibilitiesdiscuss ideas
  7. 7. We want you tobe as good asyou want to/can be
  8. 8. “...for the first couple years that youre makingstuff, what youre making isnt so good… itsreally not that great. Its trying to be good, it hasambition to be good, but its not quite that good.But your taste, the thing that got you into thegame, your taste is still killer. And your taste isgood enough that you can tell that what youremaking is kind of a disappointment to you, youknow what I mean?
  9. 9. …A lot of people never get past that phase. A lotof people at that point, they quit. And the thing Iwould say to you with all my heart is that mosteverybody I know who does interesting, creativework, they went through a phase of years wherethey had really good taste, they could tell whatthey were making wasnt as good as theywanted it to be, they knew it fell short… it didnthave that special thing that we wanted it tohave… Everybody goes through that…
  10. 10. you gotta know its totally normal, and the mostimportant possible thing you can do is do a lotof work. Do a huge volume of work. Putyourself on a deadline so that every week orevery month you know youre gonna finish onestory… You create the deadline… [I]ts only byactually going through a volume of work thatyoure going to catch up and close that gapand the work that youre making will be asgood as your ambitions.”-- Ira Glass
  11. 11. We want you tobe as good asyou want to/can bewith your thoughts, too
  12. 12. “...the production of informationsharpens the mind andclarifies your thoughts.”-- Clay Johnson
  13. 13. We want you tohave good tools,that sometimeswe didn’t have,until recently
  14. 14. H+E Conceptual Toolkit antiauthority the Velcro theory of forced testable memory prioritization credentials authority interrelations solution focus send destination find the core the Sinatra test postcards elements purpose simple credible script critical moves human-scale direct the rider principle find bright spots use analogies systems Communications concrete Systems Behavorial Change black & white feedback goals Thinking leverage points unexpected stories emotion motivate the elephant help people grow use checklists opportunities violate schemas outcome traps create mystery shape the path find the feeling create action target triggers shrink the change impact from a thing will it get to those expose knowledge know your make it social who need it? gaps mission appeal to idenity tweak the environmentverb engineer early Impact will they use it successes is it needed? correctly? build a culture measure the right thing fail early, fail often embrace constraints drift measure it well harvest ideas, edit applications compelling smart experience recombinations jump fences framework design abductive thinking generative reasoning metaphors ask stupid questions make hope visible combine familiar and surprising
  15. 15. Makingconnections
  16. 16. seeing theinvisible
  17. 17. making theinvisible visible
  18. 18. seeing what’spossible
  19. 19. You now havea better modelof the present
  20. 20. andmodels for abetter future
  21. 21. The future starts now.
  22. 22. What you domatters
  23. 23. Attitudesandbehaviorsarecontagious
  24. 24. So,DTRT
  25. 25. A T F T?
  26. 26. So,DTRTwheneverpossible
  27. 27. So,DTRTwhenever as much aspossible
  28. 28. shop localconsume lesschoose to reuseconsume responsiblyeat less meatcompostdrink tap waterconserve waterconserve energy
  29. 29. You don’thave to belike this guybut...
  30. 30. know yourhabits
  31. 31. $6
  32. 32. so you canchange yourhabits
  33. 33. $5
  34. 34. vote)with your(dollars too
  35. 35. $3.50$5=kept local
  36. 36. “Makehope visible”
  37. 37. If something’sTBU
  38. 38. DFWAI
  39. 39. Knowthe scaleof your engagement
  40. 40. Think aboutthe systemsso you can...
  41. 41. find yourumbrella issue
  42. 42. Al Gore: Climate ChangeVictoria Thatcher: FoodAnnie Leonard: StuffNathan Shedroff: DesignDavid Eagleman: Brain / Internet
  43. 43. andframe it
  44. 44. findleverage points
  45. 45. “places in a systemwhere a small changecould lead toa large shift in behavior.”
  46. 46. Edward MazriaThe 2030 Challenge architecture2030.org
  47. 47. The building sectorconsumes 77% ofenergy produced in the US Edward Mazria at aBWxD 2010
  48. 48. architecture2030.org
  49. 49. architecture2030.org
  50. 50. from survive tothrive
  51. 51. “It’s theenvironment,stupid.”--Andrew Lo MIT 150 Symposium Brains, Minds and Machines
  52. 52. A thrivablefutureis a future inwhich we’ve
  53. 53. Developed an ecological identityRedefined prosperityRediscovered democracyRedesigned how we liveStabilized world populationOutgrown fossil fuels
  54. 54. “The best way topredict the futureis to invent it.”--Alan Kay
  55. 55. So,whether its your personal future orthe future you believe we should share,invent it.
  56. 56. Be generous withyour time, ideasand emotions.
  57. 57. Be generous toyour time, ideasand emotions.