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  1. 1. Cosmetic Surgery We have the expertise to make our Cosmetic Surgery Timeline : At what age - what procedure clients revitalised. Apart from our surgical expertise, our non-surgical options offer solutions in terms of facial refinement, skin rejuvenation, hair Apollo TOUCHING LIVES removal and acne scar reduction.Cosmetic Medicine You’ll feel a lot more than welcome at Cosmetic Clinics our Cosmetic Clinics. With an exclu- sive facility, you can be rest assured that we will provide you with safe and effective aesthetic enhancement. Timeline Relax within the comfort and privacy of At what age - What procedure our Cosmetic Clinics while enjoying aApollo Hospitals is known as a rich and satisfying experience, rightprovider of world class life-saving form our reception staff to our interna- Procedures Teens 20s 30s 40s 50s 60smedical care. With the Apollo tionally trained surgeons representingCosmetic Clinics we now offer our facility. Breast Reductionlife-enhancing treatments to help Why Choose Us Cosmetic Jaw Surgeryyou feel and look your best in themost trustworthy environment. Apollo Cosmetic Clinics provides Laser Hair Removal an excellent cosmetic surgery set-Under the Apollo Cosmetic Clinics up and offers a wide array of Microdermabrasionwe bring you skills of our experts in services in non-surgical treatments.cosmetic medicine and cosmetic Nose Reshapingsurgery. We offer only the best At Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, wetailored solution always keeping Oriental Eyelid Surgery have thought of everything youyour best interests in mind. This desire in surgical & non-surgicalimpowerment of our clients in the Tummy Tuck treatments including Lasers,most skills and safest environment Dermal Fillers, Botox and Facialis what separates our center and Botox Peels.specialists from the rest. We use only premium range Breast Augmentation products in our non-surgical clinics. These products have been proven Breast Lift to be safe and effective. Liposuction We believe in providing the best of Skin Tightening solutions especially in Cosmetic Medicine. We offer you, the latest Skin Rejuvenation treatments assessing their efficacy safety profile. Chemical Peel Cosmetic Medicine We’re perfectly placed to help you achieve the individual results you Fillers (Injectable) want. With us, you are in the care of highly qualified and experienced Eyelid, Wrinkle Surgery / Facelift / Necklift people every step of the way. Pigmented Lesions & Tattoos
  2. 2. Laser Treatments Botox Dermal Fillers Laser TreatmentsYou can enhance your appearance with LaserTreatments. A Laser is a high energy beam oflight that can selectively transfer its energy intotarget tissue to treat the skin. The followingLaser Treatment procedures are available inour clinics: Hair Reduction (Hair Removal) - Unwanted facial and body hair are things of the past. No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razor rash. Tattoo Removal - No need of surgery or fear of any scars; now get your tattoos removed by the Fillers replace lost of volume, enhance volume of safest and most effective laser treatment by the existing structure and help in filling in wrinkles and Q-Switched NdYag Laser. creases. Dermal fillers and sometime even ones own Treatment of scars from ‘Acne’ or ‘Chickenpox’ transplanted fat are used to replenish the skins We use fractional resurfacing with our state suppleness and help maintain its youthful appear- -of-the-art Fractional Co2 laser achieving faster ance, smoothening out facial lines. and better results. Botox is a relaxant injected into the skin to relax the muscles that cause facial lines. Botox Removal of Warts & Skin Tags - Now get rid of minimises the appearance of lines caused by these stubborn warts and ghastly skin tags with over activity of the muscle. Botox is most com- our latest lasers. Done as outpatient procedures, providing a safe, lasting and satisfactory solution. monly used for lines on the forehead and Rhinoplasty (Cosmetic Nose Surgery) wrinkles outside the eyes. It does not fill the Laser Rejuvenation & Resurfacing - Air pollution defects or the wrinkles. and sun exposure lead to unwelcome changes of your skins texture, colour and elasticity. We employ Laser Genesis and Laser Resurfacing Facial Peels which uniquely rejuvenates the skin. It is proven to remove fine lines and also reduce large pores, Ageing, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle prac- scars, blemishes, uneven, pebbled texture and tices take a toll on the skin causing various overall redness and flushing. Our new Laser Technologies gives plastic surgeons a new level of problems and abnormalities, including control in laser surfacing, permitting extreme pigmentation. Different kinds of creams are Botox - Facial Peels precision especially in delicate areas. Explore our used to reduce and minimize appearance and Laser Anti-Ageing treatment which is comfortable to build collagen and elastic fibre. Peels and with rapid and great outcomes creams also help reduce fine lines, folds and Come Rediscover Yourself! tighten the skin to give visible results. Being the most noticeable part on your face, irregu- larities and deformities of the nose are apparent and
