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Future tenses for my 1st BTX class

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  • 1st btx gr_future

    1. 1. FUTURE TENSES Grammar 1st Batxillerat
    2. 2. Future SimpleWe use will /won’t + infinitive for General predictions or opinions ‘It’ll be cold tomorrow’ Decisions made at the moment of speaking ‘The phone’s ringing’. ‘I’ll answer it’. Things that are certain to happen I’ll be 18 in November
    3. 3. StructureAff: Subj + will + Vinf.+ Objects I will clean up my room, I promise!Neg: Subj + won’t + Vinf. + Objects I won’t clean up your room, I promise!Int: Will + subj + Vinf. + Objects? Will you clean up your room?
    4. 4. GOING TOWe use going to to talk about: Future intentions or plans when a decision has already been made. I’m going to study History at university Predictions when there is some evidence you can see now Look at those black clouds. It’s going to rain.
    5. 5. StructureAff: Subj + to be present + going to + Vinf + objects Sheila is going to have a baby in the following weeks.Neg: Subj + to be present + not + going to + Vinf + objects. Sheila is not going to have a baby in the following weeksInt: To be present + subj + going to + Vinf + objects Is Sheila going to have a baby in the following weeks?
    6. 6. Present ContinuousWe use the present continuous for short term plans or arrangements. We often mention a specific time or place. I’m meeting Sue at 8.30 tonight.
    7. 7. Future ContinuousWe use the future continuous to talkabout something in progress at a certaintime in the future. What will you be doing at 8 o’clock this evening? I’ll be watching the match on TV She’ll be working at home tomorrow
    8. 8. StructureAff: Subj + will + be + Ving + Objects In the evening, I will be sitting in front of the TVNeg: Subj + won’t + be + Ving + Objects In the evening, I won’t be sitting in front of the TV (I will be doing my homework)Int: Will + subj + be + Ving + Objects? In the evening, will you be sitting in front of the TV? of course, I will!
    9. 9. Future PerfectWe use the future perfect to talk aboutsomething that will be complete by acertain time in the future I’ll have finished this book soon By the time I’m 21 I’ll have left home They’ll have known each other for two years in March.
    10. 10. StructureAff: subj + will + have + vppart + Obj You will have graduated by the end of 2013Neg: subj + won’t + have + vppart + Obj You won’t have graduated by the end of 2013.Int: Will + subj + have + Vppart + Obj? Will you have graduated by the end of 2013?