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Blind I am - Magazine


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Magazine about new trends.

Magazine about new trends.

Published in: Design

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  • 1. Blind I AM “ MIGUEL BELLO EMANUELA DELFINO GABRIELA ROCHA SOFIA REIBRING ” SILVIA REMOTTI Feel coMfortABLEThinking about the concept “welcoming” we can new meanings and new values thanks to technol- in our research, people try to make feel theirhave several considerations: Firstly the idea to ogy, mass media, cultural exchange. guests as friends even if they are completegive or receive “pleasant meanings” when It does not matter if we are host or guest, we are in strangers.somebody arrived to a place, activity or context; the middle of this process.Secondly we can talk about “pre-concepts” and In this sense, we can talk about individuals,“first impressions” created by the experience Welcoming is also related with “pre-concepts” and groups, non-profit organizations, and companiesand memories associated to a good or bad “first impressions”, it means that we usually are performing around their surroundings in order toreception; and finally the act of sharing as a tool linked to one idea that it created or creates include friends, pedestrians, homeless people,to cause positive feelings. positive/negative meanings or happy/unhappy strangers and/or potential consumers, in more memories in people’s minds. pleasant and funnier contexts.The first concept is related to the creation ofpleasant meanings in the welcoming process, For that reason, it is important to construct As a result, we have identified that concepts likewhether in a deliberate or spontaneous way. stimulating environments and funny activities in fun, share, comfortable, communication,This concept can be applied in different contexts order to express a warm greeting, built an reception, and feelings are important elements tolike interpersonal relations, social inclusion, attractive welcoming place, and improve our design a great “welcoming”; we are not justcorporative strategies, and so on. In this case, surroundings. talking about say “hello”, we mean that humans“welcoming” is part of the well known social Sharing it is also a concept very connected with can express our welcoming feelings in different 1ritual that throughout time has been creating welcoming, mainly because as we have observed ways as you will see in the next articles.
  • 2. f i c FUN MAKES PEOPLE’S LIFES BETTER CLICK EMANUELA FOR SOFIA CLIP The choir named Göteborgs Apparently this is a viral video for I definitely believe that the easiest Indiekör practices in Gothenburg, Volkswagen. It has been making way to change people’s behavior Sweden. The members board a rounds on the Internet since it was for the better is by making actions random tram in Gothenburg (this released at the end of September. more fun to perform. In this case, was first done in April, 2009) and In the video, a group of people the creativity of the piano staircase sing songs from their repertoar. installs a giant piano over top of a welcomes bored people who, every Watch the clip on Youtube and busy staircase in a subway. Each day, have to do the same action, go you will get the welcoming feeling. step on the staircase corresponds upstairs and downstairs, to make This tram singing project is a to a separate key on the piano. something fun out of the daily part of a larger project named The people’s reactions to it were actions., amazing – most preferred to use the People need to be pushed by which is all about performing piano stairs rather than elevator an attractive input as curiosity music in the trams of Gothenburg. stairs. in order to make them to do The singers of the tram sessions The advertising agency Team something boring or tiring. We take now have free passes for the public was behind this experiment that a global example; love. Everyone f transportations in Gotheburg, they called the Fun Theory - an knows that a first sight attraction which can be interpreted as the ambitious experiment to try to or curiosity is necessary in order habitants of Gothenburg like this change people’s bored attitude in for the love to grow deeper. People project. They feel more welcome Stockholm. The transformation of need to be involved in everyday when entering the tram. a subway staircase into a piano life; they need stimulus from increased the stair use by 66 per the surroundings to drive their cent. interests on doing actions for the society and for themselves. They also developed the Fun Theory by trying to make people more responsible of the environment, CLICK c FOR TRAM SESSIONS f WRITER: SOfia Reibring especially the separation of rubbish SOURCE: for recycling by arousing people’s CLIP WRITER: Emanuela Delfino curiosity and making it fun. SOURCE: DDB Agency Stockholmevents in the city TAKE YOUR PIC IN THE EMPTY SPACES BECOME METRO ART GALLERIES SOFIA Some people installed a photo- No Longer Empty is a new non- graphy studio on a random subway profit group of artists and curators. Z car to take photos of every single They find unused storefronts in CLICK person who rides the subway to Manhattan and fills them with FOR produce a yearbook at