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Toni Blake Webinar: Boost Your Google Juice with Free Online Marketing
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Toni Blake Webinar: Boost Your Google Juice with Free Online Marketing


Multifamily Events: http://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/home/multifamily-events …

Multifamily Events: http://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/home/multifamily-events

Discover fantastic free spaces and create ways to use them with power point, pictures, video, conversations and comments to boost your JUICE (Google)! There are many free online spaces that will host information about your community and are indexed by Google. Add new listings to your page one Google search with creative ideas from Toni Blake. She will share links, resources, tools, ideas and more! Featuring Guest Host Heather Blume with additional hot, fresh ideas!

Toni Blake began her career in 1978 as a leasing agent and worked her way to be a nationally recognized Speaker & Author. Toni was selected by the National Apartment Association as one of the industry’s “Marketing Gurus” and is recognized for her industry research and innovative concepts in customer service, sales, and marketing. She is the President and CEO of TotallyToni.com and founder of the newest ideas in apartment training – "LIVE with Toni Blake" on SKYPE and The Breakfast Club DVD programs.

This webinar would not be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors, Apartments.com and ApartmentNewsletters.com. So please take a moment to check them out!

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  • http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/business/more.html
  • http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/business/more.html
  • The fastest way to measure positive ROI in social media is to build positive mentions/conversation about your brand.
  • Did you know that 80% of the impression of your online brand is created by only 6% of the people. This means a small group of motivated, online savvy customers are talking about your brand. Rather than leaving this to chance is there a way to indentify and engage your brand influencers? Can, remove barriers that keep them from sharing their positive voice and provide access to the spaces we are building our reputation? These influential individuals are very scientifically named, “influencers.” The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) defines an influencer as “a person who has a greater than average reach or impact through word of mouth in a relevant marketplace.” The process of identifying and engaging these influencers is known as “influencer marketing,” and is defined as “identifying, seeking out, and engaging with influencers in support of a business objective.”
  • Doing nothing should not be an option. It’s time to take action.
  • http://www.dvguru.com/2006/04/07/ten-video-sharing-services-compared/ How many of you have access to a way to take picture and record video in your office? http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/11595169/toni-blake-friday-april-1st-on-mprotv
  • http://www.marketingcharts.com/interactive/smartphones-projected-to-overtake-feature-phones-next-year-12418/
  • http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Mobile-and-Wireless/Tablets-Smartphones-Video-to-Catapult-Mobile-Data-Traffic-Cisco-557381/
  • http://www.ivalue.be/blog/positive-effect-webvideo-seo/
  • http://www.ivalue.be/blog/positive-effect-webvideo-seo/
  • http://www.dvguru.com/2006/04/07/ten-video-sharing-services-compared/
  • http://animoto.com/play/sXTvDWxQsYmJaMQBHNi1Bg
  • http://www.smilebox.com/
  • http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/Share-Your-Story/
  • http://www.yola.com/lp/free?cid=849089&mkwid=sGnQajr2j&pcrid=7049604409&gclid=CM_v88CA0qgCFcm8KgodkR4flg


