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Web 2.0 For Reflection And Assessment
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Web 2.0 For Reflection And Assessment


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Presented at 2009 Classroom 2.0 conference at CAIU

Presented at 2009 Classroom 2.0 conference at CAIU

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • Intro Myself: Director of Learning Technologies Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies Have 12 years of experience in instructional technology. A large portion of that was spent doing eLearning design and development in multimedia production companies, independent consulting and in organizational learning. More recently I’ve been working as a faculty member at the University and integrating learning technologies into my own courses and then working as the Director of Learning Technologies to integrate learning technologies throughout the University.
  • Today I want to primarily talk with you about mindmapping, word clouds and google forms. I’d like to demo the technology give you a chance to get hands-on and talk about how to use these tools for assessment critical thinking and metacognition Goal: Explore the use of mind mapping tools, word clouds and Google forms for assessment of student learning and evaluating the classroom experience. Critical thinking and meta-cognition are skills that can be enhanced through the techniques and tools that will be explored. Objectives: Demo mindmapping Demo word clouds Demo google forms Talk about how these tools can be used for assessment, critical thinking, metacognition
  • Audience Analysis (Put in Logos as well) Mindmeister? Wordle? Google Forms?
  • Central Theme / Different than a flowchart (top down vs. center out) Concept Map Schema Visual Representation of thinking
  • Student Comprehension Pre-existing skills Contextual Understanding Formative Evaluation Critical thinking (by viewing other students mind maps) Note taking / Organizing their thinking Course design Brainstorming
  • Learning Technologies and Solutions Survey course of learning technologies Students often come in with a limited view. Course expands the view Mind map three (3) times during the semester. Beginning > Middle > End to indicate to me and to them how/if there view of learning technologies is changing. Show examples Notes: Emphasize that there is no correct mind map
  • Sign up for an account (have students sign up) Add nodes Add comments Add links Add attachments Tasks (PM tool) Add icons Add images Hands-on Sign up for an account Mindmap your experience here Collaborative Mindmap
  • Summarizing text by keyword Larger keywords are more prevalent in the text Visual representation
  • Existing Resources Asynchronous video catalogs Synchronous video streams
  • Online discussion in Learning Technologies and Selection What are the positive and negative impacts of learning technologies in your world (personal and/or professional)? Consider the challenges faced and the opportunities. Show copy>paste
  • Gallery Enter text (from online discussion from Moodle) Copy and paste text URL (eLearn Blog - http:// ) Editing Language (common words and word count) Font Layout Maximum words Alphabetical Edges Direction Color Color Variance Randomize Extracting Screen capture Snag-It Print Screen (show) Image editor Copy / Paste Save to public gallery Link to it Hands-On
  • Online form creator Managed in Google Docs Auto create/link to a spreadsheet
  • Traditional Formative evaluation Class management (survey)
  • Google docs ( Google account Create a form (create a form to evaluate the session) New > Form Text > Paragraph Multiple Choice Checkboxes Choose from a list Grid / Matrix Required question Theme Distribute Form URL at bottom Email from Google Embed in web page View the form data (show HU summer 2009 clinics) From Form Summary Spreadsheet From Spreadsheet Notification Show summary of responses
  • Transcript

    • 1. Web 2.0 for Reflection and Assessment Classroom 2.0 CAIU Friday, September 25, 2009 8:15-9:15 AM
    • 2. Andy Petroski Director of Learning Technologies Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies Harrisburg University
    • 3. Mindmapping Google Forms Assessment, Critical thinking, Metacognition Word Clouds
    • 4. Mindmeister? Wordle? Google Forms?
    • 5. Mindmapping
    • 6. Assessment
      • Student Comprehension (and pre-existing skills)
      • Contextual Understanding
      • Formative Evaluation
      • Critical Thinking
      • Note taking (organizing)
    • 7. Example
      • My Changing View of Learning Technologies
    • 8. MindMeister
      • FREE (Levels)
      • Web-based
      • Nodes
      • Comments
      • Links
      • Attachments
      • Tasks
      • Icons and Images
      • Collaborative
    • 9. Word Clouds
    • 10. Assessment
      • Summarize online discussion
      • Assess student writing
      • Compare student writing
    • 11. Example
    • 12. Wordle
      • FREE
      • Web-based
      • Gallery
      • Enter text
      • URL
      • Edit
      • Extract
    • 13. Google Forms
    • 14. Assessment
      • Traditional
      • Formative evaluation
      • Class management (survey)
    • 15. Google Forms
      • Google Docs
      • Question Types
      • Distribute
      • View the Data
    • 16. http:// / Images of, licensed by Creative Commons