the end temporary art shows. The project CLIP of the year. The resulting photos revitalizes empty spaces by filling show just how diverse New York them with art, and whomever is Z subway riders can be. welcome to come and have a look. SILVIA WRITER: Silvia Remotti SOURCE: ART GALLERY IN THE SUBWAY SILVIA The team of Improv Everywhere created an art gallery opening on the 23rd Street subway platform in Manhattan. They put up 30 i placards next to objects in the C space (pipes, electrical boxes, signs, advertisements), transforming WRITER: Sofia Reibring them into works of art. SOURCE: f TRANSGRESORA MILAN WRITER: Silvia Remotti SOURCE: MIGUEL WELCOME TO THE MUSEUM Transgression is what many young people are looking for, they want to EMANUELA This is an outdoor installation of escape from their daily appearance the artist Bros. The city was full and become new people during of bright colored plates with the the night, leaving their well-ironed purpose to celebrate the urban shirts and ties at home. They elements. put makeup on their faces using CLICK The intent was to exalt elements of FOR blue or black colors, they wear the city as flowerbeds, becoming CLIP latex dresses, and so on. I am talking about a way to have fun A WELCOMING CITY INVITES monuments to the nature or the garbage transformed into either if they are straight, gay or monuments to trash and doormats transgender: this is a passion that at the exit of the subway, bearing messages of ‘welcome’ THE PEOPLE TO HAVE FUN is spreading increasingly among young people in Milan, especially AND ENJOY THEMSELVES IN in an imaginary open-air gallery, in places located in Corso Como, 3 prepared during a night raid. for example the De Sade club, or the Amnesia club. These places THE URBAN CONTEXT. Welcome to the museum wanted to organize parties where the unique invite people to have a vision of the rules are that « everything is city as a museum. legitimate » and « everything is It is an exhibition that wants to permitted ». celebrate the daily space and objects that are in the same place from many times, it wants to be the representation of the WRITER: Miguel Bello SOURCE: commonplace. WRITER: Emanuela Delfino SOURCE: Broschure: Bros presenta Collezione Pubblica PIC: Cosimo Filippini
  • 3. f Z CLICK FOR CLIP SILVIA signs A HIGH 5 The subway station at 53rd Street Rob gave ver 2000 hight five in 45 and Lexington Avenue can be a minutes. Almost everyone was left nightmare in the morning. All the with a smile because it was very people take two giant escalators unexpected from the people. One which both run up in the morning guy was so into it that he gave Rob i to carry on the huge crowd. It like 10 high fives right in a row. is a location that need a bit of It seemed like people wanted to fun. The group of the website be given a light moment like this improveverywhere did a mission in the morning; they wanted to to involve people in a funny connect with someone else. A good occupation. They made four signs welcoming in a new day has to that together said, “Rob wants to start with a smile!!! give you a high five! Get Ready!” . There was a fifth sign that just read c “Rob” and had an arrow pointing down. A good result: around 75% of the riders gave Rob a high five and most of them smiled. Other WRITER: Silvia Remotti looked with a straight face but then SOURCE: privately smiled to themselves. EMANUELA SOFIA MESSAGE: VA TUTTO BENE A new annual tradition has been created in the county of Vingåker in Sweden. On the Swedish National This wall provides you with a positive statement TALKING NEIGHBORHOODS Day all new citizens of Vingåker - “Va tutto bene”. It is stamped right next to get an invitation to a party on a door in central Milan. Telling the guest that this specific day, including some “everything is okay” right before entering is soothing, and might produce a more pleasant The values of cultural and environ- A neighbourhood normally can’t com- c sightseeing of the surroundings. To me, this is a nice way of welcoming meeting. mental goods, of architecture, of hos- municate itself enough; a good initia- new inhabitants. pitality, of services, of innovation and tive should be to enlarge the advertis- WRITER: Sofia Reibring of local productions contribute to de- ing system in time and space in order SOURCE: Walking in Milan WRITER: Sofia Reibring PIC: Sofia Reibring fine identity of cities and districts. It is to become personal and typical of each SOURCE: important to communicate local val- neighbourhood inside big cities. Usually ues and conquer a precise space able the neighbourhoods of big cities are not to attract tourists, events, residents, valued and well known and they almost services and infrastructures. Territo- disappear in comparison with the city SOFIA ries need to become “talking territo- in large. Therefore, the neighbourhoods ries” and they should decide how and need to start to promote themselves, who to talk to, in order to make them- they want to make themselves known signs selves known by tourists and citizens. and to welcome citizens and tourists in a private and personal way, not just For example, during the Fuori Salone during an event but with indefinite du- WELCOME TO event in Milan, there are talking ter- ration. VINGÅKER