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Phone Tactics: Turning Prospect Calls Into Solid LEADS!
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Phone Tactics: Turning Prospect Calls Into Solid LEADS!



You have a plan for marketing, a plan for how to respond to Internet leads, a plan for renovations – but do you have a plan for how to handle telephone calls? Frequently the phone is an ...

You have a plan for marketing, a plan for how to respond to Internet leads, a plan for renovations – but do you have a plan for how to handle telephone calls? Frequently the phone is an afterthought, a break in your routine. The fact remains that the majority of your prospects call you on the phone at some point prior to a visit. Handling these calls properly can make a big difference! In this session you will hear terrific techniques for maximizing your time with a caller, innovative ways of getting the information you need and the appointments you seek. This is a can’t miss session for all on-site personnel.

Christopher Higgins is the Apartment Guy, a professional speaker and and owner / operator of multifamily assets with properties in Alaska, Florida, Missouri, Montana and Saskatchewan. With over 19 years of experience in various aspects of multifamily management and marketing, Christopher's seminars are tailored to the practical concerns of on-site employees and investors. For more information, please visit www.theapartmentguy.net.

This webinar would not be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors, Lead Tracking Solutions and Apartment Newsletters! So please take a moment to check them out!



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Phone Tactics: Turning Prospect Calls Into Solid LEADS! Phone Tactics: Turning Prospect Calls Into Solid LEADS! Presentation Transcript

  • P hone T actics : Turning Prospect Calls Into Solid LEADS! Presented by Christopher Higgins, The Apartment Guy Proudly sponsored by:
  • Why Is The Phone Crucial? Answering the phone and turning those calls into something good is a crucial part of your job. We tend to get so wrapped up in the details of the day – reports, accepting packages, putting out the balloons. What about those customers who call you? 2
  • The Job of Leasing
    • You may feel like you have a lot to juggle
    • Compare this job to other, sales and service related positions.
    • We have it easy!
    • Our customers ring US up!
    3 View slide
  • Compared to Telemarketers:
    • We don’t live on the phone, but we do have to be skilled and competent.
    • Remove yourself from chaos when you can.
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  • What’s Our Job? Leasing apartments What is EVERYONE ON-SITE’s primary function, regardless of job title? And much of that begins on the phone. Get Ready for A Poll Question! 5
  • Poll Question We get a lot of calls, and we put our number out there in a bunch of ways. How Much Do These Calls Cost, Anyway? 6
  • How much does it cost to generate a call? How many properties do prospects call? $ 82 3 to 5 7
  • Call Conversion
    • The typical conversion ratio is only: 12%
    That’s a lot of wasted calls! Get Ready for A Poll Question! 8
  • Poll Question How many of your walk-ins have called you first, for research, directions, prices? 9
  • Call Tracking What percentage of people who lease have called you first? ____________ 77% That’s right! MOST PEOPLE call you first. Phone calls aren’t a nuisance, they are your business! 10
  • What’s the Hurry? The average prospect phone call lasts just 48 seconds. Can you “sell” a community that fast? Can you “consult” with your client? 11
  • Learn From Call Reports…
    • Lead Tracking Solutions
    • Call Source
    • Who’s Calling
    Track that traffic! See how long the calls last! 12
  • A Word From Our Sponsor: Lead Tracking Solutions 13
    • The “PopCard” created by Lead Tracking Solutions. The PopCard is a complete lead management and lead tracking solution designed to create more efficiencies for your on-site staff. The LTS fully integrated Electronic Guest Card tracks all of your phone, email and walk-in lead’s accurately & Automatically!
      • Prospect calls and email appear as alerts in the Popcard desktop queue.
      • Electronic guest card is pre-populated with caller ID information
      • Ad Source identified with 100 % accuracy
      • No need to login to another website to manage your leads again!
