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  • 2. 2011 Highlights 2011 焦點 • Over 66,000 sqm of Exhibition Area • 展覽面積超過 66,000 平方米 • More than 1,800 Exhibiting Companies • 1,800 多家參展商 • Expected 45,000 Visitors from All Over the World • 預料吸引 45,000 名來自世界各地的業內參觀者 Cosmoprof Asia 2011 • 22 Country & Group Pavilions: Australia, Belgium, Mainland China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, • 22 個國家及團體展館:澳洲、比利時、中國內地、 法國、德國、希臘、香港、以色列、意大利、日本、 heading for another Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the Taiwan region, Thailand, UK and USA, with Pakistan and Turkey as the 韓國、波蘭、新加坡、南非、西班牙、瑞士、台灣地區、 泰國、英國及美國,而巴基斯坦及土耳其則首度組團參展 successful edition first-timers • International Buyer Delegations: Match-making of hosted buyers • 國際買家推廣計劃:從中國內地、日本、印度、俄羅斯 及中東地區挑選優質買家,邀請來港與參展商進行配對 Cosmoprof Asia, founded in 1996, was the first Cosmoprof event held from Mainland China, Japan, India, Russia and Middle East with 洽商 outside of Europe. A skillful blend of beauty, business, education and trends exhibitors over the last 15 years has transformed it into the most important networking platform for leaders of the beauty industry in Asia. As the ultimate beauty platform to establish global connections, Cosmoprof Asia is well underway to its 16th edition from 9 to 11 November 2011 in 2008 亞太區美容展 Cosmoprof Asia was voted Hong Kong. Cosmoprof Asia 獲 AsiaSpa 雜誌選為 亞太區美容展 the Best Spa Event in 2008 has been a certified trade event of 全年最佳水療項目 連續十年獲美國商務署 by AsiaSpa Awards the US Department of Commerce 頒發商貿展覽証書 for the past ten years 2011 亞太區美容展 邁向另一高峰 Contents 目錄 亞太區美容展自1996年起舉行,是首項在歐洲以外地區 • Product sectors • Focus on Packaging 展品類別 page 3-4 包裝專題節目 page 11 舉行的 Cosmoprof 盛事,累積15年豐富經驗,把美容、 商貿、教育及潮流各項元素巧妙結合,發展成亞洲美容 • SPA Soul • Focus on China 業界最重要的商貿交流平台。 SPA Soul 水療項目 page 5-6 中國市場專題節目 page 12 亞太區美容展是全球美容界聚首一堂的矚目盛事,第16 • Day by Day • Focus on Japan 屆展會現已準備就緒,將於2011年11月9至11日在香港 每日特備活動 page 7-8 日本市場專題節目 page 13 隆重舉行。 • Cosmoprof Asia Spa Conference • Exhibitors list presented by Spa Soul 參展商名單 page 14 - 24 SPA Soul 水療項目呈獻: page 9-10 亞太區美容展水療會議 • Visitors information page 25 - 261 參觀者需知 2
  • 3. BEAUTY SALON 美容院 Hall 3E & Concourse & L2 Mezzanine 展覽廳 3E、大堂及二樓大堂中樓 As the most recognised Asian b2b platform for beauty professionals, Product sectors Cosmoprof Asia offers the best launch of skincare, spa and wellness, nail care products and equipment from the line-up of over 300 local and international brands. 展品類別 亞太區美容展是亞洲最權威的b2b美容商貿平台,吸引300多家本地 COSMETICS & TOILETRIES 及海外品牌參展,攜同最新專業美容護理、水療及身心健康、美甲產 品及儀器,在展會率先發布。 化妝及個人護理 PACK & OEM 包裝 Hall 展覽廳 1E Hall 展覽廳 5C, 5E & 5G The finest selection of the worldwide suppliers for the cosmetic The most glamorous presentation of the cosmetic products business, including raw and semi-processed material providers, distributed in the retail distribution channel, including make- contract manufacturers, private label manufacturers, packaging up, skincare, toiletries, fragrance and accessories. suppliers, package designers, paperboard suppliers and POP display manufacturers. 匯聚各式各樣通過零售渠道分銷的化妝及個人護理用品、 香水、美妝產品及配件。 全球頂尖化妝品供應商雲集,包括原料及半加工原料供應商、承包生 產商及私人品牌 (OEM/ODM)、包裝商、包裝設計師、紙板供應商及 POP 展示品製造商。 HAIR SALON 美髮 Hall 展覽廳 3G NATURAL HEALTH 天然保健 Discover the latest products, trends and techniques from Hall 展覽廳 1E the global salon industry: professional haircare, hair colour, A fully-dedicated environment showcasing natural health products, styling products, accessories, tools, equipment, salon health food and beverages, dietary supplements and multiple furnishings and many more. therapies for healthy body and soul. 發掘來自全球的最新專業美髮用品、潮流及技術:專業護 為注重健與美的人士而設,展出各類天然保健產品、健康食品及飲 髮、染髮、造型產品、配飾、工具、器材、髮廊傢具等等。 料、膳食補助品及各類有助身心健康的療法。3 4
  • 4. FEATURING : 內容包括: • Spa brand lounges • 水療品牌展示廊 • Spa stage sessions THE WORLD OF SPA MEETS • Live presentations • 新品舞台演示 • 現場示範項目 AT COSMOPROF ASIA 2011 • Networking opportunities • 業界互動交流平台 • Cosmoprof Asia Spa Conference (10th November) SPA SOUL • 亞太區美容展水療會議 (11月10日) Developed by Cosmoprof Asia, with AsiaSpa Magazine as the 由亞太區美容展主辦,亞洲著名水療及身心健康雜誌 official media partner of the conference, high caliber speakers will AsiaSpa 是會議的指定合作媒體。屆時水療界專家雲 More than 300 international brands representing the Spa, beauty salon share their know-how and vision on the spa world. 集,與參加者分享行業專門知識及新視野。 and wellness sector will present their innovations and ultimate beauty treatments at Cosmoprof Asia 2011. Join the protagonists of the spa world reunited in Spa Soul 參與Spa Soul 水療項目(11月9-11日),與水療界 project, from 9 to 11 November! 精英聚首一堂! Network with high-end Spa brands at prestige lounge, experience the innovative technique demonstrated on stage, and learn from industry leaders at the Spa Conference. Spa Soul Organiser 項目主辦單位 Spa Soul Event Sponsor 全球水療業精英薈萃2011亞太區美容展 項目贊助商 SPA SOUL 水療項目 超過300家國際知名的水療及美容品牌將雲集 2011亞太區美容展,為買家推介各類最新護膚 For exhibition space and sponsorship opportunities: Cosmoprof Asia Spa 有關項目贊助及查詢,請聯絡: Conference Media Partner 產品及美容療法。 水療會議指定合作媒體 Asia Pacific: UBM Asia Ltd Rest of the World: Alice Suen: alice.suen@ubm.com Alessandra Allegri: alessandra.allegri@cosmoprof.it 參觀者可在設計優雅的展示廊與高級水療品牌洽 Mimi Yeung: mimi.yeung@ubm.com ph. +39.02 454708216 fax +39.02.454708284 商,透過即場舞台演示親身體驗新品及技術,及 ph. +852.2827.6211 fax +852.3749.7345 參加水療會議汲取專家經驗知識。 For pre-registration to the show and conference ticket 參觀者優先登記及報名參加水療會議 : www.cosmoprof-asia.com5 6
  • 5. Day by Day Wednesday, 9th November Thursday, 10th November 每日特備活動 09:30 | Expo Drive Opening Ceremony of the 16th Edition 10:00 - 17:30 | Meeting Rooms S226-7 Cosmoprof Asia Spa Conference # 11月9日 (星期三) 11月10日(星期四) of Cosmoprof Asia Organiser: Cosmoprof Asia Ltd 09:30 | 博覽道入口 10:00 - 17:30 | S226-7 會議室 Spa Conference official media partner: AsiaSpa Magazine 第16屆亞太區美容展開幕典禮 亞太區美容展水療會議 # 11:00 - 13:00 | Meeting Rooms N106-8 主辦單位:亞太區美容展有限公司 Cosmoprof Asia 2011 - Press Conference 14:00 - 18:00 | Spa Soul Stage - Hall 3E Concourse 11:00 - 13:00 | N106-8 會議室 會議指定合作媒體:AsiaSpa 雜誌 SPA SOUL Live Presentations 2011亞太區美容展 ─ 新聞發佈會 14:00 - 18:00 | Spa Soul Stage - Hall 3E Concourse Organiser: Cosmoprof Asia Ltd 14:00 - 18:00 | 展覽廳 3E 大堂 Spa Soul 舞台 SPA SOUL Live Presentations 14:00 - 18:00 | 展覽廳 3E 大堂 Spa Soul 舞台 SPA SOUL水療舞台演示 Event sponsors: 3 SISTERS restorasis, Aroma Vera, Organiser: Cosmoprof Asia Ltd Mt. Sapola and PhytoCeuticals SPA SOUL 水療舞台演示 主辦單位:亞太區美容展有限公司 Event sponsors: 3 SISTERS restorasis, Aroma Vera, Mt. Sapola and 主辦單位:亞太區美容展有限公司 贊助商:3 SISTERS restorasis, Aroma Vera, Mt. Sapola 及 PhytoCeuticals 贊助商:3 SISTERS restorasis, Aroma Vera, Mt. Sapola 及 PhytoCeuticals 14:00 - 17:00 | Meeting Rooms S226-7 Friday, 11th November PhytoCeuticals The 10th Development of the Cosmetic Market in China, Conference: Analysis of the Cosmetic Market in China 09:00 - 11:00 | Meeting Rooms S226-7 14:00 - 17:00 | S226-7會議室 11月11日(星期五) 「第十屆中國化妝品發展論壇 ─ 解析中國內地化妝品市場」 Organiser: Cosmoprof Asia Ltd “Analysis on Current Cosmetic Regulations of China” 09:00 - 11:00 | S226-7 會議室 主辦單位:亞太區美容展有限公司 in co-operation with Cosmetic Observer Magazine Seminar # 「化妝品進入中國市場 ─ 新法規剖析」研討會 # Organiser: Cosmoprof Asia Ltd 聯合主辦:《化妝品觀察》雜誌社 主辦單位:亞太區美容展有限公司 14:30 - 16:00 | Meeting Rooms N104-5 in co-operation with Quality and Technology Certification and 聯合主辦:品質技術認證諮詢中心 (QTCCC) Consultation Service Centre (QTCCC) 14:30 - 16:00 | N104-5 會議室 “The Current Situation and the Future Vision of Japanese Beauty & Wellness Business” Seminar 「日本美容及水療業之現況與未來」研討會 主辦單位:亞太區美容展有限公司 10:30 - 14:00 | 展覽廳 3E 大堂 Spa Soul 舞台 Organiser: Cosmoprof Asia Ltd 10:30 - 14:00 | Spa Soul Stage - Hall 3E Concourse 聯合主辦:日本 Diet & Beauty 雜誌 SPA SOUL水療舞台演示 in co-operation with Diet & Beauty Magazine Japan SPA SOUL Live Presentations 主辦單位:亞太區美容展有限公司 Organiser: Cosmoprof Asia Ltd 14:30 - 16:30 | S426 會議室 贊助商:3 SISTERS restorasis, Aroma Vera, Mt. Sapola 及 14:30 - 16:30 | Meeting Room S426 Event sponsors: 3 SISTERS restorasis, Aroma Vera, “Global Services & New Technology in Beauty Cosmetics” Seminar # Mt. Sapola and PhytoCeuticals 「美容業的環球服務與新技術」研討會 # PhytoCeuticals Organiser: Cosmoprof Asia Ltd 主辦單位:亞太區美容展有限公司 Supporting media: Happi China Magazine 支持媒體:Happi China 雜誌 # Events by admission ticket Choose now # 購票入場 Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided As of 31st July 2011 your events 立即報名 資料截至2011年7月31日 設有同聲傳譯 and reserve 參與美容盛事 at www. www. cosmoprof-asia.com cosmoprof-asia.com7 8