ritories, like an advertising system, in WRITER: Emanuela Delfino “zona Tortona”, but only in this area SOURCE: and during this event. www.bedsharing.orgSIGNS HELP VISITORS FINDTHE CARACHERISTICS OF THE ZPLACE AND WAYS TO ENJOYTHEMSELVES. c SILVIA 5 PARTY ON A BIKE Do you imagine how a party would SOFIA c be if you bring it all around the city? That bike allow you to enjoy THE MADONNA DOOR NON SONO PIÙ QUI with lots of people met through the street of the city. Thanks to two kegs Close to Piazza 24 maggio in Milan, this door is In a backstreet of Milano, close to the Bovisa station, of beer the party will never finish situated. A Madonna is painted, which makes you find this note put up on a door. It is pretty much an and you will enjoy with strangers me think of a religious place, maybe a chapel unwelcoming message: “I’m no longer here”. The visitor sharing a new experience. or a church. I have never seen other paintings doesn’t get any further information as where he/she can than graffiti on doors - and when I saw this I find this person. was captured by its beauty. SOFIA WRITER: Sofia Reibring WRITER: Sofia Reibring WRITER: Silvia Remotti SOURCE: Walking in Milan SOURCE: Walking in Milan SOURCE: PIC: Sofia Reibring PIC: Sofia Reibring
  • 4. C C Z shops shops MIGUEL MIGUEL WELCOMING HANDLES Walking around Milano I noticed two welcoming signals in stores SILVIA located in Corso Giacommo Matteotti and Via Torino: There are beautiful handles installed in the main door of two well know stores. These handles are not only the first physical contact that customers have with the interior design but also a different way to invite the pedestrians to discover what there is beyond the door. WRITER: Miguel Bello TAGGING WITH SCENTS SOURCE: Walking around in Milan PIC: Miguel Bello THE DIESEL BIG BRTOHER THE VESPA’S POSTER There are several ways to communicate and generate pleasant sensations The window of the new Diesel store All the shops use a different way to welcome people to when you arrive to a place. We don’t only think of the light, temperature, of Milano used a digital installation buy something from them. In Via Torino in the centre 
 f Z color, but also how the space smells and how this produces positive/ of videos, pictures and a hidden of Milan a shop owner usually leaves a pink Hello Kitty negative feelings and actives our memories. In the same way we welcome camera that catched people who vespa on the sidewalk. The v espa has a people who smell good above those who smell bad. were passing in front of the store. poster on it with an arrow towards the shop in order to Mitchell Heinrich is an artist from Vienna developed a new kind of This was a way to draw attention of attract peoples’s attention. The Vespa draws attention “smelling graffiti” using essential oils and refillable atomizing spray the milanese shoppers from their of the people passing by and makes them curious. cans. Heinrich introduces incongruous smells such as dirt and grass frenetic life and to welcome them WRITER: Silvia Remotti into urban spaces. With the aim of uplifting and embellishing repellent in a new shop. PIC: Silvia Remotti spaces, he believes scent can be a powerful artistic force. However, for SILVIA WRITER: Silvia Remotti now the scent disappears in 20 minutes to an hour. SOURCE: PERSONALIZED DISCOUNTS The artist explains: CLICK Ica is a large Swedish supermarket chain that just FOR 
 introduced a way of welcoming customers more c “Scent is interpreted by the limbic system which is very closely tied to CLIP personally. Ica offers personalized discount coupons to emotion and memory. This leads me to believe that interacting with people regular customers. The idea is to decrease the price on using scent can potentially be a much more powerful medium than paint products that are frequently bought by customers, in since people experiencing it can’t help but react to it. The goal of this project order to further satisfy the customers. The name of the is to realize the potential of smell as art and to explore different ways of service is “Mina varor” which means “My articles”. Each using it to interact with people.” customer has his/her own personalized homepage This might be the coolest new art approach to graffiti. Smell has an SOFIA where the discounted articles are shown. influential grasp on us. It triggers memories, emotions, thoughts, A debate has now appeared in Sweden whether this cravings, and etcetera. We can all imagine walking down the street can be classified as true welcoming or not. Some people and smelling something that makes us remember something from oursigns C are furious about it; complaining about the personal childhood or our first love – a pulling on our heartstrings. THE OWNER OF A WELCOMING integrity. Other ones are happy and find the service useful. The artist has then brought us on a journey that he does not get to witness, but he knows that maybe someone somewhere has experienced SHOP REALLY CONNECTS WITH Researchers at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, C something because of his actions and art. THE CUSTOMERS, MAKE THEM have published a paper on this phenomenon; WRITER: Miguel Bello personalized discount. For more information on the FEEL AT HOME. SOURCE: reasearch, have