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I Feel the Need for Social Learning


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This slide deck is from an 11/21/13 webinar. …

This slide deck is from an 11/21/13 webinar.

Social media has expanded beyond marketing and become a more prominent tool for organizational learning and communication. Organizations adding social media as an internal training and communication tool often do so to duplicate the success of marketing, leverage unused features in existing technology, follow an industry trend or appeal to younger workers. However, successful social learning implementations require a strategy and a way to measure success. Join this webinar to explore case studies of successful social learning efforts and discover the training and communication challenges that social media can address.

Objectives: • Consider the challenges that social learning can address • Identify and measure social learning success

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  • 1. I Feel the Need for Social Learning Thursday, November 21, 2013
  • 2. LTMS Harrisburg University Andy Petroski Director of Learning Technologies Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies Harrisburg University @apetroski CAE&LT
  • 3. who are you and what are you looking for?
  • 4. i feel the need for social learning Future Case Studies Goals Social Learning Implementation Measurement
  • 5. why? 70-20-10 speed of change millennials use social media 80% of learning is informal marketing has a facebook page 50% of organization’s are using social learning
  • 6. Gartner Hype Cycle, July 2013
  • 7. From: Bottom Line Performance
  • 8. why? Creation Curation Communication Connections Culture Collaboration
  • 9. case studies Science & Engineering connect.BASF community Pilot & implementation Telecom Technology Formal training to social learning Software Engineer ‘s keeping pace with blended learning and support Media & Entertainment Higher Education Leadership development with social learning Faculty development with an online collaboration portal Brewing Female sales person retention with social tools
  • 10. 110,000+ employees, six Verbund sites and approximately 380 additional production sites worldwide Case study:
  • 11. TELUS, a national telecommunications company in Canada, has U.S.$9.4 billion in annual revenue, 12 million customer connections and 35,000 employees. Case study:
  • 12. CA Technologies helps companies simplify and solve their most challenging IT problems in order to accelerate innovation. $4.643 Billion revenue in Fiscal Year 2013; 14,000 employees Case study:
  • 13. Comcast is a media and entertainment company with approximately 100,000 employees in 39 different location Case study:
  • 14. Harrisburg University
  • 15. Harrisburg University
  • 16. across the employment lifecycle Recruiting Employee Performance Mgmt Onboarding Learning & Development
  • 17. Miller Coors Brewing Company, 7.5 billion company with about 8,500 employees Case study:
  • 18. implementation formats From:
  • 19. Implementation Need Organizational Alignment Building a Business Case Adoption Method
  • 20. Culture Learners Technology Infrastructure Ownership Work-Life Training Learning Objectives Policies Evaluation Resources
  • 21. how?
  • 22. questions
  • 23. Learning Technologies M.S. Experiential Projects Wednesday, December 4 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM LTMS students at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will present their experiential projects to the community during a free event. The experiential projects represent the culmination of the students’ work in the LTMS program and this is an opportunity for the community to witness the impact learning technologies can have on classroom education and corporate training. Locations: At Harrisburg University More Info & RSVP:
  • 24. Good Webinars Gone Bad Avoid the Pitfalls of Webinars and Virtual Classrooms December 5, 2013 | 3:30 PM We’ve all experienced them as attendees; the good, the bad, the ugly webinars. But, what makes a good webinar good and bad webinar bad? The presenter and the presentation material are a key to the experience, but so are many other little details. Attend this session to explore many of the before-andafter details of a webinar that can make or break the experience. h t t p : / /b it .ly / 1diFiRb
  • 25. Gamification & Graduate Programs Event December 6, 2013 | 11:45 AM You're invited to enjoy a free presentation on Gamification for Business, Training, and Education from award-winning educator Andy Petroski, Director of Learning Technologies Master of Science program at Harrisburg University. Stay to discover our affordable full-time, parttime and online master’s degree options. h t t p : / /b it .ly / I54YXZ
  • 26. Get Ready, Get Set, Use Social Learning! Wednesday, December 11 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Workshop: Social media has expanded beyond marketing and become a more prominent tool for organizational learning and communication. While technology is a core component of a successful implementation there are other factors to consider before your organization is ready for social learning. Attend this workshop to develop a strategy for using social learning in your organization. Locations: At Harrisburg University and Online More Info & Registration:
  • 27. LTMS Harrisburg University Andy Petroski Director of Learning Technologies Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies Harrisburg University @apetroski CAE&LT
  • 28. feedback