Mobile apps 101 key patterns you need to know (webcast)


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- Recognizing common use-cases & design patterns from an array of mobile apps
- Data services and technologies that power the server side of data-driven experiences
- Assembling best-of-breed technologies to implement expansion into small(er) screens

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  • Mobile apps 101 key patterns you need to know (webcast)

    1. 1. Mobile Apps 101Key Patterns you need to knowApril 19, 2012Ed Anuff @edanuffGreg Brail @gbrailTim Anglade @timanglade
    2. 2. @edanuff @gbrail @timanglade
    3. 3.
    4. 4.
    5. 5. New! IRC Channel #api-craft on freenode
    6. 6. Use Case Design PatternIdentity Social GraphShow what’s happening Activity StreamShow what’s nearby Location as contextAlert me! Push notificationsShare info or state across devices Multipoint syncAccess a service remotely The untrusted client
    7. 7. Identity
    8. 8. IdentityPattern: the Social Graph• Renting vs. owning• Value & Risk in both approaches – Management concerns – Privacy concerns – Reliance on third party services (& availability)• Friend, friends of friends friends of friends of friends…
    9. 9. Show what’s happening
    10. 10. Show what’s happeningPattern: Activity Streams• Personalized• Cross-references & Faceting• Duplication• Technical constraints are highly driven by UX expectations
    11. 11. Show what’s nearby
    12. 12. Show what’s nearbyPattern: Location as context• Variant of Activity Streams?• Privacy Concerns, loss of resolution• Geocoding, reverse geocoding• Geo queries• Vectors & Ephemeral locations
    13. 13. Send me an alert!
    14. 14. Send me an alert!Pattern: Push Notifications• Stuff that can’t wait• Urgency is relative• Event not Content• Not meant for archive & retrieval• Wide vs. Precise
    15. 15. Share info or state across devices Source:
    16. 16. Share info or state across devicesThe pattern: Multipoint Sync• Used to be manual• Not easy• Invisibility is key• File or KV-based• What you have to handle vs. what you can’t handle
    17. 17. Share info or state across devices Also possible with Dropbox Nice tutorial by Nanaimo Studio: data-using-dropbox-api.html
    18. 18. Access service from remote
    19. 19. Access service from remotePattern: the Untrusted Client• OAuth all the way• Flows & options can be jarring to the developer• Flows & options can be jarring to the user• Revocation
    20. 20. THANK YOUQuestions and ideas to:@edanuff@gbrail@timanglade