  • 6. COSMOPROF ASIA SPA CONFERENCE SPEAKERS 講者 Deborah Sims Mary Darling Jenny Lo Fifi Kao PRESENTED BY Managing Director Owner & Founder Director Director and Editor in Chief The Face Magic Haven - Medi Spa Mary Darling Consulting New Media Services SpaChina Magazine Hong Kong Indonesia CatchOn & Company Limited China Hong Kong The Face Magic Haven - Medi Spa Mary Darling Consulting New Media Services 行政總裁 負責人及創辦人 CatchOn & Company Limited 總監 SpaChina 雜誌主編及總監 香港 印尼 香港 中國 PROGRAMME RUNDOWN 會議程序表 (As of 2nd August 2011 截至 2011 年8月2日) Georgie Yam Simon Shepherdson Barry White Kirsty MacCormick Founder & CEO Managing Director Group Director of Spa Corporate Director of Spa Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat International Leisure Consultants Chuan Spa ONYX Hospitality Group Session I: Trends & Marketing 第一部分:水療趨勢及市場推廣 China Hong Kong Langham Hospitality Group Hong Kong Thailand International Leisure Consultants 朗廷集團“川”水療中心 ONYX Hospitality Group 10:10 Presentation 1: Medi-Spa: a Growing Trend in Asia 10:10 演講1:亞洲正冒起的水療趨勢 ─ 醫療水療 悠庭保健會所創辦人及行政總裁 行政總裁 集團水療總監 品牌水療總監 Speaker: Deborah Sims 講者: Deborah Sims 中國 香港 香港 泰國 10:55 Presentation 2: Are you Listening to Consumers? 10:55 演講 2:您知道客戶的心聲嗎? What is the latest consumer pattern and spa trend? 何謂最新的消費模式及水療趨勢? Speaker: Mary Darling 講者: Mary Darling Sean O’ Connor Vanessa Main Ajay Pahwa Sandeep Ahuja Group Spa Manager Director of Spa CEO CEO 11:40 Presentation 3: How can Social Media Help your Business? 11:40 演講 3:如何利用社交媒體擴展業務? Design & Development Development & Operations Kaya Skin Clinic VLCC International Mandarin Oriental Hotel Asia Pacific, Hilton Worldwide India India Speaker: Jenny Lo 講者: Jenny Lo Group Hong Kong Singapore 文華東方酒店集團 希爾頓酒店集團 設計及發展部集團水療經理 亞太區水療發展及營運總監 Kaya Skin Clinic行政總裁 VLCC International 行政總裁 Session II: New market, New development 第二部分:水療業的新市場與新發展 香港 新加坡 印度 印度 14:00 Panel Discussion: China, Challenge & Opportunity? 14:00 互動討論:中國市場的挑戰與機遇 講者: 高菲 (Fifi Kao) Georgie Yam MODERATOR 主持 Panelists: Fifi Kao Georgie Yam Simon Shepherdson Simon Shepherdson 主持: Melinda Yon Moderator: Melinda Yon Melinda Yon 15:15 互動討論:如何建立出色的水療中心? 15:15 Panel Discussion: How to Create Outstanding Spas? Managing Director 講者: Barry White Kirsty MacCormick 360 Spa Solutions Ltd 10 November 2011 2011年11月10日 Panelists: Barry White Kirsty MacCormick Sean O’ Connor Vanessa Main Malaysia Sean O’ Connor Vanessa Main 主持: Melinda Yon 10:00 - 17:30 | Meeting Rooms 會議室 S226-7 Moderator: Melinda Yon 360 Spa Solutions Ltd 行政總裁 Fee 費用: HKD 800 / USD 103 (per person 每位) 16:15 演講 4:印度的水療業概況 馬來西亞 Early-bird 早報優惠: HKD 600 / USD 77 (per person 每位) 16:15 Presentation 4: Wellness Industry in India 講者: Ajay Pahwa Sandeep Ahuja [For enrolment before 30 September 2011 適用於2011年9月30日前報名人士] Speakers: Ajay Pahwa Sandeep Ahuja Language 語言: English 英語9 10
  • 7. FOCUS ON PACKAGING 包裝專題節目 FOCUS ON CHINA 中國市場專題節目 THE 10TH DEVELOPMENT OF THE COSMETIC MARKET IN CHINA CONFERENCE: Conference “GLOBAL SERVICES & NEW TECHNOLOGY IN BEAUTY COSMETICS” SEMINAR Seminar 9 November 2011 9 November 2011 ANALYSIS OF THE COSMETIC MARKET IN CHINA Educational track for all international industry professionals involved in the supply 14:00 - 17:00 | Meeting Room S226-7 chain and brand marketing 14:30 - 16:30 | Meeting Room S426 Overview of the current market in China for skincare and colour cosmetics, Free Admission Fee: HKD 400 / USD 52 (per person) with a special look at the internet distribution channel. Aimed at all Language: Mandarin • From product to solution: the new challenges of make up industry. The Chromavis Group approach Language: English international industry professionals eager to enter the China market with simultaneous interpretation in English • Design freedom through materials and process innovation Supporting Media: in co-operation with • Key success factors for glass packaging: global services and new technology for sustainable beauty • Illustrate the current situation of the Chinese skincare market cosmetics • Review the colour cosmetics Market in China • Understand the Chinese cosmetics internet distribution channel 「美容業的環球服務與新技術」研討會 研討會 第十屆中國化妝品發展論壇:解析中國內地化妝品市場 論壇 2011年11月9日 為來自世界各地、專門從事供應及品牌推廣業務的業界人士提供增值機會,豐富行業知識 14:30 - 16:30 | 會議室 S426 概述中國護膚品及彩妝市場的現況,特別探討中國化妝品的網絡銷售渠道。 2011年11月9日 14:00 - 17:00 | 會議室 S226-7 • Chromavis 集團提供「從產品到包裝方案:化妝品行業面對的最新挑戰 」 費用: HKD 400 / USD 52 (每位) 為來自世界各地,有志進入中國市場的行業精英而設 免費入場 語言: 英語 • 善用材料與創新工序以實現自由設計 支持媒體: • 剖析內地護膚產品市場現狀 語言: 普通話 • 玻璃包裝的成功要訣:實現可持續發展的美容業環球服務與新技術 • 探討中國的彩妝市場 提供英語同聲傳譯 聯合主辦 • 認識中國化妝品的網絡渠道 SPEAKERS 講者 “ANALYSIS ON CURRENT COSMETIC REGULATIONS OF CHINA” SEMINAR SEMINAR Siegfried Prive Philippe Milazzo Tracey Luo 11 November 2011 Deputy General Manager Global Marketing Manager Cosmetic Sales Director Educational track for all international industry professionals interested in 09:00 - 11:00 | Meeting Rooms S226-7 ChromaDurlin Cosmetic and Personal Care Packaging DuPont Cosmetic Solutions SGD Asia Pacific getting a better understanding on the latest Chinese cosmetic regulation Fee* : HKD 200 / USD 26 (per person) ChromaDurlin 公司 杜邦包裝部門 化妝品與個人護理產品包裝 湛江聖華玻璃容器有限公司 • Introduction of the procedures for entering cosmetic market of China Language: English 副總經理 全球市場經理 化妝品銷售總監 • Analysis on the latest cosmetic registration regulation system in China * FREE for Exhibitor 「化妝品進入中國市場 ─ 新法規剖析」研討會 研討會 為來自世界各地、希望了解中國最新美容法規的業界人士而設 2011年11月11日 09:00 - 11:00 | 會議室 S226-7 • 進口化妝品進入中國市場的程序提要 費用* : HKD 200 / USD 26 (每位) • 分析新法規變化對進口化妝品註冊的影響 語言: 英語 * 參展商免費參加 presented by QTCCC 由質量技術認證咨詢中心主講11 12
  • 8. 參展商名單 Exhibitors list FOCUS ON JAPAN 日本市場專題節目 Exhibitor Search function is now available on www.cosmoprof-asia.com (As of 2nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) “THE CURRENT SITUATION AND THE FUTURE VISION OF JAPANESE SEMINAR COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION 9 November 2011 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 BEAUTY & WELLNESS BUSINESS” SEMINAR 14:30 - 16:00 | Meeting Rooms N104-5 3dL Lab Inc. Taiwan Aroma Industry & Trade Co Ltd Dalian Free Beauty Business Media (Images Multimedia Pvt. Ltd) India Exploring the latest trend of Spa, Aesthetic, Fitness, and Cosmetics Free Admission A & P Unico Ltd Taiwan Trade Zone China Beauty Channel Korea Language: Japanese A&H Plastics Co., Ltd Taiwan Arose (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Beauty Plus Global, Inc. USA market in Japan with interpretation in English A. Best Inter Products Co., Ltd Thailand Ars Parfum GmbH Germany Beauty Promotions Inc Korea in co-operation with aaa TELEC France Art Cosmetics Co., Ltd Taiwan Beauty Rich Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan The speaker will talk about the current beauty and wellness industry in Japan, giving Diet & Beauty Magazine Japan Abacosm Greece Artec Chemical Co., Ltd Hong Kong Beauty Smart Trading Ltd Hong Kong Access Cosmetic Ltd Hong Kong Artero Cuchilleria S.A. Spain Beauty Solutions Company Limited Hong Kong case studies about the needs of Japanese consumers, successful products and popular Active Optical Systems Ltd. Israel Artist Cosmetic Co., Ltd Taiwan Beauty Solutions, Ltd. USA facilities. An ideal learning platform for all industry professionals interested in the Adaka & Company Hong Kong Asia Collection Japan Beauty Way International Limited Hong Kong Addmark Media Ltd Hong Kong Asia Image Holdings Ltd Hong Kong Beauty Yaurient Cosmetics Accessories Co., Ltd China Japanese beauty market. ADF Parfum Russia Asia Pacific Beauty Group Limited Hong Kong Beauty-mate International (Qingyuan) Cosmetic Adjuvant Cosme Japan Co., Ltd Japan AsiaSpa Magazine Hong Kong Manufacture Co., Ltd China Advanced Biotech Laboratories Switzerland SA Switzerland Aspire Brands Pty Ltd Australia Bebeco Co., Ltd Korea Adwin Korea Corporation Korea Asta Plastic Tubes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd China Becker-Manicure Solingen Germany 「日本美容及水療業之現況與未來」研討會 研討會 Aeph International Ltd China A-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd Korea Beijing ADSS Development Co., Ltd China 探討日本的水療、美容、塑身及化妝品市場之最新潮流 2011年11月9日 Aestar (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd China Atelier De Productions Aromatiques France Beijing Anchorfree Technology Co., Ltd China 14:30 - 16:00 | 會議室 N104-5 AG Co., Ltd Korea Atlas Plastic Products (HK) Co., Ltd Hong Kong Beijing Gerresheimer Glass Co., Ltd China Ageless Care Limited Hong Kong Audiowell Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd China Beijing Honkon Technologies Co., Ltd China 講者將分享日本的美容及身心健康行業的發展現況,舉例說明日本消費者的需要、甚受當地 免費入場 Agv Group Industries S.p.A. Italy Audorasan Cosmetics GmbH Germany Beijing KES Biology Technology Co., Ltd China 消費者歡迎的美容產品及設備。此研討會適合對日本美容市場有興趣的業界人士參與。 