a look at MIGUEL GUERILLA GARDENING content/gq6760981716174h The guerrilla gardening started in WRITER: Sofia Reibring SOURCE: the United States and it has really OPERAZIONE SIMPATIA caused a revolution in gardening. Activists take over a piece of land that they do not own and grow crops or plants. Guerrilla There are a lot of marketing strategies that stores use MIGUEL gardeners believe in reconsidering land ownership in order to reclaim in order to gain consumer’s attention. In many cases land from perceived neglect or these strategies focus on people’s skills, knowledge, misuse and assign a new purpose points, fidelity, and so on. Walking around Porta to it. What a welcome some garden Genova in Via Gorizia I found a interesting welcoming owners have when they see their case; a clothing store created a discount campaign renewed spaces! More individuals, based on their consumer’s sympathy. volunteers, and citizens actually Sympathy means a relation of affinity between people. c devote their work to gardening. Whatever affects one correspondingly affects the other. This is the main reason why this concept is connected WRITER: Miguel Bello with welcoming; in this process the emotional SOURCE: connection creates the perfect environment to provide a warm greeting. Having this in mind, with this campaign they reward your sympathy with a discount on some products SOFIA depending of the “connection” you have with the salesman. I decided to test it by myself thinking that maybe my Latin-American background would be HELLO MY NAME IS enough to obtain a good discount. The sign with the prewritten I entered smiling and with a poor Italian trying to say 7 phrase “Hello my name is” can “Buonasera”. At the same time the salesman scanned be seen at many places in Milan. my appearance and my accent. I took a quick look on It’s connected to ‘welcoming’ since all the products provided and I found a nice pair of it’s about introducing someone. trousers. I asked the price and my personal discount. I find it interesting how the The salesman started to speak gently maybe thinking person who sticks this sticker I spoke Italian. At the end of the conversation I just somewhere has to choose between understood ““30 per cento di sconto”. writing his own name or leaving the space untouched. The latter Finally, I did not buy the pair of trousers, but at least I might be more interesting since tested my sympathy :) it actually becomes a two-way WRITER: Miguel Bello communication. SOURCE: Walking around in Milan PIC: Miguel Bello WRITER: Sofia Reibring SOURCE: Walking around in Milan PIC: Sofia Reibring
  • 5. g WINDOW TO THE WORLD servicesGABRIELLA This is a great idea by designer PROVIDING A SERVICE IS AN ACT OF ASSISTANCE AND Mac Funamizu. This product is built upon the idea to get all the information you want about a building, car, a word, anything, just framing the image. The system OF SATISFING HUMAN NEEDS. is simple: by incorporating a camera/scanner, GPS and internet connectivity, this image will be analyzed and searched on any BE ALERT TO GIVE SERVICE. WHAT COUNTS A GREAT number of sites like wikipedia, google or google earth, giving the DEAL IN LIFE IS WHAT WE DO FOR OTHERS. information that you need. A simple and fun way to known new places and feel more “welcoming” in a different city! WRITER: Gabriela Rocha SOURCE: f CLICK FOR CLIP PRIVATE ELECTRONIC SHARING Here I present a device that is going be welcomed by many people. Looking to creating better WRITE YOUR SMS WITH A PEN g The D:Scribe is a digital pen that can make an e-mail or an SMS of anything that you write on paper. GABRIELLA communications channels for It is just to write the message and families who live far from each circle the name of the recipient. g other, Institute of Interaction All that is required is a Bluetooth- Design in Copenhagen has created enabled cell phone. the “Here and There” diary object.C D:Scribe can also record anything Used to store photos, video and you scribble on paper, including audio, it is a private space for drawings, and save them for one-to-one sharing. The device C products viewing later in your computer. works like a dedicated walkie- Once a message is sent, the talkie between mother and son, or DANS LE NOIR? BUSINESS CARD D:Scribe displays its status on husband and wife, allowing only the built-in OLED screen. ThisMIGUEL Welcoming concepts could also be EATING IN THE DARKNESS you to read their diaries – creating product makes people receive a included in the business context the feeling of shared secrets and SMS or a draw on a different and when you are trying to sell yourself deep attachment. personalized way, so this is much as a professional and wanting MIGUEL i more than just writing a message, Can you imagine eating something to express more that just your WRITER: Miguel Bello people might feel more welcoming GABRIELLA that you do not know what it is, in telephone number. The first case SOURCE: with this kind of product. the darkness where you cannot see is a short video bio with a 3D grid anything, like a blind person? This of colored planes that are updated is a famous restaurant in Paris, with the colors from the video and founded by a blind person that extruded depending on the level WRITER: Gabriela Rocha