      • Complete Prospect history recorded automatically pushes and pulls data into PMS
      • Automated Follow-up leads process and appointment reminders
      • Check real-time availability directly from our automated guest card
      • Send, receive and archive all prospect email from the guest card
      • Forward leads to sister communities with a push of a button
      • FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: (866) 209-1700 ext #304
  • Give People Time…
    • You can’t sell your community in less than a minute
    • Ask questions to get detailed answers – this will give you the time and info you need to build a rapport
  • Plan Your Calls While I have never encouraged the use of a script, there are certain key elements you need to make a call successful. Follow a set of guidelines and you will convert more calls into traffic. 16
  • What are the 5 Steps?
    • A
    • I
    • C
    • D
    • C
    ttention / Awareness nterest onviction esire lose 17
  • Step One You can’t succeed until you know what is getting your customer’s __________ . You have to have the GOODS. attention 18
  • Good Advertising & Marketing
    • Good advertising and good marketing gets your phone to ring. That is the $82. But those are just the beginning – you have to build with:
    Good questions . Good rapport . Nothing about this sign is “good”. 19
  • Step One
    • With all of our new media and networking opportunities, it can be easy to dismiss advertising as a source of phone calls. But you are still getting more leads via the phone than any other source. These people found your number in an ad.
    • Make sure you know what to say when the phone rings, what questions to ask! Know why they called you!
    A ttention 20
  • Know Your Stuff…
    • In what print guides do you advertise?
    • Are your prices in your ads?
    • Are any amenities missing?
    A ttention 21
  • Know Your Stuff…
    • Where do you advertise online?
    • Are there photos of interiors?
    • What upgraded features do you have?
    A ttention 22
  • Know Your Stuff…
    • What are you doing on facebook?
    • What offers do you discuss?
    • What are you “fans” and the people who “like” you looking for on your page?
    A ttention 23
  • Know Your Stuff…
    • What are you saying on twitter?
    • What is getting these folks to call you?
    • What do these ads, tweets and outreach say to the public?
    A ttention 24 Follow me on twitter - aptguyckh
  • Know your stuff…
    • How else can potential residents find out about you?
    • What makes a resident referral a better, or more educated, prospect? What should you do differently for these callers?
    A ttention 25
  • What Do They Know? What Don’t They?
    • Calls are wasted when we spend time reciting what a caller already knows.
    • Have you ever had someone spell something that you already knew? Didn’t it seem like a waste of time, or even a little rude?
    • Many of our calls are just like that.
    A ttention 26
  • What Does That Have to With the Phone?
    • You HAVE to know what your customer already knows.
    • The only way you do that is by knowing your stuff:
      • Where you advertise
      • Where you network
      • How you market
    A ttention A slow phone day. 27
  • Step Two
    • They have SOME interest, or they wouldn’t have called you
    Find out how to build upon your customer’s __________ . interest 28
  • Creating Interest
    • Build upon that interest!
    • Don’t just bore them with what they just read. They CAN read.
    • You’ve gotta sound
    • INTERESTED to build upon their
    I NTEREST 29
  • Pay Attention! I NTEREST
    • What does their voice tell you?
    • What about their vocabulary?
    • What is their attitude?
    • Are they rushed?
    • How do they perceive YOU?
    Just as you do on an in-person, “live” showing, you need to pay attention to how they sound, how they react, how they respond to what you say. 30
  • 7 Keys to Creating Interest
    • Build INTEREST , Interestingly
    • Avoid getting a “ NO ”
    • Be SINCERE
    • Take it AWAY
    • Become interested in other PEOPLE
  • One
    • Don’t just talk!
    • Don’t lose control right from the get-go
    A sk Q uestions ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 32
  • Questions
    • Get their name, use it!
    • Ask permission to ask questions
    • Get a lot of information out of your prospect, while maintaining control
    K eep C ontrol 33
  • The Order Matters…
    • I didn’t get your name…
    • We appreciate your call!
    • Have you ever seen any of our advertising?
    • What about us caught your interest?
    • This should be a natural conversation, but one with a distinct purpose.
    • It is essential to get your prospects SOLD on your community before they hear how much they have to SPEND.