語言: 日語 Akatlar Kozmetik Sanayi Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti Turkey Austrade Hong Kong Office Australia Beijing Kiers Science & Technology Co., Ltd China 提供英語翻譯 Albea France Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals Australia Beijing Renguang Weiye Science & Technology Alfein Limited Hong Kong Authentic Thai Spa Co., Ltd Thailand Development Co., Ltd China 聯合主辦: Alice and Law Co., Ltd Hong Kong Axilone Shunhua Aluminium & Plastic Co., Ltd China Beijing Shengzhuang Household Chemicals Co., Ltd China 日本 Diet & Beauty 雜誌 Alissi Bronte S.L. Spain AY Plus Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd China Beijing Shijizhengfang Science & Technology All-Belle Cosmetics Corporation Taiwan AZI Co., Ltd Korea Development Co., Ltd China SPEAKER 講者 Allen & Thomas Cosmetic Accessories Co., Ltd China B. R. SAS France Beijing Starlight Science & Technology Development Allencan Company Limited Hong Kong B.I. Packaging China Co., Ltd China Atsushi Ebuchi Ally Limited Hong Kong B.kolormakeup & Skincare S.r.l. Italy Beijing Syntech Laser Co., Ltd China Chief Editor Alobon (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd China B4U Israel Beijing Toplaser Technology Co., Ltd China Diet & Beauty Magazine Japan Alpha Laboratories (N.Z.) Ltd New Zealand Baan Idin Co., Ltd Thailand Belcam Inc. USA Alpol Cosmetique France BaByliss Pro Hong Kong Bell Pphu Poland Alucon Public Co., Ltd Thailand Bai He Hair & Beauty Products Co., Ltd China Bella Co., Ltd Taiwan Amaranth Cosmetics Korea Bakel S.r.l. Italy Belle Cosmic (Far East) Ltd Hong Kong 日本 Diet & Beauty 雜誌主編 Amazing (Shuiyin) Beauty & Hairdressing Bando Beauty Products Co., Ltd Korea Belle Craft Manufacturing Co., Ltd Hong Kong Furniture Factory China Banzai Corporation (PVT) Ltd Pakistan Bellissima Korea Korea Amelie Beauty Co., Ltd Hong Kong Bao Sheng Corporation Korea Belloccia (Asia) Ltd Hong Kong AMI Comstics Co., Ltd Korea Bao Wang Brush China Berioska S.L. Spain Amika USA Baoyu Cosmetics Packaging Co., Ltd China Best In Group Limited Hong Kong Amka Products (Pty) Ltd South Africa Baralan International S.p.A. Italy Better Craft Co., Ltd China Angelfun Enterprises Co., Ltd Taiwan Baruffaldi F.lli Snc Italy Bettina Barty Germany Anisa International Inc. USA BD Korea Co., Ltd Korea BFF Kozmetik Temizlik Plastik Urunleri Ve Turizm For updated details of special events and enrolment, please visit the fair website Ann Ann Inc Taiwan Be Famed Intertrade Co., Ltd Thailand Sanayi Tic. A.S. Turkey Anny Jean France Beaumonde Skin Care Hong Kong BGMP Co., Ltd Korea 最新特備節目及報名詳情,請瀏覽展會網站: Anubis Cosmetics S.L. Spain Beaunion Cosmetics Factory Taiwan Biarritz Creations France Aplus Technics Co., Ltd Hong Kong BeauTac Electronics Co., Ltd China Bingo Hair Cosmetic Manufacture Ltd China Apollo Industrial Co., Ltd Korea Beaute Et Parfums France Binli Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Aquapick Co., Ltd Korea Beautech Industries Limited Hong Kong Bintang Mas Triyasa, PT Indonesia Arakaki Tsusho Co., Inc Japan Beautisky International Limited Hong Kong Bio Aromes France COSMOPROF-ASIA.COM Aram Huvis Co., Ltd Korea Beautistyle International Corp. Taiwan Bio Consumer Co.,Ltd Thailand13 14
  • 9. Exhibitors list 參展商名單 參展商名單 Exhibitors list (As of 2 nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) Exhibitor Search function is now available on www.cosmoprof-asia.com 參展商網上搜尋功能現已啟動,請瀏覽 www.cosmoprof-asia.com (As of 2nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 Bio Provence Sarl France Caleb Enc Co Korea Ching Fon Industrial Co., Ltd Taiwan Cosmetics Toiletry & Fragrance Association South Africa Derxin (Shanghai) Cosmetics Co., Ltd China E & J Korea Co., Ltd (Amazing Shine) Korea Biocharme Italy Callegari S.p.A. Italy Ching Mei Industrial Co., Ltd Hong Kong Cosmex Co., Ltd Taiwan Design Planet Co., Ltd Korea Eagle Fortress Hair Products Factory Ltd China Biocyte France Canaan-Chic Cosmetic Ind. Ltd. Israel Chizhou Beautytextile Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd China Cosmic Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Designwithu Korea East Rich Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Bioken, Inc. USA Canway Trading Firm China Cholley SA Switzerland Cosminpex France DGDA International Trading Pte Ltd Singapore EC Pack (Pump & Valve) Industrial Limited Hong Kong Bioline S.r.l. Italy Caregen Korea Chong Woo Co., Ltd Korea Cosmo C&T, Korea Korea Dhillon Jones Pty Ltd Australia Ecocert GL Sas France Biolux Medical France Careline Australia P/L Australia Choys International Corp Korea Cosmo Industrial Development Limited Hong Kong Dial Fit Ltd Hong Kong Ecomine Co., Ltd Korea Biomaris GmbH Germany Careplus Skin Care Solutions USA Chris Adams Perfume (FZC) United Arab Emirates Cosmolab Sarl France Diffulice Sarl Switzerland Ecoplanet Inc Korea Bioplan Flexasia China Caseti Company Limited Hong Kong Christina Israel Cosmotec SA Switzerland Diora Professionnel USA EDK Spa Solution Korea Bio-Stem Co., Ltd Taiwan Cass & Co (International) Limited Hong Kong Chromavis S.p.A. Italy Cosmovogue GmbH Switzerland Display & Packaging Limited Hong Kong EFA Packaging Industrial Co., Ltd Hong Kong Bio-Therapeutic Computers Ltd Hong Kong Catalo Naturals Ltd Hong Kong Chugata Impex Pakistan Coswel Co., Ltd Korea Distribuidora De Productos Naturales S.A. Eins Med Co., Ltd Korea Bio-Vera Lab Co., Ltd Thailand Catalysis S.L. Spain Chun Fat (HK) Beauty Limited Hong Kong Coswell Italy (Disna A.S.) Spain EJ Pack Korea BIPL Co., Ltd Korea CCN Products Inc China Chun Ni Ya Industrial (HK) Ltd China Cotde Co., Ltd Korea Divana Spa Co., Ltd Thailand Ekal Instruments Pakistan Birmingham Chamber of Commerce & CCPIT Ningbo Sub-Council China Chung Bor Color Printing & Handicrafts Co., Ltd Taiwan Courage + Khazaka Electronic GmbH Germany DM Bio Co., Ltd Korea ELCOS Co., Ltd Korea Industry (BCI) UK Cegedis France Chungwoo Co.,Ltd Korea Coverpla France DMK Australia Elcure Co., Ltd Korea Biss Co., Ltd Japan Ceisco Italy Chunjing Glass Products Co., Ltd China Cpac Asia Imaging Products Ltd Thailand DMT Co., Ltd Korea Elite Space Beauty Group Ltd Hong Kong Bliss Naturals Bath & Beauty Ltd China Cellab Co., Ltd Korea Ciel Pte Ltd Singapore CPL Aromas UK DO-BEST, INC. Japan Ella Bache France Blisspack Co., Ltd Korea CEMSA Spain Citi Concept Investment Ltd Hong Kong Creascents France Doctors Technology Co., Ltd Korea EMP Image Solution Sdn Bhd Malaysia Blooming Lab Co., Ltd Thailand Centic Industrial Co., Ltd China Cixi Shunguang Plastic Factory China Cris Go (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand dodo Japan Japan Emuchile S.A. Chile Bluecos GmbH Germany Centre Suisse de Prévention du Vieillissement SA Switzerland CK Corp Korea Croce Korea Dogatke Ic Ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. Turkey EndyMed Medical Ltd Israel Bluvance Inc Korea Centreco France Clayspray Spain CTK Co., Ltd Korea Dong Bang Medicare, Inc. Korea Ennio Products Inc. China BNX Korea Co., Ltd Korea Cerena Germany Clio Co., Ltd Korea CTS Israel Dong Guan Livo Electrical Co., Ltd China Epilov France Bo Yan Color Chart Manufacturing Co., Ltd China Ceriotti S.r.l. Italy CM International Inc Korea CV Essential Cosmetics S.L. Spain Dong Ha Beauty Plus Korea Episciences Hong Kong Ltd Hong Kong Bocas Co., Ltd Korea CFFC-Conservatoire Francais Des Fragrances & CMS International Korea Cypreos France Eponges France Dong Woo Enterprise Co., Ltd China Epopack Co., Ltd Taiwan Bomtech Electronics Co., Ltd Korea Cosmetiques France Codibel Belgium Cypress Sourcing Company Ltd Hong Kong Dongguan City Moreda Electric Technology Erayba Cosmetics S.A. Spain Botany Essentials Pty Ltd Australia CHABio & Diostech Co., Ltd Korea Codos Electronics Factory China D.R.V. S.A. Italy Co., Ltd China Ericson Laboratoire France Bottlemate (Taiwan) Inc. Taiwan Chambre des Metiers et de L’artisanat des Hauts Color N Color Korea Daeil Beauty Collection Co., Ltd Korea Dongguan Dongri Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd China Erkul Kozmetik San. Ve Tic. A.S. Turkey Boya Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan de Seine France Color Season Enterprise Co Taiwan Daesung Maref Co., Ltd Korea Dongguan Fumeikang Electrical Technology Erte Kozmetik San. Ve Tic. A.S. Turkey Boya Packaging Co., Ltd China Chamos Cosmetic Co Korea Colorcos Co.,Ltd Thailand Daeyang Madical Korea Co., Ltd China Esmin Co., Ltd Taiwan BR Beauty Cosmeticos Brazil Chang Shin T&S Korea Colornow Cosmetic Limited China Dajia Group Investment Limited Hong Kong Dongguan Hengli Choebe Plastic Products Esscalate Cosmetics (Hong Kong) Ltd Hong Kong Brelil S.r.l. Italy Chantal Poland Colour Symphony Pte Ltd Singapore Dalian Meiyuan Cosmetic Appliance Co., Ltd China Co., Ltd China Essel Packaging (Guangzhou) Limited China Bright Vision Industrial Co., Ltd Taiwan Chao Ling Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd Taiwan Comfort Japan Inc Japan Dancoly Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Dongguan Roman Electrical