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Lunch + learn social media savvy public
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Lunch + learn social media savvy public


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. TOPICSFacebook LinkedIn News Feed vs.  Profile Timeline  Messaging Privacy Settings  Profile  Posts Goals &  Photos Scheduling  Tagging  Contact Info  Lists Q&A  Apps
  • 2. “How come I don’t always see all posts from a friend in my News Feed?” Edgerank
  • 3. NEWS FEED VS. TIMELINENewsfeed Your Facebook homepage and center of engagement Posts from friends and businesses  You will not see every post because of EdgeRank algorithmTimeline Your Profile page Your activity, activity on your timeline by others, and app posts Your Information, Photos, Likes and more
  • 4. VIEW ASThis tool allows you to see what others seeTake time to look over how your profile is viewed by the General Public, as opposed to how Friends see your information
  • 5. FACEBOOK INFO THAT IS ALWAYS VISIBLE• Name• Cover photo• Profile pic• Anything you have made public (pics, posts and other profile info)• Gender
  • 6. TIMELINE POSTSEach post is equipped with settings These appears as a dropdown box below the postReview each post and set privacy accordingly“Limit the Audience for Past Posts” Dropdown > Privacy Settings > Manage past post visibility
  • 7. PHOTOSWhen you publish both individual photos and whole albums, you can select visibilityIf you want to check photo settings, click the icon next to each album and/or view individual photos
  • 8. TAGGINGAccount dropdown > Privacy settings > Timeline and Tagging > Edit Settings“Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline”“Review tags friends add to your own posts on facebook”
  • 9. CONTACT INFOFacebook recently updated all email addresses to reflect your facebook email address.Decide whether you want to have an email listed at all, and, if so, make sure it is a reliable contact address.
  • 10. BLOCKING & RESTRICTED LISTS“Blocked People and Apps” Dropdown > Privacy Settings > “Manage Blocking” This permits you to add friends to a “Restricted” list which is only displayed public content. Now you can amicably accept those friend requests from family, coworkers and so on without feeling to exposed.
  • 11. “I have found that the websites I visit sometimesappear on my timeline. Itconcerns me that thingsseem to appear on my FBpage that I didn’t putthere. Am I doingsomething wrong on FB?”No, but your account is beingaccessed by applications.
  • 12. APPSFacebook has an open API, thus allowing applications access (with permission) access to your timeline.Anytime you log into a site with facebook, or allow an application access, you agree to a package of permissions that the app will exploitTo view which apps you are currently using, and their settings: Dropdown > Privacy settings > Edit Settings for “Ads, Apps and Websites” > “Apps you Use”
  • 13. FRIENDS’ APPSUnless revoked, many of your friends’ facebook apps are also automatically equipped with the ability to use your informationTo stop this: Dropdown > Privacy Settings > Edit Settings for “Ads, Apps and Websites” > “How people bring your info to apps they use”
  • 14. LINKEDIN PROFILE• Apply a professional photo, preferably a headshot• Create a stunning headline to capture interest• Craft a concise, but informative, Summary statement• Update employment history• Give recommendations
  • 15. “Do you know how to sendout an email to all FirstLevel LinkedIn contacts inone email blast?”Yes, and I’ll tell you how,but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.
  • 16. LINKEDIN MESSAGINGWithin LinkedIn You can only message up to 50 of your connections at once. Messages must be 7,000 characters or less. Connections InboxOutside of LinkedIn You can download all of your first level connections’ email addresses and communicate with them via email
  • 17. LINKEDIN MESSAGINGBefore messaging, first consider: Is this message appropriate for all of my First Level connections? Many respond poorly to what they consider to be “mass messaging,” often feeling “spammed” If the message is specific, then contacts will respond much more positively to direct messaging. While this is time consuming, it will often garner greater results, while mass messaging could lose you the attention of those valuable contacts.
  • 18. LINKEDIN MESSAGING Tags  These are manual, aside from default tags  Add tags to further organize connections  Tagging individuals as soon as you connect can help you in the future Companies  Where you have worked Locations  Where your connections live/work Industries  Categories of Industry, chosen by your connections Activity  New Connections
  • 19. “With all the social media out theretoday, one could easily spend all day,every day, doing nothing but socialmedia tasks- This would be verydetrimental to productivity. Whattools/techniques/practices to yourecommend that allows a person toparticipate in social media’s powerfulpotential without consuming aninordinate amount of time? In otherwords, how do you separate the goldfrom the slag?”Scheduling and goal-setting
  • 20. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OFYOUR SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERIENCE? Content consumption Sharing Networking Research Branding Optimization
  • 21. ACTION• Set goals for your networks • Ex: I want to become active in 2 LinkedIn groups relevant to my target clientele • Ex: I want to continue conversations with potential candidates via their social network of choice • Ex: I want to use LinkedIn to strengthen my online presence by posting frequently and participating in conversations• Tailor your behavior to fit your expectations • Don’t spread yourself too thin. Choose only the networks that work for you and house your target audience.• Schedule time just like any meeting  15-30 minutes is typically a sufficient session length• Be consistent• Participate and engage• Measure your results
  • 22. Q&A