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The EU has ruled that APIs are not copyrightable and the jury is literally still out in the USA. The implications of a decision could have far-reaching consequences for software and API-based businesses. Should APIs be covered by copyright law? Would developers and innovation be stifled by copyrightable APIs? Or would it afford protection over IP?
Join the Apigee team for a discussion of the pros and cons, and the potential consequences if APIs are held to be copyrightable.

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  • APIs & Copyrights

    1. 1. APIs & CopyrightsModerated byBrian Pagano@brianpaganoWith commentary fromSam Ramji Ed Anuff Greg Brail@sramji @edanuff @gbrailAnant Jhingran Marsh Gardiner Brian Mulloy@jhingran @earth2marsh @landlessness
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    5. 5. Topics• Introductions• Disclaimers• Copyright Law Primer• Oracle vs. Google• Panel Discussion• Conclusion
    6. 6. @brianpagano@sramji @edanuff @gbrail@jhingran @earth2marsh @landlessness
    7. 7. Panelist AvengerBrian Pagano Nick FurySam Ramji ThorEd Anuff HawkeyeGreg Brail Captain AmericaAnant Jhingran HulkMarsh Gardiner Iron ManBrian Mulloy Wolverine (alternate)
    8. 8. DISCLAIMER #1: We are technologists. We arenot lawyers.
    9. 9. DISCLAIMER #2: The opinions of the panelist arenot the opinions of any organization or company.
    10. 10. Copyright Law Primer
    11. 11. Copyright != Trademark != Patent
    12. 12. “ A computer program is made up of several different components, including the source and object code, the structure, sequence and/or organization of the program, the user interface, and the function, or purpose, of the program. Whether a particular component of a program is protected by a copyright depends on whether it qualifies as an expression of an idea, rather than the idea itself. -John Controls v. Phoenix Control Systems United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Oct. 3, 1989
    13. 13. APIs have been copyrightable for more than 22 years.
    14. 14. Oracle vs. Google
    15. 15. Panel Discussion
    16. 16. How will copyrighted APIs impact developeradoption?
    17. 17. Some web API providers have explicitly copiedother web APIs.What’s up with that, Marsh?
    18. 18. Some web APIs are simple wrappers on top ofdata, for example /countries/ca/population/2010.What’s up with that, Anant?
    19. 19. What do API copyrights mean for web APImonetization?
    20. 20. Will API copyrights destroy the app economy andthe web, Ed and Sam?
    21. 21. What should API providers do about their APIs andcopyrights, Greg?
    22. 22. Final thoughts?
    23. 23. Questions from Audience
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