O'Reilly author webinar "APIs: A Strategy guide": Transforming Your Business with APIs


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For business and product executives, this O'Reilly Author webinar covers what an API strategy can do for you, including the different types of public vs. private API strategies. Courtesy of O'Reilly, a free book chapter is posted here: http://bit.ly/GTW9sF

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  • Over the past decade, about 1 billion web browsers enterered the marketplace.Today, we’re projecting a world of trillions of apps (Mary Meeker, Cisco, Gartner)Customers that are not in touch with this are losing touch with customers full contextCustomers that are doing well with this, are driving new reach and revenueThis is an explosion of consumption driven by mobile and socialSo what are companies doing about it?Takes us to our 2nd transition“Currently worth $7.3 billion this year, the apps market is set to double bythe end of next year and then to reach a colossal $36.7 billion by 2015. – rideresearch”
  • O'Reilly author webinar "APIs: A Strategy guide": Transforming Your Business with APIs

    1. 1. Under the Iceberg: Using APIs toTransform your BusinessGreg Brail @gbrailDan Jacobson @daniel_jacobsonDan Woods @danwoodscitoScott Regan @scottregan
    2. 2. @gbrail @daniel_jacobson@danwoodscito @scottregan
    3. 3. TopicsWhat is an API?Why does it matter for your business?You might need an API if…Under the Iceberg: Public vs. Private APIsThings to consider for: design | business | technology | marketingYour questions!
    4. 4. Consider this:60%+ traffic More bandwidth through Entirely API basedthrough APIs APIs than all the websites product and ecosystem 30% of primetime internet API drives all forms of traffic through streaming distribution - website, service managed by APIs apps, partners
    5. 5. Market transition from.. 1 Billion Trillions?
    6. 6. Business urgency: Get where the customers are!Browser Ubiquity Web Site
    7. 7. What is an API?(Our) Tech definition: An Application Programming Interface is a way for two computer applications to talk to each other over a network (predominantly the Internet) using a common language that they both understand.Business definition: A way to get your data to partners and apps. Essentially a contract.
    8. 8. Public APIs are exploding in number p
    9. 9. But Public APIs are the Tip of the Iceberg Public APIs p Private APIs
    10. 10. p
    11. 11. p
    12. 12. p
    13. 13. The API Value Chain p
    14. 14. You might need an API if..…you need a second mobile app, or....you need to be on lots of partner apps!…you need to make data available…your customers or partners are asking for it!…you want to let partners ‘test the waters’…you want to scale integration with customers and partners…your site is getting screen scraped…your competition has one!…you need to simplify or improve your technical architecture
    15. 15. Public vs. Private APIs What is the same? What is different?
    16. 16. Considerations for API DesignIs your API easy to try and use?Does your API need to be RESTful?Should you start with less or more?
    17. 17. Considerations for API TechnologyHow will you control API Traffic?How will you scale the API?Visibility to understand your customers and channel?
    18. 18. Considerations for API SecurityHow can you identify who is using your API?What types of authentication/authorization should you use?What is OAuth?What new security threats might exist for APIs?
    19. 19. Considerations for Marketing your APIWhat specific type of app or developer segment is your API for?What do developers need to be successful adopting your API?How can you reach developers and build a community?How will you measure and report on success?
    20. 20. For more on APIsAPIs: A Strategy Guidehttp://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920021223.doFree book chapter:http://bit.ly/apistrategybookchapterAPI-Craft discussion group:https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/api-craftMore API webinars:http://youtube.com/apigeeI <B API Stickers: tweet @scottregan or @apigee and will mail you one 
    21. 21. THANK YOUQuestions and ideas to:@gbrail@daniel_jacobson@danwoodscito@scottregan