Technology Co., Ltd China Estetique Inc. USA Brilliant International Enterprise (HK) Co., Ltd China Chaohui Beauty Salon Equipment Co., Ltd China Complacent Industrial (HK) Ltd Hong Kong Danil SMC Co., Ltd Korea Dongguan Yirenmei Electric Co., Ltd China Eternal Optical & Perfumery (Far East) Ltd Hong Kong Brilliant Printing Limited Hong Kong Chaozhou Hengshengjia Ceramics Co., Ltd China Complexion Sciences Co., Ltd Thailand Dar Yaw Industry Co., Ltd Taiwan DongPin Salon & Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd China Eunsung Global Corp Korea Brivaplast S.r.l. Italy Charate Industries Ltd Hong Kong Comptoir Des Lys France Darin Co., Ltd Korea Doori Cosmetics Co., Ltd Korea Euro Asia Packaging (Guangdong) Co., Ltd China Bronzini Limited Hong Kong Charis Seijo Co., Ltd Japan Comptoir Sud Pacifique France Daryn Global Korea Dorich Enterprise Company Taiwan Euro Cosmetic Asia Group Taiwan Bruno Vassari Spain Charlotte Meentzen Kosmetik GmbH Germany Copco Industrial Co., Limited China Dasung T&T Co., Ltd Korea Dosis M&M Co., Ltd Korea Euro So Cap S.r.l. Italy BST Inc Korea Charm Beauty Corp., Ltd China Cosinus France DBI Co., Ltd Korea Double Body Co., Ltd Hong Kong Europelab-Nelly DeVuyst Canada Builder Trading Company Hong Kong Charm International Inc Korea Cosline Co., Ltd Korea De Fabulous USA Dr. Brandt Skincare France Eurovetrocap S.r.l. Italy Burstenmann GmbH Germany Cheery Cosmetic Company Hong Kong Cosmecca Korea Co., Ltd Korea Decorative Cosmetic Container Co., Ltd Taiwan Dr. Li Tat Beauty Ltd Hong Kong Eveline Cosmetics Poland Busan Techno-Park Marine Bio-Industry Chemcorp Pty Ltd Australia COSMED France Decorative Industries Ltd UK Dr. med. Cristine Schrammek Kosmetik Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. Taiwan Development Center Korea Chemicos Creations Co., Ltd Korea Cosmedical Ltd Hong Kong De-Light Enterprises Ltd. Hong Kong GmbH & Co. KG Germany Ever Fore Plastic Co., Ltd Taiwan BW Confidential UK Chenfeng Int’l Haircare Co., Ltd China Cosmetex Roland Co., Ltd Japan Delon Laboratories Canada Canada Drammock International Ltd UK Ever Rich Fountain Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan BYS Cosmetics Australia Chenice Beverly Hills Europe S.r.l. Italy Cosmetic News Weekly UK Denon HK Hairdressing Appliances Co., Ltd China Drawntime Display & Design Ltd China Evercos Co., Ltd Korea Bztools Company Limited Hong Kong Cheung’s Hair Beauty Co., Ltd Hong Kong Cosmetic Observer Magazine China Department of Trade & Industry - DreamRising Co., Ltd China Evergreen (Asia Pacific) Ltd Hong Kong C & C International Korea Cheyladerm Switzerland Cosmetic Research Group Laboratories France South Africa South Africa Dreiturm GmbH Germany Eversharp Changco Taiwan C&B Products Inc Korea Chian Zong International Co., Ltd Taiwan Cosmetic Valley France Depend Cosmetic AB Sweden Du Pont China Limited Hong Kong Evoluderm France C.D.B. Cosmetici Dermo-Biologici S.r.l. Italy Chiara Ambra GmbH Germany Cosmetica Cosbar S.L. Spain Derik Industrial Co., Ltd China Duen Huang (H.K.) Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Evyap Sabun Yag Ve Gliserin San. Ve Tic. A.S. Turkey Cador Management Belgium China V & W Factory China Cosmetica De Cabinas S.L. Spain Dermae Natural Bodycare USA Dvn International Thailand F&B International S.r.l. Italy Cailyn Cosmetics USA Chinashow Ltd Hong Kong Cosmetics Tech. Co., Ltd (Thai Ho Group Inc.) Taiwan Dermal Institute U.S.A. 1956 Italy DZD Color Chart Manufacturing Co., Ltd China F.C. Co., Ltd Vietnam15 16
  • 10. Exhibitors list 參展商名單 參展商名單 Exhibitors list (As of 2 nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) Exhibitor Search function is now available on www.cosmoprof-asia.com 參展商網上搜尋功能現已啟動,請瀏覽 www.cosmoprof-asia.com (As of 2nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 F.S Korea Industries Inc Korea Gemmate International Corp Taiwan Guangzhou Bio-Curve Beauty & Health Guangzhou Yusong Refinement Chemical Co., Ltd China Hipertin S.A. Spain Intercos Italia S.p.A. Italy Fama Fabre S.A. Spain Gemology Cosmetics France Equipment Factory China Guangzhou Zhuolie Industrial Trading Co., Ltd China Hironic Co., Ltd Korea International Cosmetics Manufacturing Magazine China Far East Suncare Ltd Hong Kong General Project Italy Guangzhou Colorite Cosmetic Ltd China Guangzhou Zixuan Tattoo & Permanent Makeup HML International Group Limited Hong Kong International Paper Shorewood Packaging China Farberon Limited Hong Kong Genesis Bio Cosmetics (HK) Ltd Hong Kong Guangzhou Dexin Wax Products Co., Ltd China Co.,Ltd China Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd Australia Intertek France Farmasi Cosmetics Turkey Genic Co., Ltd Korea Guangzhou Eunchang Co., Ltd China Guangzhou Zuofun Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Homer Printing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd China Ipek Idrofil Pamuk San. Ve Tic. A.S. Turkey Farmeco S.r.l. Italy Genie-S International Limited Hong Kong Guangzhou Ezee Cosmetics & Accessories Co., Ltd China Guanhong Enterprise Taiwan Hong Joe Co., Ltd Taiwan Ipra Fragrances France Fasel S.r.l. Italy Germaine De Capuccini S.A. Spain Guangzhou Fantasy Hair Co., Ltd China Guys And Souls International Co., Ltd Thailand Hong Kong Beauty Magazine Hong Kong Ishigaki No Shio Co., Ltd Japan Fei Fan International Nail Art Company China German Cosmetics, Toiletry, Perfumery and Guangzhou Fantasy Wig Co., Ltd China H & C Cosmetics (Far East) Ltd Hong Kong Hong Kong Weiqun Industry Development Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Fenghua Tiandi Airbrush Manufacture Co., Ltd China Detergent Association (IKW) Germany Guangzhou Gabriel Optic-electronic Co., Ltd China H.N.S. Co., Ltd Japan Co., Ltd Hong Kong Exporters’ Association Turkey FHI Korea Co., Ltd Korea German Information Booth Germany Guangzhou Global Village Paper Co., Ltd China H.S.A. Hair Stylist Applications S.p.A. Italy Hong Kong Wo Hing Industrial Company Hong Kong ITC Korea Fiabila France Gi Picco’s Cosmetics S.r.l. Italy Guangzhou Huafei Tongda Technology Co., Ltd China Habalan Med & Beauty Co., Ltd Korea Hong Nan Industrial (HK) Co., Ltd Hong Kong Itimat Luks Hirdavat San. Ve Tic. A.S. Turkey Filler Co., Ltd Taiwan Giffarine (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd Hong Kong Guangzhou Huan Qiu Hair Beauty Equipment Haimen Liguo Glass Products Co., Ltd China Hongda Beauty and Hairdressing Instrument ITREC France Fine. M Korea Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories Israel Co., Ltd China Haimen Sanlong Glass Product Co., Ltd China Factory China J. Rettenmaier & Soehne GmbH + Co Hong Kong Finemec Co., Ltd Korea Gill Sino Plast Hong Kong Guangzhou Jiaxing Opto-Electrical Technology Haitnim Co., Ltd Korea Honghui Beauty Hairdressing Equipment Jabez International Group Limited Hong Kong Fino Cosmetics CC South Africa Gim-Hwa Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Co., Ltd China Hangzhou 3Star Craftwork Glass Co., Ltd China Co., Ltd China Jagison Meditech Korea Fisk Industries USA Girlee Development (HK) Co., Ltd Hong Kong Guangzhou Jimy Facial & Hair Beauty Products Hangzhou Mino Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd China Hormeta S.A. Switzerland Janet Lanka Sri Lanka Fitlife Co., Ltd Japan Gkhair USA Co., Ltd China Hangzhou Proya Holding Co., Ltd China House of Cheatham, Inc. USA Jang-Up System Co., Ltd Korea Flax Ltd Greece Gla Nature Co., Ltd Thailand Guangzhou Kaili Salon Equipment Co., Ltd China Hangzhou Tianshi Packing & Printing Ltd China HS Chemical Korea Janssen Cosmetics GmbH Germany FM Brush (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Gladiator Enterprise Co., Ltd China Guangzhou Lianmeng Machinery Equipment Hangzhou Zhenhua Glass Co., Ltd China HSC Co Ltd (Woojin System) Korea Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd Japan Fomento Industrial Kai Lei, Limitada Macau Global Best Way Co., Ltd China Co., Ltd China Hanjin Chemical Co., Ltd Korea Huangshan Watts Electrical Co., Ltd China Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Japan Fong Hua Manufacturing Limited Hong Kong Global Management Just Co., Ltd Japan Guangzhou Maya Beauty Equipments Factory China Hankook Cosmo Cosmetics Korea Hugen Korea Korea Jardin De France France Fong Yang Packaging Co., Ltd Taiwan Global Team Holdings Ltd Hong Kong Guangzhou MingYi Barber & Beauty Chair Co., Ltd China HansTech Korea Huini (International) Beauty Co. China Jasmin Skincare Pty Ltd Australia Foshan City Sanshui Wave Electrical Products Global Wellness Logistics Ltd Hong Kong Guangzhou MT. Sapola Trading Co., Ltd China Hapro International Netherlands Huizhou Ken En Cosmetics Industrial Ltd China JB