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Cognos Presentation Gartner BI

  1. 1. OurEnt pr R t J ney er ise eporing our BI in A ion a M ia Limit ct t er l ed David Bergeron – Senior Cognos Administrator Arvind Purushothaman – BI and Reporting Director April 2008© 2008 Merial Limited. All rights reserved.
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  3. 3. W T E ensiv Discipl A oa hy he xt e ined ppr ch?  To avoid 60% failure rate in CRM Implementations  CIO/Exec. says “Wow! We need to buy that system!”  Merial has a strong appetite for usable data, but that should not drive a hasty decision about how Merial thinks it can get it.  The learning experience from the US ERP implementation  Business and IS needs pushed the issue of building what we really needed rather than piecing together a sub-optimal system  Insufficient sales reporting  Reps, DMs, RMs and Sales Leadership were driving with inadequate information  Existing Data came from multiple sources causing potential inconsistencies and integrity issues  Reps spending unnecessary time reconciling data  Potential data integrity issues *Gartner Study 2004 3
  4. 4. T Dak A he r ges (pr 20 4 e 0) 10 years ago – joint venture created by Merck and sanofi-aventis Business silos Business units separate and independent – and so was data! Sales force received 26 different reports per week Where did the reports come from? How did one business relate to another? Business problems:  Several sources promote inconsistent reporting  Tools have limited support to lifecycle and no metadata 4
  5. 5. T R issa (20 420 6) he ena nce 0 - 0Initial ideas: Go to top level management first? Single source of the truth Salesmen don’t write their own reports (or they’ll ALWAYS hit their numbers!) Get a small subset and deliver quick hitter success Get the right business sponsor Iterative development Get the right people 5
  6. 6. R issa M st pieces ena nce a er Incremental releases at a rate that the business can absorb Governance by leaders – not of leaders When to deliver? Who goes first? Who pays? Business sponsor – “The only reports you will get are from me!” Quit asking questions about the numbers – Analyze the numbers 6
  7. 7. USBusiness Int l eligence ha E ol ed t Pr ide M e A l ica Ca bil ies s v v o ov or nayt l pa it Dynamic Business Rules Engine BICC Real-Time Recommendations Predict (BAM) What will happen? Sub Optimized Predictive Analytics •Overbought Infrastructure •Invested Poorly Planning•Organization Alignment Analytics (Cubes, Reporting, Metrics)•Processing Power•Data Stewardship st ea BI Platform Understand r th Why has it happened? Single Source MDW No Ad Hoc Queries Sub Optimized Report •Lack of Organization Parameterized Reports What happened? •Lack of Data Quality •Invested Poorly Canned Reports Reporting Capabilities 7
  8. 8. T Industia A (20 6- esent he r l ge 0 pr ) Other groups smell success! They want in the game. Keep moving forward BICC – Convince them of the value and they’ll jump on board Marry Planning and BI: plan vs actual Standards, best practices 1000+ users Online and offline Burst reports 8
  9. 9. T Offl st y he ine or Slice and dice analytics offline Burst targeted reports offline Burst targeted reports to a dashboard (somebody else’s) We want off-line reporting! Reports and cubes off the same model (single source of the truth) 9
  10. 10. W t italw t ha’s l orh? ROI is NOT – we need less people to do the work. ROI IS: our people are more productive Fear, accept, manage, EXPLOIT change What happened -> Why did it happen -> What will happen The $50 million story 10
  11. 11. W tW e t Benefit ofT A oa ha er he s his ppr ch?  Increase in Sales Reporting Effectiveness and Productivity  Decrease in Sync times  Increase Clinic Interaction Reporting  less rep queries, calls and searches on sales-related data; increased rep trust and confidence in metrics  Improved visibility on sales performance  more clearly links strategy with sales reporting and decision-making  single, accurate and timely source for all sales-related data; elimination of data inaccuracies and variation  standard and non-standard reports easily developed and pushed by Business Operations, Entity Finance, RMs, DMs and reps without need for IS!  drives sales activity visibility and accountability  Trust is no longer an issue 11
  12. 12. W tCoul W Ha e Done BeterorDiffer l ha d e v t enty? Improved quantification of business objectives and impact  Better understanding of project impact on sales force productivity  Good measurement of “before and after” impact on time required to generate reports  Ask the question…What are you not going to have to do because of this effort? Made more of an effort (and an earlier one) to communicate to reps the value of better sales reporting and data  How it aligns with business strategy  How good data enables better decision-making  How it can help them directly – more efficiency, better focus and investing where it makes a difference 12
  13. 13. Quot es “IS folks attend our sales meetings and are viewed as much a part of the sales team as anyone in the sales organization”. (Marketing) “Analyst (from Business Operations) was able to build and deploy a new report for tracking a promotion’s performance without ever calling IS” (IT Director) “We are characterized by strong leadership, an appreciation for each areas’ contributions, and constant formal and informal dialogue across each of the functions at every level” (Finance) To Business Operations Analyst, “Thanks for your great work on developing these tools for the team in such a short period of time. It is greatly appreciated by all to allow us to plan and sell correctly.” (Marketing) We were able to change the direction of our entire Sales Force utilizing a Key Report Target List and quota Report and we did that in a matter of hours” – “This type of quick turnaround was simply not possible before your (IS) work and great work of our Business Analysts” (Finance) 13
  14. 14. F ur per ions ut e cept What we propose:  More automation  More analytics  Dashboards/Scorecards/Charting  Bells and Whistles  Less reliance on reports and more on events What the users want:  Get the core functions WORKING  Get data to Excel – QUICKLY  Get the Excel spreadsheet formatted right the FIRST time  Off-line reporting 14