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Yle archives & information services 2012
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Yle archives & information services 2012


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  • 1. YLE ARCHIVES ANDINFORMATION SERVICESStoring, managing and providing access to unique content Katri Vänttinen Head of Yle Archives
  • 2. 2012• Budget 440 million euros• 3100 employees• 4 + 1 TV channels, 6 radio channels, and other Internet services• 20 regional radio services in Finnish, 5 in Swedish and 1 in Sámi• 8 regional TV news broadcasts• 98% of Finns use Yle’s services yearly, more than 70 % daily
  • 3. ARCHIVES, MEDIA MANAGEMENT AND INFORMATION SERVICES Radio Library TV TV Music Digiti- Archives & + Archives / Archives Record zationDepartments Sound Music Helsinki /Tampere Library Center Effects scores Photo Archives INFORMATION SERVICES LOANS DOCUMENTATION = METADATA Processes STORAGE AND COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT DIGITIZING TRAINING DATABASES (internal and external) DIGITAL ARCHIVES IT Infra- SOUND ARCHIVES (SINCE 2002) structure MEDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (METRO) TV 2008-, Photos 2010- and Radio 2010-  STORAGE, MANAGEMENT AND ACCESS TO ALL YLE CONTENT K. Vänttinen
  • 4. Armi’s services: collections, experts and data systems• Yle’s unique content • Live pictures , still pictures and sound recordings with even 100 years perspective • Around half million video objects, most of which still on tapes • More than a million radio recordings, most of which already digitized • More than a million photos of which 300.000 have been digitized • Literature, commercial music, periodicals, musical scores etc.• Data systems • Metro and other Yle’s internal media asset management and search tools • Licensed search tools, i.e. NetMot dictionaries, digital newspapers etc.• Expert services • Information searches (to complement independent searching) • As a key to the tacit knowledge (everything is not found in the systems) • Training to effective information searches and metadata creation for the independent users • Archival editor services and multimedia search team services for larger projects • Services volume approximately 1.000 service requests per month (12.000 / year)• Digitizing services • On demand for content producers • Digitization projects to ensure the long term usability of older materials.
  • 5. Armi’s mission and collections• Armi’s mission: Storing, managing and providing access to YLE’s content• For who: mainly YLE’s content producers (+ independent producers, researchers etc.)• What: • Practically all television programs (own productions & co-productions) • About 10 % of radio programs• Collections • Radio Archives 1936- • Radio programs since 1936 • 700.000 radio programs, 80.000 sound effects • Digitization started in 2003, now 70% complete = 1 million digital files (containing sub-programs) • TV Archives 1958- • Television programs and raw materials • Bought films since 1906 • 400.000 tapes and films • Digitization started in 2010 (will take app. 10 years) • Photo Archives • More than 1 million photos • Sound records and own musical recordings • More than 600.000 • Library and information services • More than 70.000 books • Journal subscriptions • Licenced databases • Musical scores 1927- • Including YLE’s commissions
  • 6. ARMI’s development trends 2012-2020• Expert services and participation, including the net (new workflows, opening the archives)• Digital content and quality metadata (digitization projects complete by 2020)• Functional and inviting work environment for everybody (Armi departments will be joined together in renovated premises in 2014)• Positive and effective work atmosphere – work can be fun!
  • 7. Archival policy• Open Archives is one of Yle’s strategic goals• To make the goal more concrete • Archival policy statements:1. Content is Yle’s most valuable asset and must be stored digitally.2. Metadata is essential for managing the content.3. Metadata is captured and enriched during the production workflow and is archived for research and re-use in new productions and publishing on all platforms.4. Broadcasting archives are a part of the national cultural heritage and must be kept alive.
  • 8. Yle Archives Goals and challengesMain goals: digital AND open archives • Digitizing everything that has value  • Providing access with good metadata and usable systemsChallenges: time, quality, technology, money, people, partnerships • The pace of digitizing projects • Everything should be digital by 2020 or else it is in danger of disappearing • The quality of files and metada • The high cost of storage  ongoing discussion about the file compression – what is good enough for future users? • Human resources • Recruiting vs. company-level budget-cuts • How to transfer the silent knowledge from retiring experts to newcomers • New competence demands • Digital workflows • Archives’ changing role: from service to training independent users • Open archives • Digital on demand (free streaming + download sales for the public) • Creating a strong community with the public (Archive heavy users, lovers and friends • Systematizing the exchange of archive materials with partners
  • 9. lives in the Archives