permits us to enjoy this unusual of brightness. The second case SOURCE: social experience. “Dans Le Noir?” is some business cards that are has a goal of making you reflect coated with a special heat sensitive about what you taste. There should substance. When the cards are EMANUELA handled; a dark layer disappears MAKE YOUR OWN PATH be no preconceptions and it lets you face the realities of ingredients to reveal designs underneath. Bicycle paths are effective when and cuisine. It is an interesting and wanting to improve safety for WRITER: Miguel Bello fun way to use the other senses but SOURCES: cyclists, especially during night. the vision. Also, you might feel that Instead of forcing cyclists to adapt you are open to talk more freely and their behavior to the existing spontaneously. infrastructure, the bike lane should adapt to the cyclist. “Dans le noir?” is more than a restaurant; it’s a new concept where ARE YOU INVITED HERE? This project improves the visibility the vision is excluded. It changes of the cyclist, but does it really make This doormat says “members only” the way that people act and react the traffic safer? It is a paradox which probably means that not completely, both emotionally and that the cyclist makes his own everyone is welcome. Do the invited socially, and makes them feel path to survive and to feel safety. guests feel more important when welcomer. The cyclist can go anywhere, and 9 passing by a sign like this? What Nowadays, there are several filials: he is still in the bicycle path. does a non-invited person think in London, Barcelona and New York about this kind of sign? I feel like c WRITER: Emanuela Delfino and even more filials will open all these words are here mainly to SOURCE: over the world with the purpose draw attention, and to make the to create another thinking and to members feel even more important. change the perception of peoples’s Without the sign, people might not life worldwide. A PRODUCT CAN BE A TOOL even have known about the event/ store/party. But now everyone that reads this understands that there SOFIA something’s going on - and you might not be welcome. USED FOR MAKING PEOPLE WRITER: Gabriela Rocha SOURCE: WRITER: Sofia Reibring SOURCE: Walking around in Milan This doormat was seen in a store in FEEL WELCOMED. PIC: Sofia Reibring central Milan.
  • 6. c services gservices SOFIA PENZU, WELCOME TO THE REALITY PRIVATE ONLINE DIARY OF AMAZONIA is a site where you can i write your own private journal; and is an application that allows you to monitor the most GABRIELLA the focus here is on privacy - you write mainly for your own sake. In recent points of deforestation and i other words, this might somewhat burning in the Amazon rainforest. be considered as contradictory to The data that feeds the interactive blogging. Instead of welcoming map is provided by INPE, National people to read your thoughts, you Institute for Space Research, and keep your reflections for yorself. updated every day. In each focus of However, if you do want to share a destruction you can register your part, you can send it by e-mail or protest, and help to save what still is preserved. So this website makes EMANUELA share a password with the desired people know about the reality and GUERRILLA RESTAURANT, person, or of course, share it with PRIVATE ACTIONS IN PUBLIC SPACES everyone. Since we digitalize more also makes the habitants that live A GASTRONOMIC EMANUELA in this area feel welcome, since and more, well might This is a new interpretation of how welcoming area as well as a private WELCOMING. they want to help the Amazon fairs, exhibitions and events in space even if it is situated in a become a popular site. Guerilla Restaurants are little necessary know someone in order rainforest. public areas can be transformed public area. Visitors were free to i secret restaurants, which are born to be in contact with them. WRITER: Sofia Reibring into welcoming spaces made from use the services just as they were SOURCE: in private home or spaces against WRITER: Gabriela Rocha the perspective of user needs. home. For others, GR is an opportunity SOURCE: http://www.globoamazonia. chef’s monopoly. Esterni’s team has designed ad to invite people in their own home com/ They are temporary restaurant in order to create an intimate and hoc mobile modules on wheels WRITER: Emanuela Delfino usually take place in lofts, little private situation and to meet new used in the kitchen, the studio SOURCE: WRITER: Emanuela Delfino and the living room. They were progetti/view.php?action=retrieve&ref garages or basements and they friends – a gastronomic welcoming. PIC: Patrick Proprieties on Flickr =Designcamp_macef open for limited day per week. shown at the Milan Rho Fair, SOURCE: www.gastronomia-online. The philosophy is to offer foods com/nuove-tendenze/il-fenomeno-dei- characterized by special elements These restaurants are illegal in exchange for the cost of the guerrilla-restaurant-piccoli-ristoranti- and tools necessary to carry out and secret for that reason it is ingredients. segreti/ daily activities. The space is a EMANUELA SAFE HITCHHIKING – A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE Jungo is the new experiment that Trento province has proposed. services Jungo is a project to