Top 5 Spanish Wines - Together with the Masters


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Top Gourmet Experience, the best 5 Spanish Wines , together with food from Celler de Can Roca , # 1 restaurant and presented by best wine masters.

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Top 5 Spanish Wines - Together with the Masters

  1. 1. SENSORIALESPAIGROUPWine Entertainment“Exceptional Experiences” In Collaboration withLuxury PromotionsPRESENT :Top 5 Spanish Wines with the MastersAlfredo Peris (Wineologist – Journalist) & Josep Roca (Sommelier Celler de Can Roca)An Exceptional Experience for reduced groups of 8 to 20 people where the privilegedassistant will be be able to taste the Best 5 Spanish Wines following Robert Parker’sclassification system. Robert Parker is the most important journalist and subscriber ofwines in the world.They will be commented and explained with great detail by the famous Spanishjournalist and wineologist Alfred Peris , together with the exceptional collaboration ofJopep Roca , sommelier of “Celler de Can Roca”.To accompany unique wines we will also have unique food from Celler de Can Roca,with its exquisite 3 Michelin Stars gastronomy and the prestige of having been chosenin 2011 and 2012 the World’s 2ndbest restaurant.The Taste will take place in an elegant private Villa situated next to Catalunya PGA Golfpremises facing beautiful views of Girona region.
  2. 2. SENSORIALESPAIGROUPWine EntertainmentTHE WINESTop 5 Wines in last Robert Parker ranking of 2011.1.-Vega Sicilia Reserva Especial 91-94-98 (Ribera del Duero): 99 points2.-Mauro Terreus 2006 (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León: 98 points3.-Vega Sicilia Único Reserva 2000 (Ribera del Duero): 98 points4.-Contador 2008 (Rioja): 98 points5.- Pingus 2009 (Ribera del Duero): 97 pointsVega Sicilia Mauro Terreus Vega Sicilia Contador PingusEspecial 91-94-98 2006 Único Reserva 2000 2008 2009Robert Parker Ranking SystemWithout a doubt today the most import journalist and subscriber of wines in the world.Uses a ranking with a 50 to 100 point scale to measure the quality of the wine. Thesystem is called “The Wine Advocate Rating System, and is based in a very strict viewof wine properties. Parker created this system always taking into account that isnecessary under estimating the quality of wine instead than over estimating it .
  3. 3. SENSORIALESPAIGROUPWine EntertainmentTHE GASTRONOMYCeller de Can Roca - Joan, Josep y Jordi RocaThe main restaurant guides and food critics have recognized the work done during the firstquarter century of the “Celler” (Cellar) . In 1995 came the first Michelin star, in 2002 thesecond and in November 25, 2009, the third. Three Solas in Repsol Guide, La Vanguardia 9.5,Gourmetour, 9,75 / 10 in international guide the Best of Gastronomy and Gourmand.In 2009 the British magazine “Restaurant Magazine” ranked El Celler de Can Roca as 5 of the50 best restaurants in the world. In 2010 rose to fourth place, and in 2011 and 2012 it came insecond, Now in 2013 has just been awarded Number 1# .El Celler de Can Roca has a kitchen of 210 m2 and 250 m2 cellar, it has more than 40,000bottles of some 1,600 references. The 80 m2 room with twelve tables and holds up to 45people. The service consists of thirty people and led by the three Roca brothers. Chef Joan,Josep the sommelier and Maitre, and Jordi responsible for the pastry.
  4. 4. SENSORIALESPAIGROUPWine EntertainmentTHE MASTERSALFREDO PERIS BALADAFamous Spanish wineologist, wine expert and journalistspecializing in sensory tasting and CEO of Sensory Espai Group.He began his journalistic career in 1975, focusing mainly in thefascinating world of wine. He has worked regularly in pioneermagazines as "Food and Wine" "Grapes and Wine" "Wine andFood" and "Bouquet", among others. In 1980 he began specializing in the sensorialworld through partnerships with reputable French and Spanish companies.Co-producer on several food and wine programs in Spain’s Cope radio and Onda CeroCatalunya radio, as well as a weekly wine columnist in El Periodico de Catalunyanewspaper Avui, Sport and Mundo Deportivo, among others.From 1993 to 2007 he was part on the editorial board of the “Food & Drink Magazine”and from 2001 to 2012 in “Reading Centre” (Group RBA).Author of several books: "Guide to tasting the wines of Spain" and "The Book of Wine -Tasting Guide for the wines of Portugal" (Newspaper), and "The Five Senses of Sales".He was part of the Drafting Committee of the World Book Encyclopedia "Knowing andChoosing the Wine" and the World Encyclopedia Salvat. Senior Editor of theEncyclopedia "Larousse Wines of Spain" and "Larousse World Wines,".Publisher-Editor at the "Journey through Spain in the Wine Encyclopedia ," "Beer"and more recently the collectible "Wine Routes of Spain." Director and TechnicalAdvisor in the drafting of Wine, "Wine," Editorial Koneman (Germany), for Spanish-speaking countries.Active member of the Spanish Union of Tasters. Director of Classroom Training“Catalan Tastadors Cercle” and member of the Board. In 2001 he founded, along withCarlos Casallachs, Sensory Espai Group, SL, a company specializing in conducting wineevents.
  5. 5. SENSORIALESPAIGROUPWine EntertainmentJOSEP ROCAJosep Roca Fontané (Girona 1966) is the sommelier, Maitre and part owner of ElCeller de Can Roca, along with his two brothers Joan and Jordi.Awarded the National Prize of Gastronomyl for best sommelier in 2010, is in actualityone of the most prestigious and recognized experts of wine in the world."More than just a sommelier Josep Roca is primarily a provider . Provider of aromas,which selects the good and bad, like when you separate the wheat from the chaff.Provider of ideas from one brother to another. Provider of emotions for a guest whoreceives the message 5 on 5 or, rather, 3 on 3. Sleight of hand yes, but with fulltransparency. For Josep and his brothers, with a unique culinary elocution, how toshare. A quality that makes the ”Celler de Can Roca” a bright restaurant open to theworld, a laboratory of taste and free from any claim of any external sign of wealth,except the natural elegance "- Laurent Feneau (Among Chefs)
  6. 6. SENSORIALESPAIGROUPWine EntertainmentTHE LOCATIONLuxury Private Villa situated in the Catalunya PGA Golf Course areaClassical Spanish Guitar will accompany the experience.To finalize the day a private tour to Castell de Peralada will be offered enjoying also of a winetaste of their new top wine EX EX 9, of very limited production.