Every Business is a Digital Business: Embracing the Connected Customer


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Embracing today's connected customer means digitizing your business.
It means being where your customers are; at any time; in any place. For more, see the ebook "Are you Where Your Customers Are? Retail 3.0: Digital Transformation" https://pages.apigee.com/retail-transformation-ebook-web-reg.html?utm_source=website&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ebook

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  • Privilege to serve some of the world’s top brands and companiesOur projects are enabling digital transformation and accelerating the shift to mobile and digital ecosystems
  • Common thread: these three ingredients
  • We divided 200 big companies companies into two groups based on their current performance on three digital capabilities (totals are slightly off from 50/50 due to tie scores)
  • Every Business is a Digital Business: Embracing the Connected Customer

    1. 1. Every Business is a Digital Business David Andrzejek @davidandrz Head of Telecom @Apigee Embracing the Connected Customer
    2. 2. 500+ Enterprise customers 20% of Fortune 100 50% of top 100 global brands 50% of top retailers
    3. 3. High-speed connectivity is becoming ubiquitous Hardware and datacenters are moving to instantly available, easily scalable clouds Consumers are moving from PCs to devices Services and experiences are moving to software
    4. 4. Physical Store Partner Integration Tablets Gaming Consoles Smart Appliances Smart Sensors Smart phones Connected Cars Web Kiosks Your Digital Assets API API API API Be where the customer is. At any time. In any place.
    5. 5. Businesses are adapting by going Digital
    6. 6. Nike: adding digital experiences to apparel • #1 Most Innovative Company, 2013 • 2 Million Nike Fuelbands sold • Largest running community with 10M+ members • Nike+ APIs returns detailed activity and aggregate level activity (goals and lifetime totals) • Nike Fuelband and Nike+ • Revenues up 60% • Profits up 57% • Market cap 2X “It’s a product, it’s a platform for services, it’s an ongoing dialogue with our consumers, and it’s a rapidly growing community...” Mark Parker, CEO 6 Apps APIs Big Data Path Lose It
    7. 7. Ç 7 Walgreens: driving in-store traffic via first and third-party apps “We started by driving customer engagement outside our store with the QuickPrints and Prescription APIs. Then, moved to driving engagement inside our store with the Balance Rewards API.” Tim McCauley, Sr. Director, Mobile Commerce • 75+ partner apps using Walgreens APIs • QuickPrints partners offered up to 15% revenue share • >1 prescription refills per second from mobile apps QuickPrints API apps Balance Rewards API Prescription API apps Avg spend / customer Apps APIs Big Data
    8. 8. Apps are where behavior happens Apps Digital Platform Big Data is understanding behavior at scale APIs drive behavior by delivering data to apps APIs Big Data
    9. 9. THANK YOU Questions and ideas to: david@apigee.com @apigee
    10. 10. Apigee Institute // Helping the Global 2000 Master the Art and Science of the App Economy
    11. 11. Digital Dabblers 47% Digital Competitors 53% Average score deploying apps, using data analytics, and operating APIs today: 23.8 out of 30 Average score deploying apps, using data analytics, and operating APIs today: 14.4 out of 30 Survey of executives in 200 large companies across 40 industries, May 2013.
    12. 12. Digital Competitors Dominate… 33% 67% 29% 71% High confidence in a much stronger competitive position 5 years from now Outperformance In Last 12 Months… High Confidence in Competitive Trajectory 19% 81% Expected High Impact from Digital …on margin, revenue, share customer satisfaction, or delivering new products and services …that‟s “big” over next 12 months, “increasing great deal” over next 5 years
    13. 13. 9% higher revenue, 26% higher profitability, and 12% higher market valuation In a two-year global study of 400 large firms, Capgemini found that those implementing enterprise-wide “digital transformations” are outperforming peers on every financial measure—stats are digitally mature leaders compared to competitors.
    14. 14. APIs = How you deliver seamless experience across web, apps, stores How you partner and „sell through‟ new channels How you broaden reach via ecosystems How you innovate and deliver faster