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Jackie Ramstedt Webinar:  Team Building
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Jackie Ramstedt Webinar: Team Building


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Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business

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  • 1. “In It to Win It!” Presented byTaking Your Team, to the Top! Jackie Ramstedt CAM, CAPS, CAS“The Multifamily Industry Performance Expert” Proudly Sponsored By
  • 2. Twitter Hashtag #MFIwebinarIf you use Twitter, add this to theend of your tweets to be includedin the discussion of the webinar!
  • 3. Happy Earth Day!!! Friday, April 22nd! What Are YOU Doing To Celebrate?
  • 4. “The Way A Team Plays As A WholeDetermines Its Success. You May Have The GreatestBunch of Individual Stars But If They Don’t Play TogetherThe Club Won’t Be Worth A Dime!” Babe Ruth
  • 5. The Pareto Leadership Principle “The 20/80 Principle” 20% of the people take up 80% of our time 20% of the products brings in 80% of the profits20% of the work gives us 80% of our satisfaction20% of the people will make 80% of the decisions 20% of the people will give 80% of the money 20% of our time produces 80% of the results!
  • 6. Why “Bad Employees” Can BeBad for Your Company’s Reputation! How is YOUR team adding to your company’s reputation this year?
  • 7. “The problem with hiring the wrong people is that you end up having to either “live with them”…“fix them”… or “fire them”.All three of those are lousy options!” Eric Harvey,
  • 8. Damage of Hiring the Wrong People! 68% experienced DECREASED Employee Morale 66% experienced DECREASED Work Productivity 51% experienced INCREASED Training Costs 44% experienced INCREASED Recruitment Costs 40% experienced INCREASED Severance Costs 54% experienced LOSS OF Customers or Market Share
  • 9. Twitter Hashtag #MFIwebinar And don’t forget to type in yourquestions on the chat and we willbe answering those at the end of the webinar today too!
  • 10. Polling Question Time! Why Do You Think People Quit Their Jobs? 1. Job expectation wasn’t what they thought? 2. Mismatch in “people and position”? 3. Overwhelmed or feeling devalued? 4. Lack in confidence in direct supervisors?1 5. Too little training or promotion opportunities?
  • 11. Special Thanks to Our Sponsors of Today’s Webinar!
  • 12. Being Happy From The Start! “Setting the Course” for Great Teamwork!” “ The Good Of The Many Outweigh The Good Of The One!” Mr. Spock, Star Ship Enterprise
  • 14. What Are SomeCharacteristics Of A ReallyOUTSTANDING Team?
  • 15. Have your team create a list of the best qualities of a successful team and examples of each
  • 16. What part does “chemistry” play in developing relationships? “Are You A Valuable, Long-Term Contributor, That Is A Good Fit With The Rest Of The Team and With How The Company Does Business?”
  • 17. 1. Assessing the Situation E -Tell Me What You Expect From Me!2. Determining the Expectations E - Give Me An Opportunity To Perform!3. Identifying the Key Players E -Let Me Know How I’m Getting Along!4. Understanding the Company Culture E -Give Me Guidance Where I Need It!5. Targeting for an “Quick Win” E - Reward Me According To My Contribution!
  • 18. Creating Leaner, Team Based Organizational Corporate LaddersLarger Purpose DirectionMentally Prepared ClarityDefined Goals DirectionCommunication Momentum “Cooperation gets teams pulling together. Staying focused on the organization’s mission ensures they pull in the right direction.”
  • 19. You will never get your employees to treat the customersFinding Out More any better than they About feel the company is Them From the Beginning! treating them!
  • 20. Behavioral Interviewing Techniques “From your past experience, how did you “How would you handle an upset handle this resident?” situation…. ”you overheard “Was there ever a another employee speaking decision you made unprofessionally to a that you regretted resident” making?”
  • 21. Have your team “role play” with different challenges using theBehavioral Questions.
