Case Study

Lexus of Las Vegas
LEED® EB v 2.0 Certification
Gold Certified

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Lexus of Las Vegas, LEED® Gold

from comparable buildings. The          proximately 10% of the employees        Project F...
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LEED EB Case Study Lexus of Las Vegas


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Case study of first LEED EB Gold certified project in Nevada and first for Lexus in the country.

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LEED EB Case Study Lexus of Las Vegas

  1. 1. Case Study Lexus of Las Vegas LEED® EB v 2.0 Certification Gold Certified Background Solutions Director of Facilities and the Pur- Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) Recycling chasing Administrator spent time provided project management and Prior to the LEED certification, researching products that met the energy efficiency services for LLV did not have a comprehensive criteria of the Sustainable Purchas- Lexus of Las Vegas’ LEED EB recycling program. The challenge ing Program. certification project which recently consisted of getting employee buy- The Energy System earned LEED EB Gold Certifica- in. Initially, there was resistance to Upgrades to the EMS were required tion becoming the first existing flattening cardboard and sorting for the trending requirements as building in Nevada and the first recyclables. Persistence on the part well as better system control over Lexus dealership to earn LEED EB of the Director of Facilities as well the chiller plant. CO2 sensors were Gold. as inclusion of educational materi- installed in heavily occupied spaces Project goals included developing als into newsletters and signage such as the break room, to insure plans for recycling, carpooling, helped to overcome these objec- that the indoor air quality was sustainable purchasing, low mer- tions. As recognition of the impor- maintained at the highest levels. cury lighting, energy management tance and environmental benefits of Variable speed drives were installed and water use reduction. recycling took hold, the employees to improve plant efficiency. SES drafted the policies and plans of LLV pitched in to make the recy- Low Mercury Content Lighting required as part of the LEED Certi- cling program a success. During the initial introduction of fication and provided policy devel- Carpooling and Preferred Park- the new purchasing policy, LLV opment and implementation support ing became victims of “Green Fraud”. throughout the year and a half im- Preferred Parking allows the em- Lighting manufacturers and ven- plementation process. Following ployees who are part of the car dors intentionally mislead and implementation of the sustainable pooling program to park closest to fraudulently advertised their prod- operations and maintenance prac- the building. People accustomed to ucts as environmentally preferable tices, Lexus of Las Vegas was noti- getting front row parking grumbled and “eco” friendly. LLV switched fied by the USGBC of its success- about the preferred parking pro- lighting vendors and have since ful Gold LEED EB certification in gram; once the monthly newsletter been successfully meeting the crite- September 2009. began featuring articles explaining ria of the low mercury purchasing and promoting the Preferred Park- plan. ing program the grumblings quieted Highlights down and employees began enjoy- Energy Efficiency ing the benefits of reducing air pol- Lexus of Las Vegas achieved eight lution, saving money on gas, and optimize energy performance getting front row parking. points. The result of the calcula- Green Cleaning/Sustainable Pur- tions for EA Credit 1 indicates a chasing 44.35% reduction in energy usage Getting vendor and service provider (Continued on page 2) buy-in presented challenges. The Innovative Ice Storage Plant Solutions
  2. 2. Lexus of Las Vegas, LEED® Gold from comparable buildings. The proximately 10% of the employees Project Facts overall energy usage for the build- at Lexus of Las Vegas are active ing has been reduced by over 20% participants in an alternative trans- Project Size since starting the LEED process. portation program called Club Site: 4.06 acres Site Restoration Ride. The Southern Nevada Re- Building: 123,500 sf Lexus of Las Vegas earned two gional Transportation District de- Project Location points by contracting to restore veloped Club Ride to promote Las Vegas, NV over 4 acres of land at the Springs alternative transportation in the Project Scope Preserve in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas region. Bill O’Connor, Manage LEED certification including Springs Preserve is a 180 acre cul- Director of Facilities, is the Lexus sustainable policy development and tural and historical attraction con- of Las Vegas Transportation Coor- implementation; energy efficiency as- sisting of wetlands, restored desert dinator. He took two training sessment and improvements; and docu- habitat, desert gardens, the Nevada classes and held several Club Ride mentation support. State Museum (under construc- launch events. He is responsible Savings tion), educational trails, and build- for the Preferred Parking program Energy Reduction: 20% ing centers dedicated to environ- and for promoting the many bene- Process Water Reduction: 42% mental and historical education fits of joining Club Ride to Lexus % of Waste Recycled: 87% specific to the Las Vegas valley. of Las Vegas employees. Highlights LLV employees volunteered over Recycling  First LEED EB Gold building cer- 4,000 man hours clearing, planting LLV earned three points for their tified in Nevada. and weeding at a site selected by recycling plan. Lexus of Las Ve-  First LEED EB Gold Lexus Divi- the Springs Preserve chief ecolo- gas maintained a 97% (4,524 cubic sion of Toyota. gist. The Lexus Restoration Site yard) reduction in volume of waste  Earned 53 points overall. has both the Las Vegas creek (now sent to landfill. One reason this  8 Optimize Energy Points (EAc1) dry) and the Mormon trail running number is so large is that prior to  2 Points for Land Restoration done through it. All the plantings are the implementation of the recy- at the Springs Preserve. native and receive limited, tempo- cling plan cardboard boxes were  4 Points for the Alternative Trans- rary irrigation. Beyond the two not flattened and consequently portation Commuting Plan. points earned, the LLV employees took up a large volume in each  Earned all 16 M&R Points. gained a new sense of community dumpster. Lexus of Las Vegas has incurred a 10% decrease in cost  Earned Innovation point for proc- and made a significant contribu- for waste removal since the imple- ess water use reduction. tion to future generations. mentation of the recycling pro-  Earned Innovation point for reduc- tion in waste transit. Alternative Transportation gram. In 2007 Republic Services The LLV Alternative Transporta- made over 312 trips to Lexus to tion Plan earned four points. Ap- pick up waste. By installing a 16 cy container for recyclables and keep- ing just one three cy container for trash, Lexus was able to reduce the number of transits for hauling to 143 days per year. That equates to 54% fewer trucks on the road. Club Ride Springs Preserve Sustainable Energy Solutions, LLC 620 S. 18th Street Sparks, NV 89431 Tel 775-324-3338 Fax 775-324-3398 Savings