Active Learning Specialist Certificate
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Active Learning Specialist Certificate



From 5/22/13 webinar ...

From 5/22/13 webinar

Teachers who want to increase engagement in the classroom, leverage the mind-body connection to increase academic performance, and increase students' physical and health literacy, are applying Active Learning with their students. Attend this webinar to learn about the role of Active Learning in changing education.

The webinar will present:
* The Fizika Active Learning Model
* The research behind active learning and physical literacy
* A sample lesson from the online course
* The benefits of the Active Learning Specialist Certificate

Active Learning Specialists play a vital role in designing strategies for incorporating physical movement into the learning process, helping classroom teachers, counselors, and athletic directors apply brain based research to help all students learn more effectively. With the advent of the common core and new teacher evaluation requirements, Active Learning Specialists can help principals implement effective teaching and learning methods that prepare students' brains for learning.

Based on research and informed by best practices, the Active Learning Specialist Certificate is designed to help educators incorporate physical literacy, educational neuroscience and cognitive psychology into the learning process to improve academic and health outcomes. An online learning course has been developed to provide teachers with knowledge and skills to create and implement an Active Learning Plan in their classroom, school, district or alternative educational setting. This course is self-paced and applied, with coaching and feedback from leading experts in the field of Active Learning. Developed by the innovators and thought leaders at Fizika Group, the course curriculum is balanced with research from the fields of physical science and education, and includes practical steps to develop meaningful classroom applications. To learn more about the program go to



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Active Learning Specialist Certificate Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Changing Education with Active LearningMartha HarrisFizika GroupMichael CordierFizika GroupAndy PetroskiDirector & Assistant Professorof Learning TechnologiesHarrisburg University ofScience & Technology
  • 2. Biotechnology & Biosciencesnanotechnology, food & qualityscience, drug design, molecularand microbialComputer & InformationSciencesnew media design, softwaredevelopment,large-scale computing, informationsecurity, project managementManagement and eBusinessGeospatial TechnologiesIntegrative Sciencesenvironmental chemistry,forensicsProject ManagementInformation SystemsEngineering and ManagementLearning Technologiesinstructional technology,instructional design, development,games & simulationsHarrisburg University of Science & Technology
  • 3. •Entrepreneurial and innovative model•Faculty work with external thought leaders•Technology integration•Experiential and applied at all levels•Competency-based educational model•Continua of education for a variety of audiences•Significant academic and life support for underrepresented•No tenure, no departments•Emphasis on instructional expendituresHarrisburg University of Science & Technology
  • 4. Create Continuum of Education and ActivitiesExample of How it Comes TogetherFocus onLearning &EntertainmentTechnoIntegrationCIScConcentrationNew MediaDesignMS inLearningTechnologiesEducatorTechnologyClinicsCtr forAdv Ent.& LearningTechnosConferences &WebinarPanelsActiveLearningCertificate
  • 5. Introduction of SpeakersMartha HarrisFizika GroupMichael CordierFizika GroupAndy PetroskiHarrisburg University
  • 6.  Founded in Lancaster, PA –2009 Our mission is to help schoolsand organizations deploy activelearning strategies thatimprove learning and behavior Creators of Fizika ActiveLearning - an instructionalmethod that can increaseteacher effectiveness andboost student learning ability,behavior and academicoutcomes through systematicapplication of active learninginterventionFizika Group, LLC
  • 7. Who are you and what are you looking for?
  • 8. Which students would you like to teach?
  • 9. Common Core Standards adopted by State Boardsof EducationNew teacher evaluation methodsTeachers will be evaluated based on StudentLearning ObjectivesPE Teachers can help other teachers apply activelearning in order to improve their effectivenessWhy is Active Learning Important?
  • 10. Webinar GoalsActiveLearningGoalsActiveLearningSpecialistActiveLearningPillars
  • 11. AGENDABenefitsSample LessonFizika ActiveLearningModelExample ofActiveLearningResourcesOnlineCertificateCourse
  • 12. Fizika’s Active Learning Model• Research based and evidence-driven, Fizika’s approachsynthesizes the disciplines ofeducational neuroscience andphysical literacy into asystemic model for learninginterventions that are tailoredto the needs of individualstudents• Fizika Active Learningemphasizes healthy nutritionand physical activity for allstudents.
  • 13. Physical Activity Enhances Brain
  • 14. “The motivation, confidence,physical competence, understandingandknowledge to maintain physicalactivity at an individually appropriatelevel, throughout life.”Dr. Margaret Whitehead, UK, May is Physical Literacy?
  • 16. Highlighting Best PracticesNaperville Central High SchoolCharleston School DistrictOrchard Grove Elementary School
  • 17. • Cognitive development occursin tandem with motor ability• Physical activity can positivelyaffect:– Blood flow and oxygen to the brain– The part of the brain responsible forlearning and memory– BDNF “Miracle Gro” for the brain– Connections between nerves in thebrainwww.sparkinglife.orgDr. John J. Ratey, HarvardMedical School, Author ofSPARK, The RevolutionaryNew Science of Exerciseand the BrainThe Science of Exercise
  • 18. 9 Modules : 4 Sections1) Active Learning and theActive Learning Plan2) Roles in Active Learning3) Support for ActiveLearning Initiatives4) Implementation PlanMeasureable ResultsHighlighting Best Practices
  • 19. ALSC Online Course
  • 20. Sample Lesson from ALSC Course
  • 21. Sample Lesson from ALSC Course
  • 22. Sample Lesson from ALSC Course
  • 23. Sample Lesson from ALSC Course
  • 24. Sample Lesson from ALSC Course
  • 25. Sample Lesson from ALSC Course
  • 26. Sample Lesson from ALSC Course
  • 28. Program DesignActiveLearningSpecialistLeaderManagerCommunicatorGoal-SetterRecruiterActiveLearningTeamAttracted &interestedIntentions forinvolvementHave expectedoutcomesOvercome barriersShape relationships | Focus on resultsStructured for resilience | Impact school plan
  • 29. Active Learning Course is Based on Continuous Improvement
  • 30. Proposed K-12 PE StandardsThe goal of physical education is to developphysically literate individuals who have thepsychomotor, cognitive, and affective skills toadopt a physically active lifestyle, benefitting thehealthy development of the whole person.NASPE - 2013
  • 31. Why Take this Course?• How will it benefit meas an educator?• How will it benefit mystudents?• How will it benefit myschool?
  • 32. How to Enroll in the Course• Open Enrollment startsJuly 1, 2013 for first cohort• Self paced course takes5 – 10 weeks to complete• Inaugural Cohort willreceive discounted tuition- $495• Course is being approvedfor 1 graduate level creditInformation &
  • 33. Questions & Comments
  • 34. Martha L. Harris, MPAPresident/Co-founder717-575-7465www.fizikagroup.comMichael J. Cordier, HED, Dip.TMVice President/Co-founder321-474-1312www.fizikagroup.comAndy PetroskiDirector, Learning TechnologiesHarrisburg University717-901-5167LTMS Graduate ProgramHands Up for Active Learning!Email: activelearning@harrisburgu.eduInformation and registration Information
  • 35. Feedback