Cosmetics USA Co., Ltd China GM Kosmetic Italy Guangzhou Noconi Cosmetics & Accessories Hare Exports Ltd Taiwan Huizhou Mei Ti Cosmetic Co., Ltd China JCH International France Foshan Huihong Plastic Mould Co., Ltd China GMP Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd Australia Co., Ltd China Harman Plastic Industries India Hunan Mascara Industry & Trading Company China JCL (Asia) Ltd Hong Kong Foshan Yongye Pump & Sprayer Co. Ltd China Gold Beauty Ltd Hong Kong Guangzhou Nuofei Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Hong Kong Hunca Kozmetik san.a.s Turkey Jean D’arcel Germany Fox & Planet Co., Ltd Korea Gold River (Far East) Ltd Hong Kong Guangzhou Ouxinmay Packaging Co., Ltd China Harry & Son’s, Inc Korea Hundred Industrial Limited China Jenny Beauty College O/B Elite Beauty (H.K) Fraser Research Labs, Inc Canada Golden Delta Co., Ltd Hong Kong Guangzhou Panyu Wutung Engineering Co., Ltd China Harvest Beauty & Fitness Group Ltd Hong Kong Huzhou Sunrise Pencil Co., Ltd China Limited Hong Kong French Cosmetic Workshop France Goldens Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd China Guangzhou Peixin Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Hattitude Magazine China Hwang Sun Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Jespon Co., Ltd Korea Frenchtop Natural Care Products B.V. Netherlands Gorgeous Cosmetics Australia Guangzhou Pretty Industrial Co., Ltd China Have & Be Co., Ltd Korea Hydrea London Ltd UK Ji Yi Guo International Co., Ltd Taiwan Fresca Co., Ltd Japan Gosh Cosmetics Denmark Guangzhou Pretty Time Industrial Co., Ltd China HCP Packaging Co., Ltd Taiwan Hysope Cosmetics Paris France Jia Hsing Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Freskin Biotech Ltd Hong Kong Grand Aespio Inc. Korea Guangzhou Qiangni Hairdressing & Beauty HCT Asia Ltd Hong Kong Hyundae Meditech Korea Jiangdu Fushida Brushes Co., Ltd China Frike Cosmetic AG Switzerland Grasse Beaute De Paris Pte Ltd Singapore Tool Factory China H-Directplus Group Taiwan I Plus Q Co., Ltd Thailand Jiangmen Xianda Hardware Factory China Froika Greece Great John Machinery Co., Ltd Taiwan Guangzhou Qiaoxin Plastic Co., Ltd China Health & Beauty Group HK Ltd Hong Kong I.T.O. Co., Ltd Japan Jiangsu Ruiyu Hospital Products Co., Ltd China Froma Kimya Gida Ve Ambalaj Sanayi Tic. Green Music Co., Ltd Thailand Guangzhou Sanzi Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Health Beauty Co., Ltd Japan IBS - International Beauty Station Korea Jiangsu Soho International Group Yangzhou Ltd. Sti. Turkey Green Source Ind. Co., Ltd Taiwan Guangzhou Shaofeng Packing Equipment Healthcosmeticals GmbH Germany ICEX - Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade Spain Co., Ltd China Frostbland Pty Ltd Australia Greenstep France Manufacturing Co., Ltd China Heaven Health & Beauty Ltd UK ICMAD USA Jimy Groups Limited China Fruto Co., Ltd Japan Groupe Batteur International France Guangzhou Shifei Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Heitland Cosmetics Germany Icsea Helen Seward Sas Italy Jin Corporation Korea Fuh-Chaur Biotech Industry Co., Ltd Taiwan Groupe JLF France Guangzhou Shishi Daily Chemical Products Co., Ltd China Helen Seward Italy IDESCO, S.A Spain Jin Sang Sa Co Korea Fuji Dynamics Limited Hong Kong GT Automation Singapore Guangzhou Sina-Ekato Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd China Hellenic Foreign Trade Board - HEPO Greece I-JULIA Co., Ltd Korea Jin Tian Scissors Company China Fujikon Packing Material Co., Ltd Hong Kong GTS Group S.p.A. Italy Guangzhou Sun Hope Enterprise Co., Ltd China HENBOR snc Italy Importers & Export Institute Association of Taipei Taiwan Jingdu Commodity Factory China Fu-Mei Scissors & Tools MFG. Co., Ltd. Taiwan Guangdong Huanengda Electrical Appliances Guangzhou Taiji Electronic Co., Ltd China Herbacin cosmetic GmbH Germany Ims Ningbo Packaging China Jinhua B & F Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Funrich Industrial Co., Ltd Hong Kong Co., Ltd China Guangzhou Tianba Beauty & Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Herbal & Derma Biomed Limited Taiwan Incheon Business Agency (IBA) Korea JinHua City Jinpan Development Zone ShangMei Fushima S.L. Spain Guangdong Shantou Qiaoyi Plastic Co., Ltd China Guangzhou Xiantai Industrial Co., Ltd China Heynature Korea Influx Industry Inc. China Cosmetics Co., Ltd China G. D. Enterprises Korea Guangzhou Amy Plastic Tube Co., Ltd China Guangzhou Xinyou Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd China High Class Art International Corp Taiwan Ing Wen Precision Ent Co., Ltd Taiwan Jinhua Magic Color Cosmetic Co., Ltd China G.V.G. (HK) Co., Ltd Hong Kong Guangzhou Baiyun District DongFang Plastic Guangzhou Yinglang Beauty & Hairdressing Hing Wing Industrial Company Hong Kong Inner Room Co., Ltd Thailand Jinhua Mingshi Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Gamma Piu S.r.l. Italy Packaging Manufacturer China Things Co., Ltd China Hip Lei Packaging Products Fty Ltd Hong Kong Innovative Living International Co., Ltd Thailand Jixiang Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd China Gedik Cosmetics (Nihat Gedik) Turkey Guangzhou Beco Electronic Technology Guangzhou Yorkma Electrical Company China Hip Lik Packaging Products Fty Ltd Hong Kong Insect Biotech Co., Ltd Korea Join Free Limited Hong Kong Gem Beauty Hong Kong Co., Ltd China Guangzhou Yucaitang Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Hip Sing Packaging Products Fty Ltd Hong Kong Inspira Germany JOJO Haircosmetics GmbH Germany17 18
  • 11. Exhibitors list 參展商名單 參展商名單 Exhibitors list (As of 2 nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) Exhibitor Search function is now available on www.cosmoprof-asia.com 參展商網上搜尋功能現已啟動,請瀏覽 www.cosmoprof-asia.com (As of 2nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 Joneston International Limited Hong Kong Kosmoda S.r.l. Italy Lis’Kin Pharmaceutical Ltd Hong Kong Meijianda Furniture Factory China Muster & Dikson Italy Ningbo Jiangbei Liyong Beauty and Hairdressing Jooshin Ind Machine Co. Korea Kovas Co., Ltd Korea Living Fountain Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd Taiwan Meishida Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd China Mylogo Cosmetics Austria Equipment Co., Ltd China Joyas Manufacturing Limited Hong Kong Kowa Optics Corp. Taiwan LKTECH Korea Meitao Beauty And Hairdressing Chair Factory China N&B S.r.l. Italy Ningbo Jiangdong Everflare Packaging Co., Ltd China Joycos Ltd Korea KPN Material Co, Ltd Thailand Lo Mei Cosmetics Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Melodian Co., Ltd Japan N.F.T.Z Evershine Int’l Trading Co., Ltd China Ningbo Jieli Cosmetical Package Co., Ltd China Joyful Queen Trading Ltd Hong Kong K-Won Co., Ltd Korea Logic Capital Consultants Limited Hong Kong Merry Life Cosmetic Beauty Industry Co., Ltd Taiwan Nadine Salembier Diffusion Belgium Ningbo Jinyu Spray Packing Co., Ltd China JSDA Electronic Nail Drill Co., Ltd China LA Splash USA Long Hui Da Cosmetics Co Hong Kong Mesoestetic S.L. Spain Nail FileFactory Korea Ningbo Jinzhou Commodity Co., Ltd China JSYY Co., Ltd China Lab Dom Avmm Suisse (Asia) Sdn. Bhd Malaysia Long Woen Plastics Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Mibelle Biochemistry AG Switzerland Nail Partner Co., Ltd Japan Ningbo Liangyi Aluminum Products Co., Ltd China Julong Industrial Company Limited Hong Kong Laboratoire Du Latz Pte Ltd Singapore LPG Systems France Microbase Technology Corp Taiwan Nail Vision China Ningbo Ocean Plastic & Chemical Products Co., Ltd China Jung Min Co., Ltd Korea Laboratoire Marianne Rose France Lubuds Asia Ltd Hong Kong Miki Corporation Japan Nailace Co., Ltd Korea Ningbo Piaoyi Hair Brush Co., Ltd China Junhe Beauty Parlor Products Co., Ltd China Laboratoire Rosier Davenne France Lucky Dragon Enterprise Group Inc. China Millimed Co., Ltd Thailand NailTech Professional (HK) Limited Hong Kong Ningbo Prodigy Metal Products Co., Ltd China Jwu Ching Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Laboratoires Arcana France Lucky Seven Industries (Pvt) Ltd Pakistan Mineralbio Co., Ltd Korea Najjar Sas France France Ningbo Qimei Articles Co., Ltd China K.K. Plastic Factory Ltd Hong Kong Laboratoires Biopha France Lucky Trendy Co., Ltd Japan Ming Fai Enterprise International Co., Ltd China Nathealthsolutions Australia Ningbo Qitian Manufacturing Co., Ltd China K.