  3. 3. prominent. Depending upon the case, Rhinoplasty Hair Restoration Dermal Fillers - Rhinoplastyincludes elevation of a depressed nose by adding COSMETIC SURGERY PROCEDUREScartilage, bone or silicone implant, removal of a (Hair Transplant)hump,reduction of the bulk of the tip of the nose,reduction of the size of the nostrils and narrowing ofthe base of the nose. 1. Aesthetic Lid Surgery 2. Aesthetic RhinoplastyCosmetic Nose Surgery is done using either local 3. Breast Surgeryanesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia and in 4. Dermabrasion Breast Augmentationmost cases, either a single day or no hospital stay is 5. Face Liftrequired. 6. Scar Correction 7. Genioplasty OperationsBreast Augmentation 8. 9. Hair Transplantation/ Restoration Implants - Breast/ Buttock/ Cheek/ Chin(Breast Implantation) 10. Liposuction & Fat grafting 11. Otoplasty (Aesthetic) 12. Post Bariatric Surgery a. Belt Lipectomy b. Brachioplasty/ Arm Lift c. Reverse Abdominoplasty/ Torsoplasty d. Reverse Thigh lift Although male and female hair loss pattern is heredi- e. Thighplasty tary and begins shortly after puberty, changing lifestyle f. Upper body lift choices also contribute to hair loss and baldness. Hair 13. Other Aesthetic procedures: Restoration Surgery (Hair Transplant) is a permanent a. Botox solution to lost scalp hair, including effective medical b. Dermal Fillers treatments, which are now offered in the form of a pill c. Face Dimple Construction (Dimploplasty) for men and a lotion/spray for men as well as women. d. Intra-Lesional Injection e. Laser Rejuvenation & Laser Treatments for Hair Hair transplant is a surgical procedure by which Removal, Wrinkles, Pigmentation problems, Acne Hair Restoration (Hair Transplant)This is done to enlarge an under - developed breast permanent hair from regions of the scalp that normally and Scarringor those that become smaller or loose after child birth. never go bald, such as the sides and lower back of the f. Malar Reduction/ EnhancementAn incision is made at the lower part of the breast or head, are transferred (transplanted) to areas where g. Penile Lengthening Procedureat the areola (dark skin around the nipple ) and a thinning or hair loss commonly occurs. h. Penile Surgery for Erectile Disfunctionsilicone implant is placed behind the breast tissue or (Inflatable/ Malleable)pectoral muscle. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia on i. Vaginoplasty/ Hymenoplasty an outpatient basis, and causes no or little pain. Seda-This surgery is done under general anesthesia and tion is very rarely used and patients will be fully awakemay require overnight hospital stay. during the operation.
  4. 4. Breast Reduction - Breast Lift Breast Reduction This is done to reduce the size of the breast by removing fat, breast tissue and skin from the lower part of the breast is reshaped and sutured.Abdominoplasty Scars are barely visible as the(Tummy Tuck) sutures are made at the breast fold, below the areola and at the marginAbdominoplasty, better known as ‘tummy of the areola. Most scars fade to atuck’ basically tightens up loose skin in greater extent in a year or two, thisthe stomach area, especially for womenwho have given birth or who have lost an Enlarged Male surgery may require one day stay atexcessive amount of weight, resulting in Breast the hospital. In younger patients with good qualityflab. Abdominoplasty involves resection skin, liposuction may be effective.of folds of skin of the abdomen, with (Correction of Gynaecomastia)relocation of navel and tightening of theabdomen muscles, to restore the lost toneduring pregnancy. If someone has excess For some men breast develop to a Breast Lift notable size during puberty and (Mastopexy)amounts of fat, liposuction may be done adolescence, in many the breastalong with Abdominoplasty. This surgery remain enlarged. In very rare occa- In Mastopexy, drooping and saggingrequires general anesthesia and a three sions, this problem could be asso- breast are tightened reshaped andor four day stay in the hospital. ciated with hormonal treatment or lifted up. Specific part of the skin are hormonal problems. Liposuction removed from the lower part of the combined with excision of gland breast and from around the areola, alone can usually solve the prob- the skin is then pulled together andVaser lem in most patients. This proce- dure is done under general anes- sutured, tightening the breast, and the nipple and areola are relocatedFrom minor touch-ups to major transfor- thesia but usually does not require higher to give a normal appearance.mations, VASER® can help. The treatment hospital stay. In large gynaeco- Enlarged male Breastuses ultrasound energy assisted liposuc- mastia an overnight stay may be Breast lift is done under generaltion to target problem areas. The result? Asmooth body shape with little recovery required. anesthesia. A silicone implant often needs to be placed at the same time Apollotime with some skin tightening effect soyou can be ready for anything. to enlarge the breast in addition to Cosmetic Clinics tightening. This surgery usually does not require hospital stay.
