Why Don’t They Do What I Tell Them To Do?!


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Produced by Jackie Ramstedt (http://www.jackieramstedt.com/)and Multifamily Insiders (http://www.multifamilyinsiders.com)

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Why Don’t They Do What I Tell Them To Do?!

  1. 1. “In It to Win It!” Teambuilding Series Presented by Jackie Ramstedt, CAM, CAPS, CAS Series #3: “The Multifamily Industry Performance Expert”Communication www.JackieRamstedt.com Disconnects Proudly Sponsored By “Why Don’tThey Do WhatI Tell Them To Do?!”
  2. 2. Survey Throughout your Resident’s Life CycleProspect• Track leasing agent performance• Convert more prospects• Measure marketing effectivenessSAMI• Set the stage for a happy resident• Are “Rent Ready” apartments “Rent Ready”?• Invite residents to participate in property programs (FaceBook, Paying Rent Online)Post-Maintenance• Monitor maintenance issue resolution• Confirm maintenance staff’s professionalism• Measure service timeliness• Maintenance is the #1 controllable reason residents move out (cited by 70% of former residents)Pre-Renewal• Identify & address issues to enhance renewal opportunity• Receive referrals from high-scoring residents
  3. 3. Leasing Dashboard “Snap Shot View” -3-
  4. 4. Kateri Bain Vice President of Sales BlueLink LLC (404) 304-1591kateri@bluelinkdirect.com
  5. 5. Polling Question Time! What people in your company seem to have the most “disconnect” 1 issues?1. Managers and their Supervisors2. Managers and their Assistant Managers3. Managers and the Leasing Staff4. Management and Maintenance
  6. 6. Disconnect #1Importance of Priorities I just didn’t have time today!
  7. 7. Improving your focusDetermining your motivationSetting Priorities How Good is Your Time Management? http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newHTE_88.htm
  8. 8. http://www.mindtools.com
  9. 9. http://www.mindtools.com
  10. 10. http://www.mindtools.com
  11. 11. Phone Calls To Make Completed Personal Correspondence Completed1. _______________ ________ 1. _______________ ________2. _______________ ________ 2. _______________ ________3. _______________ ________ 3. _______________ ________Tasks to Complete Completed1. ____________________________________________________ ________2. ____________________________________________________ ________3. ____________________________________________________ ________4. ____________________________________________________ ________5. ____________________________________________________ ________List of High Priority Completed List to DELEGATE Completed1. _______________ ________ 1. _______________ ________2. _______________ ________ 2. _______________ ________3. _______________ ________ 3. _______________ ________4. _______________ ________ 4. _______________ ________5. _______________ ________ 5. _______________ ________6. _______________ ________ 6. _______________ ________7. _______________ ________ 7. _______________ ________
  12. 12. www.SmartDraw.comTime Management Forms
  13. 13. #1 Time Management Killer…Procrastination! http://www.timethoughts.com/time-management.htmNewsletters, articles, forms, blogs….
  14. 14. http://video.answers.com/time- management-apps-for-freelancersTime Management Apps for Smart Phones“Mr. Mobile” Jay Goldman
  15. 15. Six Ways To “Speed Up”Your Morning Routines!1. Get A TIMER!2. Stick To A Regular Morning Routine!3. Check Out Your Local Weather The Night Before!
  16. 16. 4. Put Your Things Together Night Before 5. Make Your Lunch Ahead of Time 6. Make It A Team Real Effort!Where are my keys!!!
  17. 17. Finally a phone that I canDisconnect #2 understand!Comprehension Comfort Ability Levels and Familiarity
  18. 18. What Is She Really Saying?! What do I struggle with? What Does That Mean?!
  19. 19. What is a Mentor?A mentor is a person who agrees to help teach and guide another person. Historically, the relationship between the mentor and the person seeking amentor (sometimes called a “mentoringprotégé”) has been voluntary, informal, and mutually-agreed upon.A person may seek out a specific mentor; or a mentor may select a specific protégé—the best relationships often The NEW Karate Kid! happen with self-selection (rather than through a formal assignment).
  20. 20. Compatibility! Matching Up The “Right People” With The “Right People”! Think of it like the dating web sites!
  21. 21. Polling Question Time! What should you expect from a mentor 2 relationship?1. Help you to find the answers instead of giving them to you2. “Show you” instead of just “telling you”3. Make you responsible and accountable for your actions4. Be your “go to person ” when you have a situation needing consultation on how to handle
  22. 22. Consider a longSkype distance mentoring relationship Your mentor can live overseas or a different state, and still be effective in helping you set professional goals that are realistic and achievable.
  23. 23. Mentor – Mentee Agreement SAMPLEOur Mentoring Agreement SAMPLE –Our Mentoring AgreementWe are voluntarily entering into a mentoring relationship that we expect to benefit bothof us. We want this to be a mutually rewarding experience with most of our timetogether spent in development activities revolving around the student’s goals outlinedin the “MAP” “Our Mentoring Plan”. We note the following features of ourrelationship:Frequency of MeetingsHow often will we meet?Day(s) of the week:Where will we meet?How long will our meetings last?Best Time to Call/Email/TextAt work:At home:
  24. 24. Specific Role of the Mentor(Model, guide, observe and give feedback, recommend developmental activities, facilitatelearning, suggest/provide resources, etc.)Specific Role of the MenteeAs a willing participant in the Mentor Project, I commit to working with my mentorthroughout the program, attending all scheduled meetings with my mentor, andcommunicating with my mentor weekly. Emergencies happen, so if I am unable to keep ameeting date, an advance call will be made to my mentor to reschedule. I will developpersonal goals and be open to coaching and feedback from my mentor.ConfidentialityNothing that the mentee tells the mentor will be discussed with anyone except the MentorCoordinator. If the mentor feels it is important to involve another person, it will bediscussed first with the mentee. If there is serious issue or concern the mentor must breakconfidentiality to seek legal protection according to the company policies.No-fault ConclusionWe agree to a no-fault conclusion of this relationship if, for any reason, it seemsappropriate. Either party has the option of discontinuing the relationship for any reason, andhe or she will discuss this decision with the Mentor Coordinator before terminating therelationship. Mentee Signature Mentor Signature Date Date
  25. 25. Disconnect #3Buy InAgreeingon theReasoningWhy?
  26. 26. The “Buy In” Consists Of… 1.Clear message 2.Effective delivery 3.Emotional ties 4.W.I.I.F.M.
  27. 27. NapkinStories
  28. 28. Disconnect #4Lack of Skills “Not properly trained on a specific skill that would give them confidence to do the job correctly” “Generational approach communication through social networking VS soft skills of relationship building between people face to face”
  29. 29. Analyzing Your Own Team Members“What Should You Be Looking For?” Technical Skill Level Personality Strengths Generational Aspects Overall Work Ethics Communication Skills Respect Level for Others Multi-tasking
  30. 30. NAA “the Industry Insider” on line 07/19/11Multitasking: More Work, Less ProductivityDigested From "Multitasking: More Work, Less Productivity"MarketWatch (07/12/11) by Ruth MantellThere is mounting proof that multitasking may be hurting productivity and actuallymaking employees worse thinkers. As a result, businesses need to re-examine goalsin this area."The human brain just really isnt built to switchrapidly from one task to another. Workers whoconstantly multitask are hurting their ability toget work done, even when they are notmultitasking."Slowly, you are starting to see companies starting to changefrom everything having to be answered immediately."
  31. 31. Disconnect #5Competition! Hey! Not Fair!
  32. 32. Polling Question Time! How do you find competition levels to be within your 3 company ?1. Somewhat good on some things2. Prejudiced toward certain people3. Not worth it, no real meaning4. Good, helps to keep us focused
  33. 33. No longer an option, (economy and market allowed us to “enable people” to not have to do something), companies expect you to do the job or looking for someone else who will!
  34. 34. “The 10 Things Managers Must Do to Increase Employee Engagement” by David Zinger 11.03.11http://hr.blognotions.com/2011/11/03/the-10-things-managers-must-do-to-increase-employee-engagement
  35. 35. 1.Achieve Results2.Path Progress3.Maximize Performance4.Foster Recognition5.Build Relationships6.Master Moments7.Enliven Energy8.Enhance Well-Being9.Leverage Strengths10.Make Meaning
  36. 36. Jackie’s Food for Thought“Partnerships!”
  37. 37. Give us your feedback! Visit our Fan Page on Facebook and give us your feedback on today’s webinar!www.Facebook.com/MultifamilyInsiders
  38. 38. Thank You!Jackie Ramstedt, CAM, CAPS, CASjackie@jackieramstedt.com(800) 925-5169Kateri Bain, VP of Saleskateri@bluelinkdirect.com(404) 304-1591 http://www.MultifamilyInsiders.com