-W. Pfannenschmidt GmbH Germany Laboratoires Lea Nature Sas France Lucy Belle Cosmetic (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd Taiwan Mingfeng (Hong Kong) Packaging Co Ltd Hong Kong Nation Beauty Magazine Taiwan Ningbo Raffini Import & Export Co., Ltd China Kai Fat Brush Factory Ltd Hong Kong Laboratoires Provendi France Ludanmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Mingjian Beauty Hairdressing Articles Firm China Natura House S.r.l. Italy Ningbo Rainbow International China Kam Fung Metal Ent. Co., Ltd Hong Kong Laboratoires Vitarmonyl France M.S. Beauty Line Co., Ltd Thailand Mingshan (HK) Nail Art Decoration Products Natural and Organic Living Ltd Hong Kong Ningbo Tuoji Import And Export Co., Ltd China Kam Wah Hong (Int’l) Co., Ltd Hong Kong Laboratorios Belloch S.A. Spain Macadamia Natural Oil USA Co., Ltd Hong Kong Natural Care Corporation Japan Ningbo Yinzhou Hefeng Brush Co., Ltd China Kardesler Ucan Yaglar San. A.S. Turkey Laboratorios Foramen S.L. Spain Macy Beauty Company Hong Kong Mingzhuo Salon & Beauty Parlor Ambience Natural F&P Korea Ningbo Yinzhou Suteng Plastic & Chemical Kario Company Limited Hong Kong Laboratorios Ximart S.A. Spain Magnetic Packaging Inc. Taiwan Co., Ltd China Naturelab Co., Ltd Japan Product Factory China KB Cosmetics Korea Ladies Biotech Co., Ltd Taiwan Magnoli Cosmetics Co., Ltd Taiwan Minjin Co., Ltd Korea Naturescent Israel Ningbo Yizhou Daily Necessities Co., Ltd China KBF Interpack Co., Ltd Thailand Ladine (Pty) Ltd South Africa Mair Production Company Hong Kong Minus 417 Cosmetics Research Dead Sea Ltd Israel Natuzen Co., Ltd Korea Ningbo Yuhang Articles Co., Ltd China Keen Diamond Company Ltd Hong Kong Ladycare Amenities Manufacturing Co., Ltd Hong Kong Majesty Dispensing Systems Co., Ltd China Minxin Brushes Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd China Navarro France France Ningbo Yunwu Plastics Co., Ltd China Kelly Professional Nail Co., Ltd China Lakme Cosmetics S.L. Spain Makeup United Limited Hong Kong Miracle Natural Products Ltd Hong Kong Ndorphin Cosmetic Korea Ningbo Zhenhai Bishui Environmental Kentex Packing Machinery Co., Ltd Taiwan La-Nail Industrial Co., Ltd China Maletti S.p.A. Italy Miracles International Ltd Hong Kong Neo Cosmetics P/L Australia Chemistry Co., Ltd China Keratin Complex USA Landy International Limited China Man Tat Wigs Mfg. Co., Ltd Hong Kong Mirato S.p.A. Italy Neo Derm Group Ltd Hong Kong Nippon Zettoc Co., Ltd Japan Keystone Industries USA Lap Keung Metal Works Factory Ltd Hong Kong Mann & Schroder GmbH Germany Miriam Quevedo S.L. Spain NeoPharm Co., Ltd Korea NJD Cosmetics France Kiepe & Co. Italy Lasenta (Tianjin) Cosmetic Co.,Ltd China Manson International Company Ltd Hong Kong Mit Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd Thailand NeoStrata USA Nora Bode Kosmetik Germany Kigelia Cosmetics CC South Africa La-Tweez Israel Mareal Japan Co., Ltd Japan Mitra Jaya Mandiri, CV Indonesia Nest-Filler Pkg Korea Norix International Pte Ltd Singapore Kikuboshi Co., Ltd Japan Le Bain Collection France Mario Zunino & c. S.r.l. Italy Mitsuboshi Cutlery Co., Ltd Japan Netwing Inc. Korea Nouveau Contour Netherlands Kimyon Industrial (HK) Company Limited Hong Kong Leidex Corporation Korea Marna Cosmetics Co., Ltd Japan Mix & Match Co., Ltd Korea New ImMax Company Ltd Hong Kong Nouvelle Publication Co., Ltd Japan Kinatech Co., Ltd Korea Leivy Laboratories Sdn Bhd Malaysia Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo Inc Japan Mizuho Brush Company Limited Japan New Island Printing Co., Ltd Hong Kong Nova Group Pty Ltd Australia Kindai Kagaku Co., Ltd Japan Lengshuijiang Songye Electric Appliance Co., Ltd China Mascara Plus Italia S.r.l. Italy MJ Group Korea Newtech Brush Co., Ltd Korea Nowcos Co., Ltd Korea King San-You Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Les 3 Chenes France Masters Bodycare Products Ltd Hong Kong Modern Cass International Cosmetics Co., Ltd Thailand Next Trend Publications Sdn Bhd Malaysia Nox-Bellcow (ZS) Non-Woven Chemical Ltd China Kirin Cosmetics Co., Ltd Korea Les Nouvelles Esthetiques - China Edition Hong Kong Max Kay Industries Ltd Hong Kong Molza Corporation Japan Nghia Nippers Corporation Vietnam Nuova Fapam S.r.l Italy Kiwha Corporation Korea Lessonia France Maxigen Biotech Inc. Taiwan Monet Korea NH-NARL-Cellu Check Plus Hong Kong Nutriworks Ltd Hong Kong KL Investment Co., Ltd Hong Kong Libinvest Belgium Maxmate Ltd Korea Montagne Jeunesse International UK Nicka K New York USA NYX Los Angeles, Inc. USA Klapp Cosmetics GmbH Germany Libinvest Japan Japan Mbeauty Cosmetic Korea Monza Impex (Pvt) Ltd Pakistan Niksun Beauty Company Limited Hong Kong OCCA Chemical Ltd China Koa Glass Co., Ltd Japan Libo Cosmetics Co., Ltd China MC Makeup Trading Company Limited Hong Kong Moohan Enterprise Korea Ningbo Aobang Sprayer Co., Ltd China OEKAbeauty Germany KOA International Ltd Hong Kong LICD France Mccm Medical Cosmetics Portugal Morals (HK) Co., Ltd Hong Kong Ningbo Aojia Packaging Co., Ltd China Ohsung Industrial Company Korea Koma Beauty Supplies Co., Ltd China Lifeford (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand MCO GmbH Germany Moraz - Galilee Medical Herbs Israel Ningbo Bangshou Electric Co., Ltd China Oi Tak (Holdings) Investment Limited Hong Kong Komex Electric Co., Ltd China Ligo Electric S.A. Switzerland Mcure Co., Ltd Korea Morgans Pomade Co., Ltd UK Ningbo Beimeng Hairdressing Implement Co., Ltd China OLC France Konad Co., Ltd Korea LiliAmore USA ME Spa Investment Ltd Hong Kong Moritex Asia Co., Limited Hong Kong Ningbo Everbest Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd China Ones Co., Ltd / Spheretech Co., Ltd Korea Kong Fung Packaging Products Co Hong Kong Lillian Terry International South Africa MEC Co., Ltd Korea Mould-Tip Injection Technology Limited China Ningbo Firstep Electric Appliance Co., Ltd China Opal Cosmetics (Huizhou) Ltd Hong Kong Kont Kozmetik Ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey Lily Group Asia Ltd Hong Kong Mediatic Labs France MSA & Co. Hong Kong Ningbo Free Trade Zone Behigh International Optimum Marketing Singapore Koon Hoi Fashion Limited Hong Kong Linak (Shenzhen) Actuator Systems Ltd China Medicon Co., Ltd Korea MTE EDIZIONI SRL - Export Magazine Italy Co., Ltd China Orchid Daily Chemical Company Ltd Hong Kong Korea Cosmetic Association (KCA) Korea Linan Shujie Packaging Co., Ltd China Mega Medical Co., Ltd Korea MTE EDIZIONI SRL - Export Magazine Multisector Italy Ningbo GTS Electrical Appliance Manufactured Organic Land Co., Ltd Hong Kong KOTRA Hong Kong Korea Linhai Veta Pneumatic Tool Co., Ltd China MegaPlast Germany Muller & Schmidt Pfeilringwerk GmbH Co., Ltd China Orient Industrial Imp & Exp (Suzhou) Kosam Corporation Ltd Korea Linkway International Company Hong Kong Mei Guan Cosmetics Co., Ltd Taiwan & Co. KG Germany Ningbo Huihe Cosmetics Packaging Co., Ltd China Co., Ltd China Kosan Kozmetik Pazablama VE TIC A.S Turkey Lioele Cosmetic Co., Ltd Korea Mei Shuai Cosmetics Co., Ltd Taiwan Muraki & Co., Ltd Japan Ningbo Huiming Commodity Packing Co., Ltd China Oriental Bamboo & Wood Packaging Limited China Kosmetik International Taiwan Lisange Korea Mei-Chi-Na Hsinyen Co., Ltd Taiwan MUSK Collection Fredy Götti Switzerland Ningbo Jenny Brush Manufactory Co., Ltd China Oristation Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong19 20
  • 12. Exhibitors list 參展商名單 參展商名單 Exhibitors list (As of 2 nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) Exhibitor Search function is now available on www.cosmoprof-asia.com 參展商網上搜尋功能現已啟動,請瀏覽 www.cosmoprof-asia.com (As of 2nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 Oro Gold Cosmetics USA Pragati Glass Pvt Ltd India Refinee’ HK Ltd Hong Kong Seowoo International Corp. Korea Shantou Kinhwa Plastic Industry Co., Ltd China Silver Fox Beauty Instrument Co., Ltd China Orvis Limited Hong Kong Precisa (Xiamen) Packaging Co., Ltd China Regeron Inc. Korea Serene House International Ent. Ltd Taiwan Shantou Lutag China Simji Co., Ltd Korea OSEC Switzerland Prema Care International Co., Ltd Thailand Rein & Fresh Co., Ltd Thailand Seweon Co., Ltd Korea Shantou Oriental Technology Co., Ltd China Sisters BeautyPro (In Express-Sisters Group Oskar Karla Austria Prestige Medicare Co., Ltd Korea Relee Scissors Co., Ltd Taiwan Sewha P & C Inc Korea Shantou Tengye Plastic Industry Co., Ltd China Limited) Hong Kong Ostia Care & Beauty Industry LCC United Arab Emirates Pretty Concept Company Hong Kong Reneenail International Industrial Co China SFA Romani France Shantou Testonl Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Skeyndor S.L. Spain Oyster Cosmetics S.p.A. Italy Princess House Hong Kong RenHeXin Beautiful Nail Co., Ltd China SGD Asia Pacific China Shantou Yifa Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Skin O2 Australia P & C Electronic Co., Ltd Taiwan Privia Korea Renovo Essentials Ltd Hong Kong Shaan