  • 1. Boost Your Google Juice with Free Online Marketing Presented by Toni Blake with guest Heather Blume Proudly sponsored by:
  • 2. Twitter Hashtag #MFIwebinar If you use Twitter, add this to the end of your tweets to be included in the discussion of the webinar!
  • 3. There is value in on-line conversation! Type it . . . and they will come! Google is sharing what is said . . . So say something good!
  • 4. Key Word Strategies Attract people & spiders What is the public searching for along with their new apartment – How can you GET FOUND? What are the KEY WORDS?
  • 5. Search Engine Stats
    • 60% of the traffic to your site should be generated by Search Engines like Google
    • 35% of people use mobile searches on their phones (Google 2010)
  • 6. Google’s Secret SEO Recipe
    • The Spoiler – There really isn’t one.
    • We know the ingredients and we know the basics...but we don’t know exactly the right measurements of everything.
    • No one knows exactly how the search algorithms work or how they’re changed from time to time, so we try different tactics
  • 7. We’re pretty sure they like…
    • Keep your page title at less than 70 characters and make sure you’ve got keywords and location in it
    • Does your URL have your local city/state/Zipcode in it?
    • Have you tagged each picture on your website with specific titles containing keywords?
    • Fresh Content via widgets from Twitter, Facebook, or other hyper-local sources like Patch.com
    • Inbound links from the right sources
  • 8. Inbound Link Sources
    • Google Places, Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and even Apartment Ratings
    • YouTube and other Video sources
    • Twitter
    • Facebook (both property and corporate pages)
    • Yellow pages or other listings sites
    BUT - Just because you can list it, doesn’t always mean you should
  • 9. Before You Go Shopping, Check the Pantry
    • Measure your current webpage’s effectiveness with Google Analytics
    • Try ClickDensity.com’s Heat mapping and click through tools to see how people are using your site
    • Run a free assessment with Hubspot’s SEO Grader tool to see how well your site is optimized (very general)
  • 10. Connect With Us: (888) 658-RENT | sales@apartments.com Apartments.com Manager Center | @Apartmentscom | Apartments.com/Blog
  • 11. What does Google offer? Apps? Post in Google!
  • 12. What else does Google offer? Post in Google!
  • 13. If you post IN Google – it’s a short walk for the spider!
  • 14. I created a mix of business and personal photos with both Toni Blake & TotallyToni You can create a property profile with both your social and commercial brand!
  • 15. You can post this on other social media sites Add People Add Tags Add a map!
  • 16. Click on Edit photo and you get picnik A photo editing program built in!
  • 17. My Google Spider put me page one Google in a Toni Blake search for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!
  • 18. 1. Name – An / A move to the front of the alphabet 2. Name – add Location/ Galleria / Nob Hill 3. Name – Add Keyword like Moving, New Place, Great Apartments 4. Address / add amenities “Your next home” Change your local listing & ADD KEYWORDS!
  • 19. Change your local listing & ADD KEYWORDS!
  • 20. Google Trends & Google Alerts
  • 21.  
  • 22. Do you know the meaning of CGM? Company verses Individual
  • 23. Leveraging the FREE Online Services to Work for You Google Analytics Google Alerts Webstores Yola.com Yelp.com Control your online reputation 96% 0f consumers trust personal recommendations 14% of consumers trust traditional advertising YOU have the whole world-wide web in the palm of your hand . . . use it! The Casual Individual voice of humanity rules!
  • 24. Poll Question Placeholder Have you switched to Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) in your traditional media sources like Apartments.com?
  • 25. Learn how to tell your story! Connect, Persuade, and triumph with the hidden power of story
  • 26. What is your story? Are you sharing your casual individual voice ?
  • 27. Leveraging the FREE Online Services to Work for You Google Analytics Google Alerts Webstores Yola.com Yelp.com Control your online reputation
  • 28. Enlightened Empowerment
    • Your casual voice needs to come from someone who:
    • Wants to provide it
    • Knows how to speak for more than just themselves
    • Has charisma
    • Understands how to not only respond, but to begin conversations
  • 29.  
  • 30. Resident Dinner Focus Group
  • 31.
    • • Easy-to-use online ordering • Superior customer service
    • • Printed, E-Newsletters or both! • Guaranteed on-time delivery
    • • Prices start at only $59.95 per month (250 copies only $98.95)
    WEBINAR SPECIAL - FREE set-up (Save $35) Use coupon code: INSIDER Now offering Door Hangers! Only $32 per hundred! 45
  • 32. Business Card – Video Business Card / Profile on Google Floor Plan – A personal tour through the model on Animoto Brochure – a slideshow with music on YouTube Resident Relations “Thanks” “Love My Life” – a slideshow with music on Smilebox Resident Activity on RandomActsofKindness.org Follow-up - a personal video of their new apartment on Slideshare.net Follow-up – a slideshow on Smilebox Follow-up – message on xtranormal.com Build it and ADD A LINK!!!!!!
  • 33. Your marketing is NOW in the palm of their hand!
  • 34. Poll Question Placeholder Do you have a smart phone?
  • 35. Video accounts for 66 percent of mobile data traffic with a 35-fold increase between 2010 - 2015
  • 36. Smart Marketing Will take in to account the power of Mobile use! Videos add SEO To your website and total overall web presence. Start turning your print message into VIDEO! The floor plan is video enhanced by a “Live tour through the model”
  • 37. Smart Marketing Will take in to account the power of Mobile use!
  • 38. Want to Make Good Videos?
    • Keep them short
    • Keep them honest
    • Keep them relevant
    • Keep them interesting
    • Keep them fun
    • Keep them well tagged
  • 39. Video Tagging Tips
    • Tag every video that you put out there
    • Start with the basic apartment key word tags
    • Be Honest
    • Make Videos that allow you to work with areas outside just your apartments and tag in broader genres
    • Look for areas that are specific interest spots – if you’re one of the few sources, then you’ve got a shot at higher rankings for it
  • 40. There are a ton of cool FREE spaces that will host your videos. Here is a review of the top 10!
  • 41. Goodbye Google Video?
    • Worry not – Google has a great conversion tool that is free to use and move your content over to YouTube
    • There is now an “upload videos to YouTube” option on the Google Video status Page and is easy and simple to use
  • 42.  
  • 43. Create a fun social video with music to share on social sites!
  • 44. You select the actors, write the scrip, direct their movement and share an xtramormal message with your customer!
  • 45.  
  • 46.  
  • 47.  
  • 48.  
  • 49. 5 Action Items
    • Set up Google Alerts & Google Profile, then research Google Trends
    • Add Key Words to your local listings
    • Discuss producing CGM Videos for your property
    • Research the different video hosting sites
    • Converting paper to SEO with at least one of the new resources
    • Join The Random Acts of Kindness and plan a function with your residents
  • 50. WIN! WIN! WIN! What did you think of this webinar? Share your testimonial on our fan page and we’ll randomly select a winner for a $25 gift card! https://www.facebook.com/MultifamilyInsiders
  • 51. Thank You! Toni Blake [email_address] 970-378-6784 Heather Blume [email_address] 785.410.7385 Rick Carbon [email_address] (312) 601-6030 Mike Dagel [email_address] 866-607-3088 (http://www.MultifamilyInsiders.com)