Career research makeup artist


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Career research makeup artist

  1. 1. By: Apiraami Arunagiri
  2. 2. General InfoMakeup artists apply cosmetics, powders, paints, gels andother products to the faces of actors and performers.Use makeup to make sure guests look natural when theiron television screen .artists are always present on the sets of theatre productionsand during the filming of movies or television programmes.task is to see to it that the actors and presenters hair andmake-up are done correctly and touched up when necessary.also responsible for wigs, whiskers and special effects.work closely with directors, costume and lightingdesigners.
  3. 3. Salary Range$15,000 to $80,000 a year for most.Those who work in film tend to make more than those whowork in theatre.Makeup artists who are working in the movie industry, arethe highest earners among all.Average makeup artist salary ranges from $400 to $2000 ona daily basis.It basically depends on the type of client and the project andthe popularity of the makeup artist.
  4. 4. EducationCompletion of a post-secondary make-up artistry orcosmetology program is recommended.On-the-job training.Volunteering at a local theatre or television station is oneof the best ways to get experience and training as a makeupartist.successful completion of a Workplace HazardousMaterials Information System (WHMIS) course.Successful completion of several art courses.
  5. 5. Stress levelWork very long hours (especially in the beginning).Make-up artists may stand for many hours at their work.work under pressure to finish their work in a settimeframe.may be required to travel to fairly remote location shootsfor television or film.Lifting requirements are considerably more for artistswho also must carry items such as stools and lightingequipment
  6. 6. Job availabilityJob opportunities are high since there arenew actors and actresses for new movies.Artists who work in big cities tend to havemore job opportunities .There are many hair and makeup Artistsneeded in the united states (since there aremany celebrities).
  7. 7. Attributes and CompassionateAbilities creativity and imagination Good colour vision Communication skills Willing to continually upgrade knowledge and skills Respect Work many hours Energetic
  8. 8. Personal Attributes needed to be successful the ability to work independently and with others in a teamenvironment.the proper care and use of make-up and related equipment andaccessories such as wigs, and facial hair piecesMost importantly you have to know what you are doing. Why I want to be a Makeup Artist ? &What skills make me successful as a Makeup I love using cosmetics on other people. Artist? I have some experience on using cosmetics . I like to put different kinds of makeup on celebrities.
  9. 9. Sources THANKYOU (: