API Product Management - Driving Success through the Value Chain


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- Managing API products to maximize success for direct and indirect users in the value chain
- Planning, building, and evolving an API product at all stages of the product life cycle
- Evaluating and validating your API design and functionality and iterating to build a superior and differentiated product

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  • Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License
  • API Product Management - Driving Success through the Value Chain

    1. 1. API Product Management –Driving Success through the ValueChain 03.15.12 @ 11:00 PST VOIP or Dial-in (see chat) groups.google.com/group/api-craft Michael Hart @michaelhart Jen Mazzon @jenmazzon Sam Ramji @sramji
    2. 2. Your hosts
    3. 3. @michaelhart @jenmazzon @sramji
    4. 4. groups.google.com/group/api-craft
    5. 5. youtube.com/apigee 5
    6. 6. Driving Success through theValue Chain
    7. 7. 1 Two major changes in the world Web ➜ ➜ Apps From 1 billion web browsers to 1 trillion devices IT ➜ ➜ Platforms2 From traditional IT to a world of platforms
    8. 8. API Value Chain ➜ ➜ ➜ ➜App User Apps App Developer API API Team New indirect value chain app developers are the kingmakers success of their end-users drives success for devs and the API
    9. 9. API Product Management is about understanding the needsof both the direct (developer) and indirect (app user) userof the API product ➜ ➜ ➜ ➜App API Apps App APIUser Team Developer
    10. 10. Consider end-2-end development experiencefor developersdiscoverysign upget startedchoices/decisions they makepoints of friction that you can smooth out
    11. 11. What services is your API exposing to make ituseful for a developer to make compelling apps?Product managers should be app users – usingapps created by developers using your API
    12. 12. API Lifecycle Define & PlanGrow & DesignEvolve & Build Launch
    13. 13. Define & Plan Clear end goals End user reach Additional revenue streams Inorganic innovation ...
    14. 14. Define & Plan Built-in flexibility Leave room for serendipity Allow for flexibility in the terms Think modular & recombinant
    15. 15. Define & Plan Safeguards Control over exposure of key business assets Ensure controls to safeguard against catastrophic success - make sure a developer can’t take down your system
    16. 16. API Lifecycle Define & PlanGrow & DesignEvolve & Build Launch
    17. 17. Design & Build Who are your primary customers & markets? - internal - partner - open What different considerations for designing an API product for each?
    18. 18. Design & Build Internal Close partner external Open API partner ALPHA Customer Phases
    19. 19. Design & Build Picking earlier vs. later partners Partner tolerance for change in the APIs? Partner tolerance for the stress of being an early adopter? Internal vs. external, Web vs. native mobile for the early ALPHA customer
    20. 20. Design & Build The success of an API design is measured by how quickly developers can get up to speed and succeed using your API Place the success of the developer over and above any other design principle Have a functional vs. implementation focus Don’t reveal internal organizational or system boundaries
    21. 21. API Lifecycle Define & PlanGrow & DesignEvolve & Build Launch
    22. 22. Launch Out the gate How to provision new developer on an API Build simple sample apps & docs Scale your process to your audience
    23. 23. Launch Evangelize & drive adoption Be clear on who you want to reach Meet them where they already are Provide incentives?
    24. 24. Launch Validate the API design and functionality Listen, listen, listen Help early adopters succeed Showcase examples
    25. 25. API Lifecycle Define & PlanGrow & DesignEvolve & Build Launch
    26. 26. Grow & Evolve Validate the API design and functionality What is/not working Qualitative from community Quantitative from API usage
    27. 27. Grow & EvolvePrioritize and roll out changes to the APIStreamline & optimize for top usage scenariosKeep the API exposure at pace with core services- weigh reward vs. riskreward - how much will end users value the functionality being available toapp developers vs. risk – stability
    28. 28. Grow & Evolve Interface versioning Gotta have it! But avoid whenever possible Standard approach is to have clear versioning Consider whether you’re randomizing too much for the developer.
    29. 29. Grow & Evolve Evaluate & evolve the API strategy Evaluate the metrics you started with in the Design & Plan phase Review your metrics – do they need calibration?
    30. 30. Grow & Evolve Identify new markets & opportunities If it’s a no-brainer, build & release it If it’s questionable, go back to doing the provisional API with the partner who will best be able to capitalize on that functionality
    31. 31. API Value Chain ➜ ➜ ➜ ➜App User Apps App Developer API API Team PM
    32. 32. THANK YOUQuestions and ideas to:@jenmazzon@sramji@michaelhart (bonobos.theresumator.com)groups.google.com/group/api-craft