Honq Int’l Cosmetics Corp. Taiwan Shantou Youli Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd China Skin Rejuvenation Solutions International France P & N Worldwide Co., Ltd Hong Kong Pro Choice Cosmetic Package Industrial Rentsch Handels AG Switzerland Shang Yuh Machine Co., Ltd Taiwan Shaoxing City Decoration Electro-chemistry SkinCure, Inc. Korea Pacific First Group Ltd Hong Kong Co., Ltd China Restorasis Essentials USA Shanghai Aonly Manufacturing Pens Co., Ltd China Co., Ltd China skinfactory Korea Pacific Medical Products USA ProCare International Company Limited Hong Kong Retipalm GmbH Germany Shanghai Apolo Medical Technology Co., Ltd China Shaoxing Magic Plastic Co., Ltd China Skinrex Co., Ltd Korea Pacific Medical Products Co., Ltd Hong Kong Procare UK Ltd UK Revais International France Shanghai Chengxing M&E Co.,Ltd China Shaoxing Yuhang Plastic and Packaging Co., Ltd China Sky Beauteous International Co Hong Kong Pacificglas Korea Pro-Feel Hair Scissors Group China Re-X Products Co., Ltd Thailand Shanghai Chunhsin Packing Tube Co., Ltd China Shaoxing Yuxing Plastic Package Co., Ltd China Sky Resources Sdn Bhd Malaysia Paglieri S.p.A. Italy Profesional Cosmetics S.A. Spain Rexam Plastic Packaging Asia Hong Kong Shanghai Gelan Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Shedes Industry Co., Ltd Taiwan Smart Choice Cosmetic Company Hong Kong Paglieri Sell System Italy Professional Beauty Systems Ltd UK Rey Beauty Health Lb., Ltd Japan Shanghai Jue Hua Laser Technology Sheencol’or Biotech Co., Ltd China Smart Key International Consultant Co., Ltd Hong Kong Palama Lapa Co., Ltd Thailand Proficos - Metro Color Cosmetics Company Ri. Way Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Development Co., Ltd China Shenb.Co., Ltd Korea SMB Global (HK) Limited China Palladio Beauty Group USA Limited Hong Kong Rich Cosmetic Brush Co., Ltd Taiwan Shanghai Kans Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Asun Ind. & Exp. Co., Ltd China SMT (Saeyang Microtech Co., Ltd) Korea Pan Group (Asia) Co., Ltd Hong Kong Profusion Cosmetics Corp. USA Rich One Beauty & Health Product Ltd Hong Kong Shanghai Keennie Industry Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Baixinglong Pioneer Printing Co., Ltd China So.Cap S.r.l. Italy Panier Des Sens France Promedi Co., Ltd Korea Ridolce International Co., Limited China Shanghai Langjun Industrial & Developing Shenzhen Beauty Star Co., Ltd China Soap-N-Scent Co., Ltd Thailand Pao-Yi (Taiwan) Cosmetics Co., Ltd Taiwan Promoitalia Group S.p.A. Italy Ringier Trade Media Ltd Hong Kong Co., Ltd China Shenzhen City Xin Xinlei Brush Produce Societe Francaise De Cosmetiques (Bernard Parfums D’Antan France Promos Italy Rise Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd China Shanghai Med.BMW Technology Co., Ltd China Limited Company China Cassiere) France Parfums De Coeur USA Providence Enterprises Ltd Hong Kong Rise Health and Beauty Limited Hong Kong Shanghai Mulante Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Deogra Electrical Co., Ltd China Sodip France Parlain Co., Ltd Hong Kong Prun Life Co., Ltd Korea Rosee Cosmetics Co., Ltd Korea Shanghai Paristy Daily Chemical Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Enaly Beauty Products Co., Ltd China Soho Cosmetic Accessories Co., Ltd Taiwan PAUCO Co., Ltd Korea PSI Co., Ltd Korea Ros’s Estetica S.L. Spain Shanghai Queenhair International Trading Co.,Ltd China Shenzhen Eya Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Solchim Italy PCCA Laboratory Co., Ltd Thailand PT Gautama Indah Perkasa Indonesia Rouge Republic (Asia) Ltd Hong Kong Shanghai Sanying Packaging Material Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Fashion Beauty Technology Co., Ltd China Solyvia France Pedrini Cosmetici S.r.l. Italy PT. Kemas Indah Maju Indonesia Royal Thermes France Shanghai Sibei Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Fenda Electrical Co., Ltd China Somang Cosmetics Co., Ltd Korea Peer Pharm Israel PT. Royal Korindah Indonesia RSNC Korea Shanghai Sintang Industrial Co., Ltd China Shenzhen GSD Tech Co., Ltd China Sometech Korea Pemay Biomedical Technology Corp. Taiwan PT. Sinar Cendana Abadi Indonesia S & P World Ltd Korea Shanghai Sunmer Electrical Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Hair Tech Co., Ltd China Songxin Beauty Chair Factory China Peninsula Medical Group China Pujiang Onlyou Cosmetics Co., Ltd China S T S Consumer Products Co., Ltd Thailand Shanghai Vanoo Laser Technology Co., Ltd China Shenzhen H-one Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd China Sonicworld Co., Ltd Korea Pereja Ileri Kimya San. A.S. Turkey Pujiang True Lover Cosmetics Co., Ltd China S.P Trading Co., Ltd .I. Thailand Shanghai Xuancai Cosmetic Brushes Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Joyrich Brush Co., Ltd China Soriso Korea Pettenon Cosmetici S.r.l. Italy Pujiang Zhuoerya Cosmetic Kits Co., Ltd China S.S. Manufacturing Co., Ltd Thailand Shanghai Yidai Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Langdai Industrial Development Co., Ltd China Sotaravej Co., Ltd Thailand Pharma Cosmetics Ltd Israel Pumtech Korea Co., Ltd Korea Saehan Art Brush Co., Ltd Korea Shanghai Yingyu Plastic Products Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Lidan Cosmetics Brushes Factory China Soulhot Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Pharmacare Laboratories Australia Punti di Vista S.r.l. Italy Saeshin Precision Co., Ltd Korea Shangyu Baotai Plastic-Alumtnum Manufacturing Shenzhen Lini Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Spa and Wellness Association Singapore Singapore Phoenix Group International Limited Hong Kong Pure And Beautiful Israel Saffron International Inc Taiwan Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Malena Technology Co., Ltd China Spa Cosmetics Israel Phosphagenics Ltd Australia PUREBEAU New cosmetics GmbH Germany Saiseido Biotechnology Co., Ltd Japan Shangyu City Wanhong Plastic Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Ritai Medicine Package Co., Ltd China SpaChina China Phytoceuticals, Inc USA Qingdao New Asia Pacific International Trade Co., Ltd China Salty Family Group Co., Ltd Korea Shangyu City Xinhong Packaging Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Shenchuang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd China SPC UK Phytonia Corporation Korea Quantum Techonology Co., Ltd Taiwan Sambon Puff Co., Ltd Korea Shangyu Jianhong Plastics Industry Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Siken 3D Digitizing Co., Ltd China Specchiasol S.r.l. Italy Phytopecia Korea Queens Packaging Co., Ltd China Samhwa Plastic Co., Ltd Korea Shangyu Jinsheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Skinray Technology Co., Ltd China Splendid Products Mfg. Co. Hong Kong Picca International Co., Ltd Taiwan Quimi Romar S.L. Spain Samwon Hannah Inc Korea Shangyu New Packaging Assn China Shenzhen Topbeauty Technology Co., Ltd China Sponpia Co., Ltd Korea Pidielle S.r.l. Italy R&J Metal Recycling (USA) Inc. USA Sang Hwang Mi-in Co., Ltd Korea Shangyu Sanyou Electro-Chemical Aluminium Shenzhen Very Good Hair Co., Ltd China Spread Well Development Limited Hong Kong Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd Taiwan R.M.T Beauty Co., Ltd China Sang Shin Industrial Co., Ltd Korea Products Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Yada Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Star Corporation Korea Pina Parie - nail cosmetic line GmbH Germany Race Medical Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd China Sarl Parfums M. Micallet France Shangyu Wanrong Plastic Co., Ltd China Shenzhen Yu An Tai Handbag Co., Ltd China STC Bath & Body Care Factory China Pinkage Korea Radiancy Israel SC Engineering Korea Shangyu Wansheng Plastic Packing Co., Ltd China Shima Trading Co., Ltd Japan Stipot Trading Co., Ltd Taiwan Pinkpac Co., Ltd Taiwan Rainbow Beauty Co., Ltd China Selim Enterprise Co., Ltd Korea Shangyu Xinlei Plastic Co., Ltd China Shing International Ltd Hong Kong Story Of Love Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Pola Inc Hong Kong Rainbow Cosmetic Korea SELVERT BY IDESCO Spain Shangyu Yamei Packing Co., Ltd China Shinwoo Union Co., Ltd Korea STP Mineral Therapy Hong Kong Polaroisin International Co., Ltd Taiwan Ray International Trading Co., Ltd China Sensoli GmbH Germany Shantou Dachuan Machines Co., Ltd China Shya Hsin Plastic Works Co., Ltd Taiwan Strand Cosmetics Europe France Polcharm Poland Rebul Kozmetik Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. Turkey Seo Doo Hi-Tech Korea Shantou Hengfang Cosmetics Enterprise Co., Ltd China Siam Yoko Co., Ltd Thailand Style Idea Co., Ltd Hong Kong Polipack Pphu Poland Rebune International Co., Ltd Hong Kong Seongnam City Hall Korea Shantou Huafeng Plastic Packing Co.,Ltd China Sicaf France StyleSpeak - The Salon & Spa Journal India Pool Service S.r.l. Italy Recre Holding Company Korea Seoul Business Agency (SBA) Korea Shantou Huaxing Plastic Products Co., Ltd China Sidu Corporation China Success Hairdressing Chair Factory China Portola Tech International China Redrun Korea Seoulcosmetics Korea Shantou Kemei Plastic Co., Ltd China Sierra M Co., Ltd Korea Sudesan Detergents & Cosmetics Turkey21 22