have safe and i g warranted hitch-hike. This project foresee that motorists and hitch-hikers have an identification card, and that the hitch-hiker pay 10 cent per km. The Jungo ecologic advantage is that car usually travels with only the driver on board instead if they become to have more people GABRIELLA BIKE REPAIR SERVICE EMANUELA BACK SAFE TO HOME you home safely in your own car. on board in order to reduce the This kind of service permits that Trek-Stop, a cycling convenience number of vehicles, the fuel you and your friends enjoy the center, was installed last year for consumption and the pollution in In Brazil there is a huge percentage, moment without concern. The few weeks in Madison, Winsconsin, the streets. unfortunately, of accidents caused public transportation is not good USA. This test unit will be set up This is an experiment for sustain- by drunk people at night; mainly and not safety and taxi is very for a month outside of Machinery able mobility. in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and expensive, so “Seu Jarbas” found a g Row Bicycles. While in place, you Sao Paulo. For this reason, this way to people feel welcoming when can stop by anytime to pump up WRITER: Emanuela Delfino company has an idea to make goes to a party or other places, your tires or buy basic items like SOURCE: php business of this, and also reduce paying less and enjoying the night. a tube, patch kit, water bottle, PIC: from “Into the Wild” movie the number of accidents. energy bar, chain lube, etc, out of the vending machine. The Brazilian company called “Seu WRITER: Gabriela Rocha SOURCE: http://www.seujarbas. Jarbas” offers a service of driving In Milan, in front of Bovisa Politecnico every monday morning there is a mobile bike-repair service PARTY RIGHT NOW GABRIELLA SMALLEST POST SERVICE g in which some people teach you how repair your bike. This method Some day, you receive your friends So, relax and enjoy your party. The World’s Smallest Postal Service is conceptually more interesting in your house, and some minutes (WSPS) is a tiny transcription than a simple vending machine, later, more people start coming in, WRITER: Gabriela Rocha service and roaming post office because once you have learnt how and than you remember that you SOURCE: based in San Francisco and also have nothing to offer for drinks. br g to repair your bike you’ll get the available online. Lea Redmond is fixing done faster next time. So, here is the solution: A service the Postmaster, and she can be in São Paulo, Brazil, delivers a long reached in her mobile office in list of drinks, including Caipirinha, cafes and shop, where she started TEXT: Emanuela Delfino Beers, Vodkas, Whiskys, Wines, to write these teeny letters and SITE: GABRIELLA convenience-stop-makes-life-easier- Juices, and etcetera. It’s just to turned it into a new creative way of for-bike-commuters/ call and ask for whatever you saying “welcome”. need. Also, if you need an icepack, cigarettes or appetizers. WRITER: Gabriela Rocha GABRIELLA SOURCE: CLICK TREE archives/2008/10/worlds_smallest_1. in which city it was planted. The php The Click Arvore (Click Tree) is a Brazilian program of reforestation users are able to enjoy their own with native species of the Atlantic forest, and change their mind Forest over the Internet. Each click about help and think more about corresponds to the planting of a environment generally. tree, funded by corporate sponsors, and now people gradually buy WRITER: Gabriela Rocha trees and create their own virtual SOURCE: http://www.clickarvore. forest and these same species are sh=1255909808 planted in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. This is an invite to people to help the environment through planting trees for free, showing
  • 7. g i hosting c WELCOME TO VENICE advertising GABRIELLA THE ARRIVING FANFARE SOFIA EMANUELA BE WELCOME is also an example of this. It is usedadvertising CASINO Right after a RyanAir airplane EVERYWHERE WITH especially during particular events EVERYONE in Milan, when hotels in Milan are This is an advertisement from arrives at the destionation airport all booked and very expensive. Venice Casino, which uses - right after it hits the ground - a BeWelcome is a hospitality the moving baggage space to fanfare goes off. The fanfare is exchange service. Imagine arriving These projects promote the meeting communicate with tourists, RyanAir’s way of pointing out in a big city and, instead of trying between people with the same g creating a creative welcome and that the flight was on time, which to find a taxi, there is somebody interests and the cultural growing also an invitation for them. almost always is the case. The short already waiting for you. Imagine in cities usually perceived as cold C music could also be interpreted as that instead of going to eat at and closed. WRITER: Gabriela Rocha a welcome to the passengers. the place recommended by the SOURCE: guidebook, someone shows you his WRITER: Sofia Reibring SOURCE: Flying with RyanAir favorite restaurant. WRITER: Emanuela Delfino SOURCES: Bed sharing, organized by Esterni, ALLOW DESIGN MIGUEL IKEA’S BED GABRIELLA Many of graffiti designers have an Anybody who visits IKEA during This allowance expresses a kind uncontrollable