  • 22. Overcoming Team Conflict! “The Solution Cycle” Show RespectEncourage For Other Honest Person’s Dialogue Point of ViewAttack the Accept Problem Ownership Not the for Person Your Part
  • 23. Using the C.A.L.M. ModelClarify the IssueAddress the ProblemListen to the Other SideManage Your Way to Resolution
  • 24. Polling Question Time! What do you think would be the best motivator for most people? 1. Recognition and Praise 2. Additional Compensation $$ 3. Awards, Trophies, Certificates 4. Advancements or Promotions2 5. Time Off from Work
  • 25. Special Thanks to Our Sponsors of Today’s Webinar!
  • 26. Established Online ResidentReferral Program RentMineOnline Highlights  Tripling Referral Rates  NAA, Brainstorming, AIM Speakers  Investors include Facebook Fund
  • 27. Making the Right Connections!
  • 28. Six Steps To Creating An “Employee Marketing Plan”Proactive RecruitingEffective AdvertisingMentoring ProgramsTraining For SuccessAppreciation RewardsCareer Path Promotions
  • 29. Teach the Business of the Business!Let Them Be the Boss for the Day !Don’t Tell Them… Show Them!Hire and Keep HAPPY People!
  • 30. It All Starts with YOU!
  • 31. 20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself “Motivation, Education, & the Performance Principles”1. What are my core values and beliefs?2. What are my goals in Life…personally & professionally?3. What are my goals for the next 6 months…the next year…the next five years…10 years?4. What steps have I taken to accomplish these goals?5. What do I respect about myself?6. What are my greatest strengths? My greatest weaknesses?7. What has been my proudest moment to date?8. What fear do I need to overcome? And how can I overcome it?9. What is my favorite thing about my work?10. What is my least favorite thing about my work?11. Do I feel competent in my work? If not, what makes me feel incompetent? Maybe “who” makes me feel that way?12. Is the amount of work required of me reasonable? Is there too much to do or not enough to do?13. How do I feel about my coworkers? My team as a whole? My boss? The company?14. Do I look forward to going to work? Why or why not?15. What would I really like to change about my work?16. Can I “realistically” do anything about this change?17. What are the reasons I go to work?18. Do I believe in my business, my property, my company?19. What is one extra step I can take to better serve both my “internal AND external” customers?20. What was one of the happiest moments I had this past year? At work? At home?
  • 32. Have your team make goal sheets forthemselves each week and track their own progress.
  • 33. “It All Adds Up!” K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96% H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%
  • 34. Great Resources & Reading
  • 35. “Where there is a shared vision of excellence,where people can be the best they can be on a daily basis, where they know what is expected of them, understand that reward is linked to performance, and believe they can make a difference because they will be heard, they will go beyond our expectations andgreat things will start to happen.” Frederic k W S ith, CE . m O Federal E xpress
  • 36. Polling Question Time! Do You Like FREE stuff? 1.YES 2.NO3
  • 37. Give us your feedback and win! Visit our Fan Page on Facebook And give us your feedback on Today’s webinar!
  • 38. Jackie Ramstedt, CAM, CAPS, CAS “The Multifamily Industry Performance Expert” Owner, National Speaker, Performance Coach, & CMO Chief Motivational Officer Ramstedt Enterprises, Inc. 800.925.5169 Thank You So Much Attending Today! Please visit my web site to sign up for future “On Line”Educational Series! Sincerely, Jackie
  • 39. Thank You! Jackie Ramstedt (800) 925-5169 Deb Bronson-McGrath (415) 640-5097 Ed Spiegel (415) 412-9913 (
  • 40. “In It to Win It!”Premium Webinar Series for Jackie! September…October…November! Sign Up Now for Special Pricing!
  • 41. Jackie Ramstedt, CAM, CAPS, CAS “The Multifamily Industry Performance Expert” Owner, National Speaker, Performance Coach, & CMO Chief Motivational Officer Ramstedt Enterprises, Inc. 800.925.5169 Thank You So Much Attending Today! Please visit my web site to sign up for future “On Line”Educational Series! Sincerely, Jackie