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Social Media Brasil 2010
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Social Media Brasil 2010


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Apresentação de Rafael Siqueira (@rafaelsiqueira) CTO do @apontador no Social Media Brasil 2010.

Apresentação de Rafael Siqueira (@rafaelsiqueira) CTO do @apontador no Social Media Brasil 2010.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Social  Loca)on   Transforming  Loca.on  as  a  Ego  Digital  ba4le   Rafael  Siqueira  -­‐  CTO  
  • 2. “millions of people are now walking around with a gizmo in their pocket that not only knows where they are but also plugs into the internet to share that info, merge it with online databases, and find out what—and who—is in the immediate vicinity. ! ...simply put, location changes everything.” ! Ma4hew  Honan,  Wired  Magazine,  January  2009  
 “People want to talk about Places”! The future of local referrals lies not in reviews and ratings from semi anonymous individuals, but rather in trusted recommendations from people I know! 55% of all SMSs ask "Where are you?”! "Maps aren't just for driving directions. They are a way that humans understand their planet”! Some say that Augmented Reality will do for mobile what satellite imagery did for maps !
  • 4. location has taken off …! loca%on-­‐based  online  adver%sing   loca%on-­‐based  iPhone  apps   community  mapping   loca%on  device  sales   gps-­‐enabled  phones   Source:  Borrell  Associates,  May  2008  “What  Local  Media  Sites  Earn  –  Annual  Report.”  
  • 5. geolocation in the smartphones!
  • 6. location is a game changer for social networks.! what have you been up to?! passive   what are you doing right now?! real-­‐)me   where are you? can I join?! par)cipatory  
  • 7. connecting people, locals and informations around you! 7
  • 8. app developers now regularly incorporate game mechanics and reinforce desired behavior through rewards, incentives and virtual goods! 8
  • 9. act1: how to turn the real world ! into a game! 10
  • 10. checking in!
  • 11. act2: how do you use software! to change behavior! the check-in is kinda boring, what´s interesting is what happens next"! foursquare badges are "silly, but people dig them”! 12 “!
  • 12. act3: turning digital candy into! real world rewards! 13
  • 13. act3: turning digital candy into! real world rewards! 14
  • 14. free prize inside! inspiring unexpected journeys.! connecting with friends.! redirecting travel plans and rewarding adventure.! Capturing and sharing life experiences in realtime.! Making people smile.! 15
  • 15. foursquare! 2009.3.11
  • 16. foursquare!
  • 17. gowalla!
  • 18. mytown! 21
  • 19. twitter places! 22
  • 20. ovimaps! Ovi Maps are now completely free and becoming very popular. Since their launch on January 19, they've been averaging nearly 100,000 downloads per day.! Ovi Maps: 7 million downloads of Ovi Maps 3 so far! 23
  • 21. ovimaps on facebook! 24
  • 22. privacy and trust! Darwin Bell on Flickr :
  • 23. wanted: informed and insightful publicity! Jerry Silfwer on Flickr :
  • 24. 27
  • 25. 28
  • 26. 29
  • 27. hBp://   we are watching you! Op)ng  out   Provia  17  on  Flickr  :  hBp://  
  • 28. phone book! Herzogbr  on  Flickr  :  hBp://  
  • 29. credit cards! Credit  Cards  on  Flickr  :  hBp://  
  • 30. mail-shot marketing databases! Gwynhafyr  on  Flickr  :  hBp://  
  • 31. whois information!
  • 32. opting in! Opacity  on  Flickr  :  hBp://  
  • 33. show me the money! 39
  • 34. offering a full suite of ! integrated viral applications! Maps Multimedia Messaging Service Traffic Services Information sharing Transit Private / Public / Group Driving Mobile Notes & Walking Directions M-Vite Buddy Finder Route It M-Classifieds I’m Free Yellow Date Finder & White Share It Pages Customized Finder Event & Movie Event, Find It Ticketing Movie, Restaurant & Hotel Restaurant, Buy It Reservations Hotel, Pub, Emergency ATM Mobile Services, Finder, Wallet Flight Finder Gaming M- Coupons Shopping Advertising 40
  • 35. 41
  • 36. apontador local!
  • 37. movement intelligence! nowadays ! LBS data = checkIn @ place! no personalization, no targeting ! future ! store LBS data over space, time and weather! location history for understanding & personalization! estimate age and profile of each user anonymous! automated personalized recommendation! Confidential 43
  • 38. behavior target!
  • 39. local search with real time metrics! how  people  move  in  the  space,  in  the  )me   and  in  the  weather  
  • 40. context! high relevance: mobile content and offers can be presented to that driver! location and Known   time relevant Loca%on   content! Time  
  • 41. user recommendation! collective intelligence! use a “recommendation” metaphor based on:! - user profile/preferences! - location! - driving context
 (e.g. speed, traffic congestion, next upcoming maneuver)! local interest! (pre-set search)! targeted offer! Virtual billboard!
  • 42. the future! “if you ask me, ʻwhatʼs the UI in five years?ʼ itʼs a pair of glasses.”! Tim OʼReilly!
  • 43. Flickr:  Jamais  Cascio  
  • 44. social  augmented  reality  
  • 45. social augmented reality! the knowledge of joining a crowd and knowing:! •  who do I know here?! •  where do I know them from?! •  who should I get to know?! •  who here is single?! •  are there any naked pictures of them on the internet?!
  • 46. thoughts! Ian  on  Flickr  :  hBp://  
  • 47. geolocation in the smartphones!
  • 48. “we can make the internet work! better by making it understand! how we talk in the real world”! Billy V on Flickr :
  • 49. Itʼs not about where you are …! Alwaysordinary  on  Flickr  :  hBp://  
  • 50. … itʼs about where youʼve been! Jrusbatch  on  Flickr  :  hBp://  
  • 51. Famous Quote! “We always overestimate the change ! that will occur in the next two years and ! underestimate the change that will occur ! in the next ten.”! Bill Gates!
  • 52. 58 What Makes The Pie Shop Tick on Flickr :
  • 53. apontador 2000! Confidential 59
  • 54. apontador 2010! Confidential 60
  • 55. apontador – hyperlocal content! Mapping  &  Routes   Proximity  Search   Turn  by  Turn  Naviga%on   Traffic  Manager   Corridor  Search   Loca%on  Adver%sing  
  • 56. Thanks for Listening!