Sterling Brookside- a Success story of Waste Management (180 Apartments)


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This Slideshare is a case study about Sterling Brookside, a 180 Apartment Complex which successfully implemented Solid Waste Management in their Apartment Complex.

This Apartment Complex started off with supplying 3 paper bags for each household with one for Plastic, Paper and other wastes each. They first educated their children on Solid Waste management and did a door to door campaign explaining the residents about the advantages associated with the waste management.

The slideshare also explains their leaf litter management which underwent different styles of composting and was used as manure for their terrace garden.

To get details on Waste Management check the link here

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  • We are all here cos we WANT to do something about WASTE. Also, of course the BBMP wants us to do something about it ... :) .... So - HOW can we actually Put a Waste Management System in place in our respective communities. Need some WILL to solve anything (relationship at home or our relationship with Nature) Now, WM systems – already created & are Working well So, then no breaking heads over figuring it out. Just ADOPT one System ... any one .... all of these are Working Systems.... pick any .... pick the shortest person speaking ....whatever ... just pick one and then use it. Just make sure you Adapt it first. Figure out what the specific needs of your apartment are and mould the system to it. We did the same thing about 3 yrs back – I ll spend a couple of minutes on what we did & then I have some notes to share on things to consider in order put a adapt a system so that it works well with the new BBMP Notice. If Abdul Kalam was giving this talk – He would actually make every one stand and take an oath - “I will ...”
  • Sterling Brookside- a Success story of Waste Management (180 Apartments)

    1. 1. I WILLADOPT a Waste Management System& ADAPT it for my Community - Varun Rupela (Sterling Brookside -180 Flats)
    2. 2. Sterling Brookside ApartmentsWM Activities: Aug 2009-Present Some Residents Interested in a WM System Newspaper Article – June 2009  Renaissance Park I, Malleswaram (Sandhya & co.) Understood it. Adapted it and Executed it. Managed Dry, Garden & E Waste.  Community Steel Plates, Thermocol & Coconut shells Wet Waste – 3 families – terrace composting
    3. 3. First Workshop:Getting KidsInvolved
    4. 4. 3 Bags given to each home.Kids writing on the bags -Paper, Plastic and Other
    5. 5. Door-to-DoorCampaign
    6. 6. TrainingDomesticHelp
    7. 7. Tip: Hang the Bags so theydont come in the way First Dry Waste Collection
    8. 8. Money that came from Dry Waste Sales, took care of the Purchase of the Bags !!
    9. 9. Community Steel Plates, Glasses & Spoons bought from Dry Waste Sale1/3rd of the Money was used forthe ApartmentRest was given to House KeepingStaff as small token bonus.
    10. 10. Cloth Bags Sale.Vegetable Vendor notallowed to usePlastic Bags
    11. 11. Leaf Litter Management:Kamals Parking Lot
    12. 12. Fill the Car Up
    13. 13. Deliver to Vijays Plot
    14. 14. Empty the bags in Vijays Neighboring Plot
    15. 15. Thermocolcollected in aparking lot.Paid Rs. 500 foreach tractor load.5 Times in 2 years
    16. 16. Tried different styles of CompostingStarted with Milk Van Trays
    17. 17. Composting:3 Families doing it for 3 yrsUsing Matka SystemNever scaled up. Total Apartments - 180
    18. 18. Composting effort turned into aTerrace GardenUsed the pots & trays to managefresh vegetable waste
    19. 19. Airtel Dish in a Forest :)
    20. 20. From the Terrace Garden came some Harvest !!
    21. 21. Waste Management System –Things to Put in Place for the BBMP Notice Template Available at
    22. 22. Sterling BrooksidesWaste Management SystemTemplate Available at
    23. 23. Newspaper Lining onthe wet waste bin athome
    24. 24. Dry Waste CollectionBag for ExternalCollector Drum for Electronic Waste
    25. 25. Sanitary waste to beneatly wrapped innewspaper Bags for collecting Sanitary Waste. Transfered to a Drum after collection
    26. 26. Provide the House KeepingStaff with Gloves !!
    27. 27. Nobody is Perfect !!Wet Waste has Plastic init Garden Waste being collected in Plastic Bags
    28. 28. Ideally Milk Packets need to be Rinsed& Dried before putting in Dry WasteCollection
    29. 29.
    30. 30. Back up Slides
    31. 31. Sample Considerations for Managing Dry Waste