Process and evolution of digital display advertising


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From the early conceptual and strategy phases, to tracking and optimizing for the future, this presentation outlines the life-cycle of a digital display ad.

Adam Porges, December 2010

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Process and evolution of digital display advertising

  1. 1. Process and Evolution of Digital Display Advertising
  2. 2. Direction?• Do we want to serve the same boring standard banners?• What is our strategy?
  3. 3. Mobile Strategy: Meet consumers as they are on-the-go, influencing their food and beverage decisions
  4. 4. Strategy: Let’s Get Granular Top Mobile Web Categories in the U.S. (000s) Portals E-Mail Search WeatherNews & Current Events Instant Messaging Social Networking Entertainment City Guides/Maps Sports Music Games Technology/Science Videos/Movies 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000
  5. 5. EVEN MORE granular strategy..• The Big Three: WeatherBug,, and AccuWeather own the major majority of the weather app downloads in the U.S. OR
  6. 6. O Static BannersLDvs. Rich Media ExpandableNEW
  7. 7. 0.07% - Standard Ad CTR 6% - Rich Media Interaction Rate 0.20% - Rich Media CTR This is 1,000 Impressions
  8. 8. Convertingprintcreativeto digitaldoesn’twork…
  9. 9. So, we have our strategy and some direction....but how does that @#&% digital creative get produced??
  10. 10. START! Digital Creative Workflow The Media Lead for each market will DPM will reach out to appropriate Stern media fill out the run list and send to Stern contact to finalize campaign details/media plan digital production manager (DPM) DPM will let Creative Director know that specific Once completed, Run List will be put in a creative needs to be made platform where everyone at Stern can have access to it & make changes to the DPM will open a digital job that will go through the document as necessary creative/digital workflow Before each separate In some cases, McDonald’s national may campaign throughout the make digital creative available for various year: * promotions, which we can use as necessary *Once DPM receives the creative, they will send it to DPM will contact the vendors to make sure thePointroll so they can apply tracking tags dates/space is still available on the website. Pointroll will also make final DPM will reach out to Pointroll & remind them of * adjustments to creative if necessary * upcoming campaign/give them specific media plan with dates/vendor information.DPM /Pointroll will then make sure that finalizedcreative is sent to appropriate media vendor contacts DPM will contact legal if necessary (ie: if runningused for the campaign (ie: promotion on a landing page)On launch date, media vendor will put the creative on their landingpages and Pointroll will begin to track the success metrics of thecampaign
  11. 11. The Point?Digital, creative/productionshould nolonger be anafterthought!
  12. 12. Creative: Done. Mobile Ad: Served. Success? Pointroll.
  13. 13. Pointroll 3rdParty tracking • Average brand exposure time: displays the average amount of time the ad was served and in view for each user • Mouse-over interactions : break down the metrics associated with how many users rolled their mouse over our ad. Gives us insight into why they didn’t click our ad, and shows us where they went instead. • Total interactions • Unique interactions: How many individuals(non-return users) interacted with our ad in any capacity. • Average time before first interaction: Did our ad “pop”? How long did it take before the user rolled over our ad with their mouse or clicked our ad. • Average total time of interaction • Total time our ad was visible • Cumulative time our ad was visible on the page (amount of time our ad was above the fold) • Impressions by hour • Impressions by date
  14. 14. Leverage Pointroll to plan for 2012Display ad CTR on < Mobile interaction rate in Buffalo > TopekaAve brand exposure time Wichita < Syracuse Total ad interactions in Mobile > Standard Display
  15. 15. September, 2011....Use what we have learned about ourconsumers and start the process over!Plan Execute Results Adjust Optimization
  16. 16. Thank You!