All Eyes on the Patient


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A quick snapshot of how GPS fleet tracking technology can benefit the EMS industry.

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All Eyes on the Patient

  1. 1. All eyes onthe patientGPS fleet tracking for the EMS industry
  2. 2. The purpose of this e-book is to inform the emergencymedical services industry of the benefits of a fleettracking system in their business.Included here is a snapshot of the electrical industry andfleet management as well as considerations whenchoosing a fleet management provider.Feel free to post and share this e-book with friends andbusiness partners. © 2011, NexTraq
  3. 3. Your industry EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICESEmergency Medical Services are provided inthe field by EMTs and paramedics.ACCORDING TO THE BUREAUOF LABOR STATISTICS:210,700 PARAMEDICS + EMTS IN 2008229,700 PARAMEDICS + EMTS IN 2018
  4. 4. Your industry EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICESEMTs and paramedics are generally employedby one of three different groups:Ambulanceservices 45 % 29 Governments % Hospitals 20%Did you Training for EMT-Intermediateknow?: level can be upwards of 350 hours
  5. 5. Your industry EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICESBurnout can be high amongst EMS workers.Besides the 24-hour nature of the business, a few reasons givenby EMTs and paramedics on a web forum* for feeling burned out: inability to affect change overtime lack of social opportunities low paylong shifts poor management *
  6. 6. Your industryEMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICESDespite these issues, EMS workers remaindedicated to their jobs and are proud to wearthe Star of Life. Oath of a paramedic/EMT Be it pledged as an Emergency Medical Early detection Technician/Paramedic, I will honor the physical and judicial laws of God and man. I will follow that regimen which, according to my ability andTransfer to Early judgment, I consider for the benefit of patientsdefinitive reporting and abstain from whatever is deleterious andcare mischievous, nor shall I suggest any such counsel. Into whatever homes I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of only the sick and injured, never revealing what I see or hear in the lives of men unless required by law. / I shall also share my medical knowledge with those who may Care in Early benefit from what I have learned. I will serve transit response unselfishly and continuously in order to help make a better world for all mankind. / While I continue to keep this oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life, and the practice of the art, respected Good on-scene care by all men, in all times. Should I trespass or violate this oath, may the reverse be my lot. So help me God.
  7. 7. Your industry EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICESSome issues and challenges for EMS:Delayed Static on Supply Routingarrivals the radio squeeze chaosArriving to an emergency in the During an emergency, For EMS vehicles, outfitting with Moving around chess piecesfastest possible time is critical. communication channels can be a the latest in equipment is a must. with a blindfold on isnt anEven just a few seconds can be hectic place to transfer such But those supplies come at a cost optimal strategy, but thatsthe difference between important information. A missed — oftentimes a big one. Without the strategy many managersdrastically different patient instruction, misheard address or the right gear, crews cant do their use to manage their vehicles.outcomes. Unexpected traffic, unclear assignment can have jobs. Juggling multiple costs, Without a strategy, managersinefficient routes, unclear tragic consequences — especially especially unavoidably high ones, may be overextending theirdirections and unfamiliar when a life is on the line. can really start to interfere with crews and exhausting theirterritory can all keep crews business. gas tanks.stuck in their vehicles.Did you Leaving a vehicle idlingknow?: burns up fuel at up to 1 gallon per hour
  8. 8. Your solution FLEET MANAGEMENTFleet tracking solutions canhelp you manage yourvehicles and employees byautomating many of yourdaily processes.Fleet tracking solutions work by installing a small GPS deviceinside a vehicle. Using cellular networks, the devices transmitsits location and vital vehicle back to the service providersnetwork. Customers can access that information usinginternet browsers on PCs, smartphones or tablet computers.Did you You can boostknow?: productivity up to 20 percent with fleet tracking
  9. 9. Your solution FLEET MANAGEMENTSolving issues and challenges for EMS:Delayed Static on Supply Routingarrivals the radio squeeze chaosA GPS-based fleet tracking Using a dispatching application, Fleet tracking solutions cant Often, the closest vehicle tosolution allows you to create headquarters can quickly relay provide savings on medical an emergency isnt atoptimized routes — meaning text-based, recallable instructions supplies, but they can help you headquarters. The map-you can quickly adjust to to drivers — helping to keep save on gas and insurance costs. based visualizations of fleetchanging traffic patterns, find communcations lines open and Using reporting, big gas wasters tracking solutions help you tothe most effective route to a call enhancing coordination between — excessive speeding and idling quickly direct the closestand give detailed directions in responding agencies. — can be stopped. And many EMS vehicle to aneven the most remote, insurance companies give emergency.unfamiliar areas. discounts when you install a fleet management solution.
  10. 10. Your solution FLEET MANAGEMENTWhen choosing a fleet management solution,there are a few important considerations:• How long has the company been in business? The value leader• Is there any extra software to purchase?• Will the service integrate your existing data? Established in 2000, NexTraq’s mission is• Is the system easy to use? to provide the telematics industry with the highest-value GPS fleet tracking solution, while providing customers with the data• How quickly can you get new data? they need to run their fleets efficiently and positively impact their business.• What kind of customer service is offered? NexTraq’s cloud-based platform was developed directly from 10 plus years of fleet managers’ feedback and delivers sophisticated fleet tracking technologies wrapped in a simple-to-use application. The NexTraq solution is easy to deploy and requires no additional IT support. The solution of choice for a growing number of customers with fleets ranging from 5 to more than 500 vehicles, NexTraq drives real benefits to your business, resulting in more cash to your bottom line.