    You’re the Consultant… 35
    • How do they know if you are a good deal if they don’t know what you offer?
    • Qualify soon, but not at first
    • Your advertising should be the first pre-qualifier
    Money Questions Q ualifying Sell Value First, PROVIDE PRICING Last 36
  • Two
    • People can hear the boredom in your voice
    • Concentrate
    • Have fun!
    • Don’t multi-task!
    • Paint a picture of your community
    B UILD I NTEREST, I nterestingly! 37
  • Three
    • People know when you are full of BS!
    • Sell it without overselling it
    • Don’t use tired, old slogans
    A void E xaggeration or U nsubstantiated C laims ! This is not an “affordable waterfront property”. This is a dump. 38
  • Four
    • Either / Or choices work best
    • Assume they want to visit, it is just a question of when!
    • Make your closing statement a life-impacting invitation!
    A void G etting a N O! 39
  • Say What?
    • When you oversell, you lose credibility.
    • You sound stupid.
    • People don’t buy from stupid.
    Don’t Oversell It! He doesn’t believe. 40
  • Five
    • Your homework:
    • Watch an little bit of a
    • home shopping channel
    • Now you know what a phony
    • looks like
    • Don’t be one!
    • Be upbeat and positive without coming across as a lunatic.
    B E S incere It isn’t that exciting. 41
  • Six
    • Make them think about losing what they have just found!
    • Instill a Sense of urgency
    • Be sure it is believable !
    T ake I T A way 42
  • Seven
    • A famous Dale Carnegie Quote:
    • “ To be successful, you must become genuinely interested in other people.”
    • You HAVE to be a people person to make it in this business!
    B e I nterested I n O ther P eople You either have it, or you don’t. 43
  • A Word From Our Sponsor: Apartment Newsletters 44
    • • Easy-to-use online ordering • Superior customer service
    • • Printed, E-Newsletters or both! • Guaranteed on-time delivery
    • • Prices start at only $59.95 per month (250 copies only $98.95)
    WEBINAR SPECIAL - FREE set-up (Save $35) Use coupon code: INSIDER Now offering Door Hangers! Only $32 per hundred! 45
  • Have You or a Co-Worker Been Miscast?
    • Disney refers to it’s associates that work in hotels and the amusement parks as “cast members”.
    • But some people are miscast. People who aren’t service or people oriented in a demanding and people oriented field.
    • Do you know of someone who has been miscast as a leasing consultant?
    Not Everyone Can Do This! I DO. 46
  • 16 Keys to Good Listening
    • Be prepared
    • Limit distractions
    • Increase your attention span
    • Think like the prospect
    • Limit your talking
    • Don’t interrupt
    • Don’t jump to conclusions
    • Concentrate
  • … continued
    • Take notes
    • Ask questions
    • Listen reflectively
    • Listen for feelings and ideas
    • Listen for non-verbal clues
    • Repeat and verify
    • Sell value first, provide pricing last
    • Always ask for the appointment
  • Step Three
    • Turn your prospects interest into _______________ .
    • You’ve done this, if you have ever gotten an appointment.
    conviction 49
  • Step Three
    • You have to convince your prospect to do more than just call. You have to get them out to your community.
    • How do you do it?
    • It’s called the checklist.
    C onviction 50
  • Step Three
    • They have a checklist in their head. Find out what is on it, show them that you have it, and you have a lease.
    • Each trial or mini close is:
    • Getting agreement on one item from a prospects checklist.
    • A step closer to getting the lease.
    C onviction 51
    • Every caller has a list of things that your community must satisfy or contain in order for them to call you “home”. Your job as a consultant is to find out what is on the list – and then show how you can meet those needs.
    • Everyone has one – in their head, in their hands. Some have three things, some have thirty – either way you have to uncover those needs.
    The Checklist Find Out What’s On It! Cool architecture? Check. 52
    • We have full-size w/d connections in each apartment – wouldn’t that be helpful?
    • Our fitness center is open 24-hours – eliminating your need for an outside gym! Isn’t that convenient?