passion for drawing weekend in China will be sure to of welcoming where the customers or writing anything in public find the familiar scene of customers can really fell at home. locations; they just look around to napping on the couches and beds. WRITER: Miguel Bello guarantee that no one’s watching, Opening their first store ten years SOURCE: and start sketching. But now the ago, IKEA has become a popular interactive Sharpe e-cost Billboard place for the Chinese rising middle Z c will satisfy their desires, allowing class. It is now a place for spending people to create their own graffiti. free time; in other words, they do f People are actually welcome to not necessarily buy any furniture. do such thing that otherwise is It is very interesting to observe how banned. IKEA allows this kind of behavior. hosting ADIDAS VIRAL ADVERTISEMENT WRITER: Gabriela Rocha SOFIA SIGNS FOR RECYCLING SILVIA SOURCE: Adidas made a viral advertising for the new In a Milanese appartment where Adidas Ajax Amsterdam home shirt for the 2008- three Swedish students live, you i 2009 season. A crowd of ‘Adidas folks’ started find clear directions on how to sort exchanging shirts with strangers. People from all CLICK the garbage. In the cabinet under ages and body shapes start undressing and trying FOR the basin, there are handwritten i to get the new Adidas Ajax shirt. The people were CLIP signs indicating where to put really surprised but they really like the welcome of paper, metal and other garbage. Of the new shirt. course the Swedish students know exactly how to do this in their own WRITER: Silvia Remotti WRITER: Sofia Reibring SOURCE: home - the signs are just there to SOURCE: Visiting an appartment in help guests. In other words, this is Milan a way of welcoming. PIC: Sofia Reibring EMANUELA COMFORTABLE PUBLIC Monorail will serve as a rolling WELCOME BACK TO THE to become a member of the society EMANUELA SPACE catalog. This campaign reminds to SOCIETY again. a previous one conducted in New The core of the problem is not the drug IKEA in Japan has decided to There are lots of organizations York for Design Week with interior abuse, but it is the human being with promote the opening of a new worldwide that help homeless, furniture as outdoor installations his fears and weakness that threaten store in Kobe developing a creative prisoners or people addicted to in difficult places like bus stops, to suck him in. Therefore, this is not guerilla style campaign concept. narcotics to re-integrate and rejoin park benches. This campaign a community for drug addicts but it IKEA is trying to make inroads the society. For example, in Italy, g wants to show to the customer that is a community for living, where you Z in Japan by advertising in one of San Patrignano Community takes with IKEA products you can create care of young men and women who can restart life after years spent as a that country’s high-traffic areas a homely friendly feeling anywhere. have serious drug abuse problems. social outcast. like train interiors. The train’s interior that connects the store to WRITER: Emanuela Delfino The community does this through The real definition is a community the center has been embellished SOURCE: www.pinktentacle. offering a new home, healthcare, against social marginalization. com/2008/04/ikea-decks-out-kobe- study opportunities, and jobs. This with IKEA furniture and The Kobe train/ can change their lives and help them WRITER: Emanuela Delfino SOURCE: INVITE FOR A NEW PERSON PARKING Esterni that plan to give a parking THINKING GABRIELLA Welcome to fuorisalone 2009 - a space back to the public. The mission: developing a creative “Per fare un albero” (Create a place in Milano where you can find solution for a parking spot of 2 to 5 tree) is a project by Fiat, City of SILVIA all the new trends in the design meters (due per cinque), returning Milan and the designer Fabio world. Walking through Zona it to the public domain in a positive Novembre, who have a goal of Tortona all the day in the crowdy way. Person Parking seems to be creating a “symbol of a new way of streets can be really tiring. The made for a low-traffic area. A soft living”. The Fiat 500 C, according designers of Springtime studio had place to relax, to take a break, to to Fiat’s spokespeople, is friendly, a great idea: changing a parking eat someting or just to chat. The innovative and has an eco-friendly lot into a place to sit. The project illustrative form suggests you to sit character. The twenty fiberglass saves a seat to you in a play on and take part of it. The experiment replica is exposed in Via Napoleone the culture-cemented idea of a was successful: many people took with different tree planted inside parking space. The idea was part part in it and enjoyed it. Person them. The message for people of a design competition made by Parkin is an innovative way to passing by is to care about the welcome people in the urban public environment, but also to make them feel welcome to be creative TO REACH MANY space. concerning the environment and advertising. POTENTIAL WRITER: Silvia Remotti SOURCE: Walking around in Milan PIC: Silvia Remotti WRITER: Gabriela Rocha SOURCE: Walking around in Milan CLIENTS, THE PIC: Gabriela Rocha ADVERTISMENT NEEDS TO BE WELCOMING.
