Barcelona: 8th Best Destination in the World


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The ‘cultural capital of Europe’, Barcelona, has been ranked as the 8th best destination in the world by the well respected travel site, TripAdvisor.

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Barcelona: 8th Best Destination in the World

  1. 1. Barcelona: The 8th Best Destination in the World Barcelona, has been ranked as the 8th best destination in the world by the well respected travel site, TripAdvisor. The site released its annual ‘Travelers’ Choice Awards Top 25 Destinations in the World’ last month, and with many people who heavily rely on the wealth of information suppliedby TripAdvisor, this survey has been highly anticipated within the travel community.Barcelona, located in Catalonia, Spain, is a city best known for its distinctive Gaudíarchitecture, lively club scene and historic sites, and is now recognized as one of the bestplaces to travel in 2012.Barcelona: A Solid FavoriteBarcelona remains to be a favorite holiday destination among young tourists, as well asfamilies, based on the TripAdvisor Awards. Last year, the Catalan capital grabbed the #9position on the ‘Top 10 Food and Wine Cities in Europe’, but this year Barcelona rose oneposition to secure the #8 spot on the ‘ Top 25 Destinations in the World’, ranking just belowLondon, New York and Paris.TripAdvisor, a well respected travel site and the largest in the world, with more than 20 millionmembers in over 30 countries allows users to vote on topics ranging from top destinations forvacations, to the best family hotels, to the best beach destinations. What sets TripAdvisorapart from the rest is its variety of content, which includes advice and ratings, and its easilyaccessible platforms, allowing destinations to be voted upon by real travelers.A major cultural center since the Middle Ages, Barcelona attracts million of tourists annually.According to, a record-breaking 7.45 million tourists visited the city in2011. Its superb location on the Mediterranean coast, alongside its multiple beaches,delectable cuisine, buzzing nightlife and some of the most preserved historical sites in Europe,makes Barcelona an ideal vacation spot. The city even outranked other popular destinations inthe awards, including Berlin, Florence, Buenos Aires, Sydney and Prague.Apartment BarcelonaFor visitors who choose Barcelona as the destination for their next vacation, there is a range ofcomfortable and affordable accommodation in the city to choose from. Apartment Barcelonahas over 500 apartments available to rent in and around the city. From Ramblas apartments tobeach apartments in Barcelona, those coming to the city - whether on vacation, a businesstrip or simply a short break - can select their accommodation from a variety of Barcelonaapartments in a range of styles and sizes. They will also have access to a staff of Barcelonaexperts, who are more than happy to help travelers find the perfect apartment in Barcelona.