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Apps for Startups is a process. A Practical Process for Startups. It is a methodology for building a startup based on 5 steps. Create, Plan, Build, Promote and Fund. Steps are not done sequentially but is done parellel. Underpinning this method is open source collaboration software pulling it all together.

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Apps for startups concept

  1. 1. A Practical Process for Startups
  2. 2. Create, Build, Promote and Fund A social network platform Apps For Startups DealFlow for Investors Recent pivot of APDeal Flow
  3. 3. About Me Serial Entrepreneur Cocoonian TIE Mentor TEN Startups ( Fortitude Securities New Media Research Career Thomson Financial SBC Warburg Offshore Banking Family Office mgmt.
  4. 4. Building Communities
  5. 5. A Practical Process for Startups • START – Mind maps – Lean canvas • PLAN – Project Management – Biz Plan Writer • BUILD – Freelance – Data Room • PROMOTE • Blogs • Newsletter • CRM • Webinar • FUND • VC Pro • Angels • ADMIN • Expenses • Hiring Module Apps for Startups – help you Start, Plan, Build, Promote, Admin and Fund Single login, team collaboration and external sharing.
  6. 6. Apps for Startups - Features APPLICATIONS • Practical Process for Startup - a step by step management process • Open source and commercial software apps for specific uses • Shared code, separate data • Apps are supported independently and updated frequently DATA • Data can be shared between apps • Data can be shared between teams • Data can be used by be exportable and • Data acts as log for startup history • Data is backed up on a daily basis
  7. 7. Create - Mindmister Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 1.29.19 PM
  8. 8. Create – Lean canvas
  9. 9. Newsletter Build and Manage your own branded campaigns • Create your own branded newsletters • Subscriber list and sending management • Import Blogs, Articles and Events • Feedback statistics on open, click and bounces
  10. 10. Create – Lean canvas
  11. 11. Build – Project Fork
  12. 12. Project Fork - Improved software
  13. 13. Freelancer - Outsource your IT projects to freelancers • Find Expert freelancers for outsourcing • Ideal for IT site development and programming • List projects requirements • Key Features – Post projects publically or sealed – Project reporting – Full finance system using Paypal deposit, withdrawal and Escrow - Upload Buyer and Freelancer specific profile with portfolio gallery
  14. 14. Expenses • Personal or Startup Expenses tracking system • Multi-Currency conversion • Claim reimbursements and expense authorization • Graphical interface of expenses IN BETA
  15. 15. Personal Goals Manger • Create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound goals) • Train Skills and Habits • Schedule of goals and milestones • Track and visualize goals
  16. 16. Events Manager • Built-in events management system • Bookings, ticket and RSPV management • Works with Groups and Startups • Send invitations via email, blogs or newsletter • Venue settings and maps • Publicize to connections and via FB, LIN and social media channels COMING SOON
  17. 17. AP Data Room Advanced Document Management System •Share documents with colleagues and teams •Full document re-versioning •Permission for groups and teams •User access logs
  18. 18. Blogging Entrepreneurs and startup teams can blog about their startup Blogs appear in Startup listings and can also Be pushed to social media channels Ability to import Content and news via RSS
  19. 19. Future Apps • Groups (in beta) • Surveys (in beta) • File Sharing (feb) • CRM (feb) • Web conferencing (in beta)