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How to Make Money with Facebook Fanpages
How to Make Money with Facebook Fanpages
How to Make Money with Facebook Fanpages
How to Make Money with Facebook Fanpages
How to Make Money with Facebook Fanpages
How to Make Money with Facebook Fanpages
How to Make Money with Facebook Fanpages
How to Make Money with Facebook Fanpages
How to Make Money with Facebook Fanpages
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How to Make Money with Facebook Fanpages


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So you have a fanpage, or multiple of them, but just don't know how to make money with your facebook fan pages, then listen closely, Facebook's a goldmine when it comes to making money, especially …

So you have a fanpage, or multiple of them, but just don't know how to make money with your facebook fan pages, then listen closely, Facebook's a goldmine when it comes to making money, especially when you follow trends.
I've been marketing on facebook for over 18 months now, and these are my insights for those interested in how to make money with facebook fan pages. No SEO, No Website needed!

Facebook has over 1 Billion Users right Now, and Smart Marketers are reaping the benefits! Hard to say when and where the trend will stop but, whilst the train is still Moving, Get in on the trend right now, learn all there is about making an income via facebook... buy me a Cider when you've made it!

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  1. How To Make Money with Facebook Fanpages! If you've been an internet marketer for any length of time, you know the frustrations associated with SEO. Sure, free traffic sounds like it's so much fun, but the reality is nowhere close to the statement. Thing is, SEO is a pain the proverbial, if you know what I mean. It's like Google has declared War on Internet Marketers with all the Zoo and farm animals they keep unleashing on the internet marketing community day in and day out.
  2. Burning the Midnight Candle? • You spend so many months optimizing your site and building backlinks, and the moment you start seeing your site creeping up the SERPs to page one, BAM, Google unleashes one of its animal algorithm - Panda, Penguin Hummingbird... Can't remember all the names because frankly, SEO has become a thankless task, far removed from the dream you once had of living the internet lifestyle, traveling the World and becoming a famous bum! • Now You’re Just a BUM! • If you would like to make a living online, be it selling your own products, or other people's products as an affiliate, there's a far better alternative, one that seems to be very sympathetic to marketers than against them... and there's a reason this social platform has over 1 Billion users World wide right now... and smart marketers are Killing it like Sharks chomping seals off the West Coast of Cape Town South Africa! • That place is called Facebook, and if you know anything about facebook, you know that people spend a LOT of time on this social media site, chatting with friends and sharing anything from heartbreaks, life changing events and memories.
  3. Would You Like Fries With That? • As a Facebook user, no doubt you've come across many ads (though you may not have thought them as such!) you clicked on because let's face it, they had a message that appealed to you! • That's the beauty and POWER of Facebook, it has all metrics you can use to target any demographic, even a single user who lives in Timbuktu, loves to eat Olives and loves listening to Justin Bieber! (Yep, I checked, there were 5! jk) • I kid you not, with Facebook's graph search and custom audience targeting, you can literally zero in on any consumer market, demographic etc. and sell anything you want to your heart's content!
  4. The Power of Social Media! • Don't take my word for it though, just look at the image below, where I recently posted an image of a ladies' bag, (a BAG!) but forgot to include the link to the sales page! • SWEET MADNESS! • In case you were wondering, do bags still sell on Facebook? Well, a picture's worth 1000 words in my World!
  5. Facebook Fan pages ROCK! • • The way to make money with facebook, first you have to create a fan page... which is child's play really. If you're stuck for ideas, don’t worry, keep reading, and we’ll have you graduating from el-bum to Super Internet Marketer by the end of this read. • One thing you have to realize with Facebook, it’s that it’s a social media platform. Your fans couldn’t care less what you’re promoting, they’ve all got the chipmunk hypnotized effect pn their eyes – tell them to Like your Post… they Like! Tell them to Share, they Share, Tell them to Comment, like and Share, and Voila…Your EdgeRank shoots up the ROOF! • In case the term “EdgeRank” makes your brain hurt, don’t worry, this is a term Facebook uses to determine how popular your fanpage is, and therefore how “far and wide” your status updates, shares and comments reach other non fans due to the authority of your fanpage.. The higher the EdgeRank and Authority, the more viral likes you get! •
  6. Making Money with Fan pages.. • Are you beginning to see the sweet madness in this idea? The more likes you get without spending as much as a dime in advertising for more likes, the higher your chances of making even MORE commissions from products you can promote on your fan page(s) • I must admit, I tend to lean on the greedy side… I have over 20 fanpages and YES, I manage them well Thank you very much! • The way to manage your fanpages if by scheduling posts into the future. Faceboook has a way for you to do that… you can literally schedule posts for a whole year if you want, but I tend to schedule them up to a week or so, so I don’t miss out on important events happening in the media for me to include them in between scheduled posts on the fly!
  7. Sweet Home Alabama. • Mind you, having facebook fanpages as a lifestyle is not a fast and furious way to ake money… you have to manage and nurse your pages. • Treat your fanpages like the Golden Goose that they are • Respect your fans, always be courteous, like each post your fans make… interact with your fans, ask about their day-to-day life. • Build trust, and the more “Free” content you post, the more your fans will reward you when you post your affiliate links or posts from your blog with adsense ads etc on it. • It’s not Rocket Science, people buy from those they trust, and YES, you can make a KILLING on Facebook OVERNIGHT by spending some money on advertising and using custom audiences.. The current phenomena on facebook has to do with teeshirts and hoodies! Seen those in your timeline Newsfeeds recently?! 
  8. Your Questions Answered • • • • • • • Earlier I did mention that I would touch on how to choose the best converting niches for facebook fanpages and how to monetize your pages.. This information is sadly beyond the scope of this presentation, as I have to keep the details brief. That said, I know of an excellent course, one that will not only reveal the best Niches to focus on, but also show you how to build email lists with your facebook fanpages. We’ve all heard it a dozen times, the money is in the list! As much as I enjoy making money off my fan page posts, I realize that this process if only temporal, and facebook could change their TOS at any time, thereby affecting the income I’m earning… as it stands, Facebook has already begun limiting the reach of most posts to all your fans by as much as 80%! To reach the same audience you did before, you need to buy ads! In short, this resource I’m talking about will make you a Rock Star on Facebook, leaving no stone unturned to reveal all the secrets that Facebook fanpages hold.. Now.. On to the Meaty Part..
  9. Now You’re Ready To ROCK! • • Now that you’ve come this far, and are anxious to get started, my parting words – You’re only as successful as you feel and think you are.. I’ve come across so many abandoned fanpages that had potential, but the owner gave up because perhaps they were too frustrated with the time it took to build them and start seeing the money roll in. Don’t let that be you. Start with JUST ONE Page… build it to 10 000 fans… then ROCK ON! • Come, there’re Doubloons in them Fanpages.. Click Here if you want to learn • • HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK FAN PAGES