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Libraries,librarians,social media
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Libraries,librarians,social media


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. How Libraries and Librarians use Social Media
  • 2. Getting to grips…
    • Tools, technologies and platforms
    • Libraries, Librarians and Library resources
    Flickr image Matt Hamm
  • 3. “ Yes, it is important for libraries and librarians to be on social networks... it is equally important to remember why we are doing all of these things. We are providing a new medium for things we have always done . … we all need to be working together and not undermining the traditional work we still do, that is still overwhelmingly appreciated by the people we serve. There can be a balance to using new technology to promote, support and enhance traditional, as well as new , programming and resources Karen Klapperstock (2009) )
  • 4. “ Many of the technologies we deal with are residential platforms , meaning that it’s hard to see their real benefits until you’ve lived there for a while… It’s simple to sign up for a new tool, but it takes time and effort to make good use of it.” JISC Web2Practice
  • 5. Social Media
    • A collection of Tools, Technologies and Platforms for sharing, networking, updating, connecting, researching and creating content
  • 6.
    • “ The purpose … is not to argue that social media are an absolute good, but rather that they offer tools which, if used carefully, are likely to be beneficial … and to facilitate positive connections .”
    • Social Media guide for researchers
  • 7. Key characteristics
    • Access to content updated in real time
    • Access at a convenient time
    • Access to contacts in real time
  • 8. RSS feeds
    • A format for regularly updating web content
    • Users stay current by subscribing to feeds
    • Updates are automatically delivered without having to visit websites.
  • 9. Feeds …
    • Content providers deliver content to feed subscribers by incorporating a feed burner into the web page
  • 10. Managing feeds
    • Many sites offer the option to subscribe by e-mail
    • or via a free aggregator like Google Reader
    • increasingly Twitter is used as a feed
  • 11. Connections to…
  • 12. Connections to …
    • RSS feeds
    • Aggregators
    • Bookmarks
    • Slideshare
    • YouTube
    • Podcasts
    • Wikis
  • 13. Twitter
    • Updates
    • Alerts
    • Announcements
    • Links
    • Event Amplification
    • Research
    • Marketing
    • Trends
  • 14. Social Networks Networking Discussions Links Marketing Updates Announcements Events Campaigns
  • 15. Blogs
    • Sharing news and content
    • Publishing
    • Forums for discussion, reflection
    • Delivering training
  • 16. Wikis
    • Sharing knowledge
    • Aggregating content
    • Peer review
    • Supporting best practice
    • Team working
    • Reference queries
    Collaborative editing of web content and structure by users
  • 17. LibraryThing
    • A networking site for readers with additional functionality for libraries
    • Offering catalogue enhancement, new books content and other services
    • Mobile access via the LibraryAnywhere app.
    • CIG (Bowker, ProQuest etc) is a commercial partner
  • 18. Photo sharing
    • Sharing images
    • Sourcing images
    • Publicity
    • Marketing
    • Providing access to archives
    • Event amplification
  • 19. Slideshare
    • Archiving training
    • Accessing training
    • Event amplification
    • Accessing content
    • Search engine
    Presentations from around the world
  • 20. Bookmarks Archiving content Accessing content Finding content Organising and sharing content Promoting resources
  • 21. Video content
    • Lectures, courses, tutorials, conferences, events from universities, organisations and individuals
    • Biggest search engine after Google
  • 22. Podcasts
    • Audio and video to download - radio programmes from the archives, lectures, language courses, interviews…
    • Via iTunes or other feeds
  • 23. Personal Home Pages Everything in one place when you logon Netvibes and iGoogle Bookmarking Accessing and organising content Aggregating content Remote access to home page
  • 24. Library Apps
    • “ Mobile devices today can run increasingly complex software, interact with cloud services, play rich multimedia content, and allow for advanced user interactivity”
    • There's an App for that! Libraries and mobile technology
  • 25. Used for…
    • Access to catalogues
    • Service information
    • Content delivery
    • Library induction
    • Access to databases
    • Ask a Librarian
    • Library notifications
  • 26. Costs and hidden costs
    • There are no expensive licenses, set up is easy and many accounts are free to start with
    • BUT
    • There will be costs for staff time, technical support, evaluation and design
    • and charges can kick in eventually
  • 27. Libraries using Social Media
  • 28. Connecting via social media
    • Bodleian Libraries Social Media Directory
    • University of Oxford libraries communicate with their users through a variety of social media including blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LibraryThing
  • 29. Health Libraries
    • Team Knowledge Update
    • Information services from Shrewsbury and Telford Health Libraries via Netvibes
    • Knowledge Source
    • Regular blog with news, links and access to content
  • 30. Health Information
    • HL Wiki Canada
    • An open, freely-accessible wiki with entries about health librarianship, social media and current information technology topics relevant to the provision of health information.
  • 31. Library Apps
    • MIT Libraries Betas and Widgets
    • Libraries at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are experimenting with apps to improve access for their users to content and services
  • 32. Library Apps 2
    • Library Tools
    • A guide to Cambridge University’s apps and other online tools for library users
  • 33. City Libraries
    • New York Public Library
    • Connect with NYPL via their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, podcasts, YouTube, Foursquare
  • 34. Ireland
    • Dublin PL portal
    • Comprehensive access to library and other resources provided by Dublin City Public Libraries for people living and working in Dublin via Netvibes
  • 35. … and Scotland
    • Edinburgh Libraries
    • Access to the Library Blog, Flickr collections, the Library App and on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • 36. and Medium Libraries
    • Rotherham Libraries
    • On Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter, with an internal Staff Wiki for managing change and staff development
  • 37. Small ones too
    • Orkney Library
    • Orkney Library Service has two branch libraries and two mobile libraries
    • … and two blogs, is on Facebook, Twitter, has an online reading group and a Talking Newspaper podcast.
  • 38. Special Libraries
    • Fire Resources
    • The Fire Sciences Library of the Office of the Fire Marshall (U.S.) has developed a Wiki to support staff studying for the Master of Engineering in Fire Safety
  • 39. Library bloggers
    • Information Wants to be Free
    • Librarian in Black
    • Phil Bradley's Weblog
    • The Wikiman
    • The Shiny Forager
    • Library Blogs Ireland
    • UK Library Blogs
    Flickr Image Mike Licht Women of Wifi after Caillebotte /
  • 40. Library interest
    • LISC NI
    • News from Irish Libraries
    • Library Journal
    • Voices for the Library
    • Library Renewal
    • The Scholarly Kitchen
    • Save Killyleagh Library
    Flickr Image Mike Licht Dutch Reagan
  • 41. Librarians on Twitter
    • Irish/ Northern Irish Librarians
    • UK Librarians list by Phil Bradley
    • US Librarians list by Phil Bradley
    • #savelibraries
    Flickr Image Mike Licht Twittering Haiku...
  • 42. Resources on/ about Social Media
    • This Week in Libraries
    • Web Junction
    • UKOLN IntroBytes Briefings
    • Digital Campus
    • 23 Things Participating Libraries
    • Bookmarks for this presentation
    • Videos
    • Podcasts
    • Websites
    • Training
    • Bookmarks
  • 43. Finally…
    • Try things out
    • Make use of it yourself
    • Use what’s useful
    • Dump what’s not
    • Take it seriously
    Flickr image Matt Hamm
  • 44. Attribution – Share Alike License This presentation is available to reuse or adapt as long as credit is given to the author.