Let's Talk About APIs - Iloveapis2013 - keynote
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Let's Talk About APIs - Iloveapis2013 - keynote



Gregory Brail's keynote at #iloveapis2013. The evolution of APIs from HTTP to Pragmatic REST to today's generation APIs where user experience is the focus. Hear how the API is the journey and not the ...

Gregory Brail's keynote at #iloveapis2013. The evolution of APIs from HTTP to Pragmatic REST to today's generation APIs where user experience is the focus. Hear how the API is the journey and not the destination. Hear about Apigee's products and capabilities - Edge, Insights, Exchange, API Modeling and it's open source offerings, including Volos - the latest offering in open source software for building production-quality APIs



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  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/1/13 15:32) -----Need intro and outro
  • How do we know? Only thing that penetrated even a fraction of developers as public apis was the web browser and Win32. Nothing else came close.
  • Dr. Fielding would say we don't understand REST and he is correct -- and it doesn't matterDeveloper experience is the most important thingActually, end user experience is
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/1/13 15:32) -----Use Darwin's Finches?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/1/13 15:32) -----Swap with prev
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/1/13 15:32) -----IN order for Edge to be a product for APis, it has to understand APis -- and it cant do that as well as we'd like today
  • Orchestration New APIsMassive customization -- Phase III of ApisTransition to next slide
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/1/13 15:32) -----Conclusion -- sessions

Let's Talk About APIs - Iloveapis2013 - keynote Let's Talk About APIs - Iloveapis2013 - keynote Presentation Transcript

  • Keynote Greg Brail
  • Let’s talk about APIs
  • A Really Short History of APIs 2004 The first public APIs Yahoo, EBay, Amazon, Google 2006 Twitter and its API launches Knowledge of APIs and their benefits begin to spread 2009 The first “year of the API” 2011 APIs are powering major consumer brands Netflix, Nike, Nintendo, Walgreens…
  • What Did We Learn From All That?
  • What have we learned? • Developer experience matters • And your own employees are developers too
  • What have we learned? • Public APIs aren’t for everyone • But customer, internal and partner APIs are
  • What have we learned? • OAuth and JSON are enterprise-ready • and Internet-scale
  • What have we learned? • REST was a PhD dissertation • it has had an amazing amount of impact… • but don’t forget about developers and end users
  • Simple API Evolution • First Generation – Didn’t matter as long as it’s HTTP • Second Generation – “Pragmatic REST” uses REST concepts and JSON • Third Generation – Design your user experience for each device – Customize an API for it
  • What Have we Learned? The API is not the destination
  • Let’s Talk About Apigee
  • Apigee 2004 Let’s build some hardware for XML 2007 Sonoa ServiceNet appliance 2008 Apigee “free”, Analytics 2009 Developer community features 2010 Apigee Console 2011 We are now “Apigee” 2012 UserGrid, 4th Gen Platform
  • What We’ve Learned The API proxy is not the destination
  • Today • • • • Edge Insights Exchange and more…
  • Monetization Revenue plans : Self Service for Developers • Flexible rate plans • Multi-currency billing • Integrated with Apigee © 2013 Apigee Confidential – All Rights Reserved
  • API Modeling • Structure of API stored inside Apigee • Auto-generated docs • Foundational
  • Apigee Open Source • • • • • Volos Argo Trireme Usergrid Others
  • Usergrid • Apache Incubator • Years as open source • Members in 170+ cities
  • Node.js support • • • • Build with a great community Run on Apigee Pick from 45,968 packages Add Apigee features
  • Introducing Volos • Node.js modules • MIT License • Integrates with Apigee
  • Volos • • • • • • OAuth 2.0 Quota Cache Apigee back-end Redis back-end More to come…
  • Thank You