    Build Conviction T rial C loses 53
  • A lot of yes’s usually mean one thing… Y es at the END 54
    • Make your features come alive by explaining benefits and using word pictures.
    • Nail down key points.
    • Don’t talk for too long!
    • Don’t be afraid to repeat crucial details.
    Continue Building Conviction What you say matters… 56
  • Step Four
    • Desire is what makes them act
    Use what you have learned to make them _________ a move. desire He’s feeling it. 57
  • Step Four
    • “ The salesman’s job is to persuade people to want what they already need,”
    • (E. St. Elmo Lewis)
    D esire You WANT this. You NEED this. 58
  • Step Four
    • What is a “Buying Motive” ?
    • An inner drive or emotion that makes someone purchase
    D esire Someone might think: “If I could just get an apartment near the water… or a giant coat-hanger arbor thing…” 59
  • What are some Typical Buying Motives?
    • Think about what makes someone lease.
    • What are typical buying motives?
    • Are they tangible? Easy to understand?
    • They tend to be personal and are often about security, safety, quality of life, and financial issues.
  • Phone Scenario 1
    • Listen to this call to determine what this prospects buying motive is
    • Does the leasing consultant understand the buying motive?
    • How do they change their pitch
    • in response to the prospects buying motive?
  • Poll Question
    • What do you think the buying motive was?
  • Phone Scenario 1
    • What was the buying motive?
    • Did the leasing consultant respond accordingly?
    We had her at “garage”. 63
  • Step Five C lose You’ve made it through the four hard steps, now comes the _______ __ . close 64
  • Step Five
    • Get the appointment!
    • Summary Close
    • Urgency
    • 24-Hour Hold
    • Counselor
    • If I could, would you?
    C lose 65
  • Phone Scenario 2
    • Listen to this call and determine what elements went well
    • Who was in charge?
    • Why was getting the e-mail so important?
    • How about the word picture – could you “see” this apartment?
  • Setting the Appointment
    • Use Closing Questions during the call
    • Get a lot of “yes’”
    • Give them an either / or choice
    • Finish the appointment setting properly
    • Summarize the details
  • Remember the Steps A ttention I nterest C onviction D esire C lose Don’t skip a step – you may fall flat! 68
  • Phone Scenario 3
    • Listen to this call and determine what elements went poorly
    • Who was in charge?
    • What was the prospects name?
    • When did they need to move?
    • When were they coming in?
  • Be Prepared for Calls
    • Only work the phones if you know the answers!
    • Have your leasing book at the ready
    • Have notepaper and a pen
  • Phone Etiquette
    • Ask for their name and use it
    • Reflect a smile in your voice
    • Be polite and respectful
    • Avoid jargon and slang!
  • The “Special” Call
    • What are your INITIAL impressions of this customer? Be honest, what are you thinking?
    • Anything that comes to mind…
      • What is their mood?
      • Can they afford us?
      • Why did they call?
  • You May Have Thought… How Rude! She’s Cheap! They can’t afford us! Call us when you’re serious! They must be broke. I bet they are a shopper. Why such a chip on your shoulder? 73
  • The “Special” Call
    • We don’t know anything about them, how can we have an opinion?
    • They just followed our instructions…
      • Call for current specials!
      • Ask about our specials!
      • Call for details!
  • What’s the point? Practice! Ask questions! Be happy and sound interested! Have product knowledge! With these, you can: Increase your closing ratio Increase your income Have fewer vacancies Fulfill the title of leasing consultant 75
  • Resources
    • Visit my website for some helpful resources:
    • www.theapartmentguy.net
    • Call 866-447-3424
    • Also follow me on twitter - aptguyckh
    Be FANTASTIC on the PHONE! It’s that important!
  • Thank You! Christopher Higgins, The Apartment Guy [email_address] 866.447.3424 Trish Moore [email_address] 866-209-1700 ext: 304 Michael Dagel [email_address] 866-607-3088 http://www.MultifamilyInsiders.com