  5. 5. Scar Correction or Scar Revisions Abdominoplasty - Vaser Scar Correction or Scar Revisions When a scar is removed, a new scar is formed in its place. So a scar cannot be removed, it can only be improved. In this procedure scars are made less noticeable and the disfigurement is minimized. Scar correction operations are done only after the original scars have fully healed or matured. Scar revision procedures are done either under local or general anesthesia and Liposuction or Fat Lip Reduction and Lip usually do not require overnight stay in the hospital. Pitted scars can be improved by filler Removal Enhancement injections. A quick, safe and effective way to remove unwanted fat, liposuction removes fat from Lip reduction is done to reduce the size of the lips the body by using a tubular, probe that are thick by removing a strip of the red part of connected to a suction machine or the lip along with underlying tissue from one end syringe. Fat collected on the hips, thighs, to the other. This surgery is done under local anes- buttocks, abdomen, arms, under the chin thesia with or without sedation and without any and upper torso can be reduced by this hospital stay. Both the upper and lower lips can be procedure. reduced at the same time. Liposuction is neither a substitute for dieting nor a cure for obesity and does not Ear Correction Surgery prevent a person from gaining weight after-Lip Reduction - Ear Correction Surgery wards, therefore proper precaution and (Otoplasty) maintenance is necessary. People with reasonably normal weight and young, Ear correction surgery is done on protruding ears Liposuction or Fat Removal healthy, elastic skin, but with extra local- to make them less visible. ized fat in certain areas, get the best results from this procedure. This proce- The missing fold is created by folding the ear dure is usually done under general anes- cartilage and the skin is then sutured. It can be thesia and usually does not require a done under local or general anesthesia and hospital stay. An overnight stay in larger usually does not require hospital stay. liposuction may be warranted.
  6. 6. Face Lift - Eye Lift Cosmetic Jaw Surgery Face Lift (Orthognathic Surgery) The purpose of Orthognathic Surgery / corrective jaw Face lifts are a simple surgery is to correct functional and cosmetic prob- way to restore elasticity and lems that are due to underlying jaw deformities. It is youthfulness of skin. This is often the treatment solution in cases where the bite done to correct the loose, problem is so severe that orthodontic braces alone sagging skin from the aren’t enough to correct the problem, or where ortho- cheeks and neck. The area dontics alone would compromise one’s facial involved in surgery is around and appearance. above the ears and skin is lifted from the cheek and neck. The fascia Cosmetic jaw surgery is performed on the bones of over the muscle is also tightened and excess skin is the jaws to change their positions. It may be indicated removed and sutured. This surgery is done under local for functional, cosmetic, or health reasons. Surgery anesthesia with some sedation or general anesthesia can be carried out on the upper jaw, lower jaw and to relax the patient and may require one day stay at the chin under general anaesthesia. hospital. One of the most rewarding aspects of orthognathic surgery is improved appearance and self-esteem. Eye Lift (Blepharoplasty) An eyelid lift is done to even out the wrinkles around the eyes. Upper and lower eyelid wrinkles caused by the relaxation of the skin are removed and tightened. Apollo The area of concern is the lid fold for upper eyelid and Cosmetic Clinics at the eyelash margins for the lower lid. The skin is lifted and the excess skin , fat and muscle Cosmetic Jaw Surgery are removed and sutured. This procedure is done under local anesthesia with sedation and does not require hospital stay. Fourth Floor, Tower III, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Sarita Vihar, Delhi-Matura Road, New Delhi 76, INDIA Ph : +91 11 - 2987 4440 / 4450.Email : Website :