  • 8. Z random actions C C random actionsrandom actions SILVIA MIGUEL MIGUEL ROLL UP YOUR IDEAS SERVICE WITH A SURPRISE Sharing ideas is the main feature A surprise can be also a kind of welcoming. This of the week of Fuorisalone in H1N1 PARTIES example is located in Kashiwa in Japan. The Milan. That furnitures were placed It is interesting how people support Ogori cafe looks innocuous enough, but holds a at the beginning of Zona Tortona each other just to have some fun. surprise in store for its patrons. In a nutshell, in order to collect all the ideas and One of the most remarkable cases you get what the person before you ordered, and the thoughts from the people who is the H1N1 parties – open spaces the next person gets what you ordered. Thus, if wrote on the paper roled up in the where people who have the H1N1 you’re in the game, you can choose to be either holes that covered all the surfaces. flu are welcome. It is clever in a very a generous benefactor, and treat those that come rational way, but it is also fun and after you – or try your luck at being cheap. Either TEXT: Silvia Remotti way, it’s an interesting experiment that explores SOURCE: Walking around in Milan creative. Also, the parties welcome other persons not having the swine surprise, kindness and encourages interactions. PIC: Silvia Remotti flu, because joining the parties will WRITER: Miguel Bello make them less vulnerable to the SOURCE: flu, since more antibodies will be created. The H1N1 parties manage to connect a real existing risk with i a creative fun solution. There are g C also many people who think this is silly and dangerous (general practitioners worldwide dissuade from initiatives like these). WRITER: Miguel Bello SOURCE: MIGUEL GABRIELLA EMANUELA RANDOM ACTS OF doing this kind act, they simply LET’S FIND A NOTE UNIVERSITY MEET & KINDNESS pass on their card to the recipient of their generosity; that person, in Namelessletter is a curious project GREET AT THE AIRPORT Random acts of kindness are almost turn, can pass it along by doing where people from all over the always met with a warm reception, something kind for someone else. Many of the universities in the KINDED movement aims to 
 world leave personalized notes Northern Europe are well organized However, perhaps most interesting or bookmarks in random books encourage people to surprise of all, is that each card that gets and caring of their international with the goal of other readers others with unexpected kind acts. passed along has a unique code students. For examplee, at TU discovering them. This project Those interested can start by that can be mapped online, Delft, in the Netherlands, the staff encourages interaction between getting a card via instructions on enabling participants to track how of the International Office usually anonymous people and makes the website. Next, they perform far their chain of kindness travels welcomes their international them visit bookstores or libraries a kind act for someone else; help and view kind acts happening students at Schipol Airport. Z with a hope to find a bookmark carrying heavy bags, share an around the world. or note. It can be interpreted as a Some students from the niversity umbrella or pay for a coffee. After welcoming when finding the note; bring international students to the WRITER: Miguel Bello welcome desk and there they give SOURCE: but of course it depends on what kind a message you find, it is information packages with a small food package and the keys for the ANONYMOUS HUGGING random always a surprise! accommodation. WALL WRITER: Gabriela Rocha SOURCE: WRITER: Emanuela Delfino As part of the her ongoing seriesSILVIA SOURCE: Methods & Apparati for Social Facilitation and Mood Elevation, Keetra Dean Dixon has created f an Anonymous Hugging Wall, an Z annonomus and safe structure designed for hugs. This allows you to connect with people without C judging them for their appearance. TEXT: Silvia Remotti SOURCE: THE POWER OF SILVIA CLICK CHEMISTRY FOR MIGUEL CLIP Saying welcome can be done verbally or only by giving a look. RANDOM Silent Dating is a different way to meet people. The idea was KISSING STRANGERS Is there any better way to give a ACTIONS OF developed by New Yorkers Paul Rebhan and Tony Noe who wanted welcome than with a kiss? I found two interesting cases. The first one KINDNESS to break out of old dating which usually are loud settings where is about Yang Ya-Ching who has embarked on a curious project to OFTEN it’s difficult hearing one another. Chemistry between people is the test that theory in which she will kiss 100 strangers in Paris. This is SURPRISE most important aspect in making a not only a different way to “know PEOPLE, WHICH Z relationship work. Paris” but also an intimate glimpse WRTIER: Silvia Remotti SOURCE: of the people who make up a city. The other case is a project by the SHOWS THAT THESE ACTIONS Iranian photographer Ashkan Sahihi, a collection of pictures in STILL ARE which he photographed himself WELCOME BACK 
 kissing strangers, the series shows SILVIA Sahihi french kissing different men STRANGER! Twenty people welcome home and women with open mouth. UNUSUAL. total strangers at JFK airport - “Welcome Back”. WRITER: Miguel Bello SOURCE: personally! Grabbing first and last WRITER: Silvia Remotti names from car driver signs, they SOURCE: greeted strangers with personalized posters, flowers, balloons, and a 10-foot wide banner saying