Apartment Barcelona gives its website a new look to provide optimal user experience


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The website is now more visual and user-friendly in order to better enable customers to find their ideal accommodation from over a thousand apartments in Barcelona.

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Apartment Barcelona gives its website a new look to provide optimal user experience

  1. 1. Apartment Barcelona gives its website anew look to provide optimal userexperienceThe website is now more visual and user-friendly in order to better enable customersto find their ideal accommodation from over a thousand apartments in Barcelona.Barcelona, May 21, 2013 - Apartment Barcelona, aleading company in apartment rental for short andlong-term stays in Barcelona, has recently improvedits website in order to provide the optimal userexperience. The renewed website, available in sixlanguages, has more visual content and betterusability, allowing customers to easily find theirideal accommodation from over one thousandapartments, a figure that is constantly rising. In addition, the site aims to reflect the values ofApartment Barcelona, which are to provide excellent customer service, high qualityapartments at the most competitive prices, and one of the largest selections of holidayapartments in Barcelona.A visual and attractive design with a renewed structureTrue to its commitment to constant innovation and providing the best service, ApartmentBarcelona has opted to renew its website with a more visual design. Images take centre stageon the new website so that users can get a better idea of the layout, amenities and services ofthe apartments, as well as the environment in which they are located. "Its all about makingthe search as easy as possible for customers so that they can find the apartment that bestmeets their needs and thus get the most out of their stay," explains Sandra Roig, MarketingManager of Apartment Barcelona.The structure of the page has been renewed so that users may see the range of apartmentsthat Apartment Barcelona offers at a glance. From the home page, with a single click, potentialguests can have access to a wide selection of holiday apartments in and around Barcelona, aswell as long-term rentals and apartments for sale. Furthermore, users can check thecompany’s portfolio of apartments in the most popular locations in Barcelona, from Ramblasapartments to those in the Eixample and by the beach. Apartment Barcelona also offers adirect link to its exclusive range of luxury apartments for those seeking a special stay in thecity.More information for an easier search and selection
  2. 2. One of the main objectives of the new website is to help users choose their idealaccommodation from a large portfolio of apartments. Apartment Barcelona currently managesthe rental or sale of more than a thousand apartments in Barcelona and other top touristdestinations in Catalonia such as Sitges, the Costa Brava, the Costa Dorada and the CatalanPyrenees.In order to find the right apartment for their stays, users can scroll through many pictures ofeach apartment, plus a complete description the rental’s facilities, services, availability andlocation, the latter of which can be seen on an interactive map.Users also have access to comments and ratings from previous guests who stayed in theapartment, and can enjoy early booking or last minute offers, among other discounts. All thisinformation exists in six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian.With the renewed website, Apartment Barcelona continues its commitment to provideexcellent customer service. Currently, it is the agency in Barcelona which has the most officesin the city centre, employing a large team of professional, multilingual staff from the tourismand real estate sectors.About Apartment BarcelonaApartment Barcelona is an online agency specialising in apartments to rent by days, weeks,months and years, as well as apartments for sale. The company offers a wide variety of holidayapartments in Barcelona in various central locations, from luxury apartments in Barcelona tostudios, and from Ramblas apartments to beach apartments in Barcelona. For moreinformation about the company, discounts and offers, visithttp://www.apartmentbarcelona.comFor more information contact:Hollie MortonApartment Barcelona Marketing Departmenthollie@apartmentbarcelona.com