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The Social Media Master Plan
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The Social Media Master Plan


Social media is changing how we communicate. Here, at RE/MAX Realty Advantage, part of our forward thinking philosophy is teaching agents how to harness the power of this tool and be able to have a …

Social media is changing how we communicate. Here, at RE/MAX Realty Advantage, part of our forward thinking philosophy is teaching agents how to harness the power of this tool and be able to have a complete marketing master plan that will drive their success. This presentation is just the tip of the iceburg, but its what all professional marketers need to know in order to get started!

Published in Social Media , Technology , Business
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  • 1. YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERPLAN: 30 DAYS TO ROCKSTAR STATUS Brought to you by: RE/MAX Realty Advantage 17319 San Pedro Ave.Suite 206 San Antonio, TX 78232 210-495-5252
  • 2. But why? Check it out by the numbers…
  • 4. Learning how to use this tool will CHANGE your business
  • 5. STEP ONE: GOOGLE THYSELF  Your clients are Googling you. Do you know where you rank?  Take a screenshot of your results.  Rinse and repeat every thirty days.  Using this system, your rank will continue to improve and you will be in a position to dominate the market.
  • 6. STEP TWO: SET UP PROFILES ON….  Facebook – Personal & business (  Twitter - Business (  Pinterest – Business (  Google + - Business (  LinkedIn (  YouTube (  Instagram (  Slide Share (  Yahoo Blog (
  • 7. STEP THREE: IT‟S ALL ABOUT THE On each site, your profile needs to be PROFILES fun, engaging, interesting and something people WANT  to read.  Use your profile on each site as an extension of yourself. LINK TO YOUR OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS AND YOUR WEBSITE FROM EACH.  Your photos should ALWAYS look professional.  Headlines should include accomplishments: “Rookie of the Year”, “Rockstar Real Estate Agent”, “Platinum Top 50”, “Ranked X in City”….you get the idea.  Fill out employer history completely.  Be natural when writing your bio.  Your summaries need to POP! This is your chance to demonstrate to the world that you are an expert and someone who deserves to be noticed! DO NOT COPY AND PASTE YOUR RESUME!  Include a call to action: “Visit my website”, “Check out my blog,” “Call me for more information…”
  • 8. STEP 4: LINK EVERYTHING  The first rule of social media is to link all of your accounts together.  Start by putting all of your social media links on your website.  Then post your other social media contact methods on all of your social media accounts in your profile.  Post links to your website and blog on your YouTube channel.  TIP: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COVER ART AND CHANNEL ART AND MAKE IT AS CUSTOM AS POSSIBLE!
  • 9. STEP 5: MANAGE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA LIFE  Keeping track (and keeping up with) all of your social media accounts can feel cumbersome. Never fear! Hootsuite is here!  Use this program to link and manage several accounts – you can even program your updates…..
  • 10. STEP 6: FINISH GETTING SET UP…OR OTHER TOOLS YOU NEED  Get a Gravatar (   Google Authorship (   Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site? You can link content you publish on a specific domain (such as to your Google+ profile. Sign up for Google+ and create a Google+ profile. Short Stack  ShortStack has tons of features to help you get the most from your Facebook Pages, including contests, polls, data collection and analytics.
  • 11. STEP 7: NOW FOR THE FUN PART…CONTENT CREATION  Write 3 Yahoo blogs per week.  Create videos using the (already scripted) information on the blogs.  Publish 3 YouTube videos per week.  Create custom 1 – 3 infographics (using data from blogs and YouTube)  Infograph resources (easy point and click)    Create 1 – 3 Slide Share presentations per week – using the information you put on your blogs
  • 12. STEP 8: PUSH THE CONTENT  Share your blogs, videos, slide share presentations and infographics across all of your social media outlets.  Include a call to action with each: “What do you think?” or “Please share!”  Why? This increases your readership and response rate. It will also increase your friend count across ALL social media outlets.
  • 13. SHAUNA‟S SUPER SECRET CONTENT CREATION TIPS  Use personal experiences and life lessons as bloggable moments  Interview industry professionals and blog about it – this also helps you network  Review local eatieries and events – from your perspective  BE CREATIVE with your titles…think about what YOU would click? Mad atare some title ideas: Here your Realtor? Ask yourself why… 5 of the Strangest Seller Objections What is a Buyer Representation Agreement And Why do I Need it? So, you Think You‟re Cut Out to Sell Houses? Welcome to Home Remodel Heck Why is Real Estate an Aging Industry? Strategic Business Partnerships: Why Do I Care? Technology v. Hustle in Sales: What Works?
  • 14. MORE AND MORE AND MORE….  Blogs, videos and social media posts (if you want them to be successful) need to follow a very simple recipe: 4 personal (or personable posts) to ONE business post.  People don‟t care what you know, until they know that you care.  You need to post to all social media accounts at least 3 – 4 times per day.  Spend approximately 1 – 2 hours interfacing with folks on social media – You can interface with all platforms at one time if you use Hootsuite.  This does NOT have to be done all at once. Break it up throughout your day.  Be natural, be relevant, be yourself…unless you suck, then fake it.  Videos, photos and infographics are the most widely shared items.  Convey emotions, but post quotes only occasionally – no more than 3 times per week.
  • 15. AND A SIDE NOTE ABOUT WHY YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO LEARN #HASHTAGS  You can talk about different things and the hashtag will arrange the topics accordingly to make these easier for online users to follow and locate. For example, you can make the hashtag #ChristmasShopping to talk about wishlists and the best places to shop for Christmas.  Several companies and groups also make hashtags to drive more relevant audiences to one area, such as#2012USElections and #BlackFriday.  Hashtags can be used to hold a contest on the internet and create wider market for your brand.  You can use hashtags to invite more people to join and become part of the discussions. People can use the search function on Twitter to look for relevant hashtags that they might be interested in. You can indicate the mechanics of the game as well as the prizes to be won.  It‟s ideal to keep the figures positive so making the right and relevant hashtags will make you more visible to your target audience and entice others to follow you online as well. In short, your „followers‟ total should be more than your „following‟ total, as this means people are subscribing to what you have to say online.
  • 16. CONSISTENCY IS KEY  Use these methods for 30 days and you will see your lead generation and base expand exponentially.  However, it doesn‟t stop here…if your environment doesn‟t support creativity and flow, you won‟t stay motivated to continue these methods, or could get frustrated with lack of support.  It‟s imperative to find like minded people who support the fields of ever changing technology if you want to stay ahead.  Stay tuned for additional presentations on social media, in depth presentations on different platforms and creativity workshops.
  • 17. But…the bottom line is…  If you are serious about social media, and getting the right training to use this tool to its highest and best use. YOU NEED TO BE HERE RE/MAX Realty Advantage 17319 San Pedro Ave. Ste. 206 San Antonio, TX 78232