  • 13. Exhibitors list 參展商名單 參展商名單 Exhibitors list (As of 2 nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) Exhibitor Search function is now available on www.cosmoprof-asia.com 參展商網上搜尋功能現已啟動,請瀏覽 www.cosmoprof-asia.com (As of 2nd August 2011 資料截至2011年8月2日) COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION COMPANY NAME COUNTRY/REGION 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 公司名稱 國家/地區 Sudtana (2534) Company Limited Thailand The Cricket Company USA Unicoa Ltd Korea Wahl Clipper Corp. USA Yands Co., Ltd Japan Zenico (Asia) Co., Ltd Hong Kong Sunrise Pumps (Chun Jing Enterprise Co., Ltd) Taiwan The Department of Export Promotion, Ministry Unicof Korea Korea Wallonia Foreign Trade & Investment Agency Yangjiang Tonghui Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd China Zenon Corporation Korea Sunsharp Cosmetic Company Hong Kong of Commerce Thailand Union Cosmetic Co., Ltd China (AWEX) Belgium Yangzhou Aviva Daily Chemistry Co., Ltd China Zhangjiagang Junfeng Glass Products Co., Ltd China Sunshine (Australia) Enterprises Pty Ltd Australia The East India Natural Goods Co. India Union Medical Co., Ltd Korea Watermark Asia Limited Hong Kong Yangzhou CCPIT China Zhangjiagang Razorline Manufacturing Co., Ltd China Sunyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd Japan The Israel Export and International Cooperation Union Natural Holdings Limited Hong Kong Waton International Limited Hong Kong Yangzhou DLT Cosmetic Tube Co., Ltd China Zhangjiagang Yunwu Industry Co., Ltd China Sunyu Display Product Co., Ltd China Institute Israel Unipack Korea Co., Ltd Korea WEBpackaging Spain Yangzhou Green Leaf Nonwoven Products Zhangpu Cailuhua Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Super Million Hair Japan Japan The Natural Sea Sponge Company Ltd UK Unipro - Italian Association of Cosmetic Weckerle Cosmetics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd China Mfg Co., Ltd China Zhangzhou Liyi Plastic Industry Co., Ltd China Supernice Ind Ltd Hong Kong The Skin Co., LTD Korea Industries Italy Weida Plastic Product Co., Ltd Jin Hua China Yangzhou Ingeil Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Aike Packaging Co., Ltd China SUS Advancing Technology Co., Ltd China The W.E. Bassett Company USA Unit Japan Co., Ltd Japan Weihai Longain Beauty Pencil Co., Ltd China Yangzhou Perfect Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Axilone Shunhua Aluminium & Plastic Suwada Blacksmith Works, Inc. Japan The Writers’ Publishing House Sdn Bhd Malaysia United Brands Marketing GmbH Germany Weishinne Plastic Industry Co., Ltd Taiwan Yanke Co., Ltd China Co., Ltd China Suzhou Shadow Vacuum Metalizing Co., Ltd China Theresa Beauty Slimming & Fitness Pte Ltd Singapore United Cosmeceuticals GmbH Switzerland Well Form Trading & Engineering Co Hong Kong Yantai CMC Plastic Packages Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Coloray Technology Development Co., Ltd China Swiss High Tech Cosmetics Sarl Switzerland Thuya S.L. Spain Universal Cosmetic Korea Wellcare Biotech Co., Ltd Taiwan Yauw Lien Electrical Mfg Co Ltd Hong Kong Zhejiang Davis Industrial Co., Ltd China Swiss La Ceviar International Cosmetic Group Ltd China Tianba Hairdressing Equipment Factory China Universal Pharmaceuticals Australia Wellpac Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd China Yellow Rose Professional Cosmetics Greece Zhejiang Eshine Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Sybaritic, Inc USA Tianjin Huaying Printing Co., Ltd China Unver Luks Hirdavat Kirtasiye San. Paz. Wellshine Hong Kong Ltd Hong Kong Yih Tai Glass Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd Taiwan Zhejiang Fuyi Plastic Co., Ltd China Symbol Hardware Manufactory China Tie Jie Technology Co., Ltd Taiwan Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey Weme International Co., Ltd Korea Ying Piao (Eagle) Industrial Co., Ltd Taiwan Zhejiang Jindeli Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd China Syneron Medical Ltd Israel Tiger Eyes Education Co., Ltd Thailand URG Inc. Korea Wenling Beauty Pool Chair Industry Co., Ltd China Yiwu Baojiali Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Jindewang Packaging Co., Ltd China Synoia Technologies Ltd Israel Tilley Soap Australia Pty Ltd Australia Uyounplus Co., Ltd Korea Wenling Hongli Barber & Beauty Co., Ltd China Yiwu City Cheerflor Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Jinsheng Packaging Co., Ltd China Tae IL Eyelash Co., Ltd Korea Titania Fabrik GmbH, Berrywell Germany Uzman Kozmetik Kimya San. Ve Dis Tic. Wenzhou Eternity Electronics Co.,Ltd China Yiwu Diefei Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Jiuling Pens & Brushes Co., Ltd China Tae Sung Group Co., Ltd Korea Titania Fabrik GmbH, Division “Berrywell” Germany Ltd. Sti. Turkey Wenzhou HTM Mould Develop Co., Ltd. China Yiwu Jinbadi Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Zhejiang JM Industry Co., Ltd China Tahi Beautrec(s) Pte Ltd Singapore Tiverton Perfume China V10 Plus Pte Ltd Singapore Wenzhou Int’l Eco. & Tec. Cooperation Corp. China Yiwu Luke Paper Factory China Zhejiang Meixue Cosmetic Co., Ltd China Tai Wah Distributors Pte Ltd Singapore T-Nail Group (Holding) Ltd Hong Kong Vagheggi S.p.A. Italy Wenzhou Yijiate Beauty Appliance Yiwu Makeover Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Miaoou Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Tai-Fa Sponge Co., Ltd Taiwan Tom Beauty Salon Equipment Co., Ltd China Valice Korea Korea Manufacture Co., Ltd China Yiwu Qiansifang Commodity Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Newair Art Co., Ltd China Taikone Technology Inc. China Tong Yang Life Science Co., Ltd Korea Valley of the Sun Cosmetics USA Wenzhou Youngbio Chemical Co., Ltd China Yiwu Qiaoyan Craft Decoration Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Qianfei Enterprise Co., Ltd China Tair Jiuh Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Tong-Fong Brush Factory Co., Ltd Taiwan Valobra Italy Wessen Hong Kong Yiwu Qingpeng Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Sanrong Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd China Taiwan Cosmetics Industry Association Taiwan Tonnie Cosmetics Co., Ltd Taiwan Vast Gem International Co., Ltd Taiwan Whirl-a-Style USA Yiwu Source of Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Starway Electric Co., Ltd China Taiwan K. K. Corp. Taiwan Top Nutrition Pty Ltd Australia Venus Concept Israel Wide Excel Limited Hong Kong Yiwu Xiang Nuo Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Ushas Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Taiwan Proud Chairs Co., Ltd Taiwan Top Yield T.J. Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Venus Secrets Greece Wing Fung International Holdings Limited Hong Kong Yiwu Yaqi Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Weili Plastic Co., Ltd China Taizhou Chaomei Electric Co., Ltd China Top-Well Cosmetic Industry Company Taiwan Veraderm-Vera Lance France Winners Korea Yodel Co., LTD Korea Zhejiang Yiwu Lucy Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Taizhou Jinba Health Technology Co., Ltd China Toskani S.L. Spain Vern Hairdressing Style College (Yanni Wish-Tech Automation International Corporation Taiwan Yongkang Tianyui Electronic Co., Ltd China Zhejiang Yiwu Weitu Artcrafts Co., Ltd China Takara Belmont Corporation Japan Touch America USA Co., Ltd) Taiwan Women Enterprise Supporting Center Korea Yonwoo Co., Ltd Korea Zhejiang Yongsheng Packing Co., Ltd China Tankos Co. Limited Hong Kong Toyohakko Co., Ltd Japan Vertex Printing Co., Ltd Hong Kong Won Yong Beauty Products Co., Ltd Korea York Transnational Ltd China Zhejiang Z & Z Technology Co., Ltd China Target Group (Asia) Limited Hong Kong TP4 International Co., Ltd Thailand Viccal Pte Ltd Singapore Wonju Medical Industry Techno Valley Korea Young Jin Pac Korea Zhejiang Zhongyimei Industry Co., Ltd China Tartan Timbers (Pty) Ltd South Africa Trade Works Company Limited Japan Victory Cosmetics Netherlands Wonyong Beauty Products Co., Ltd Korea Youngson Asia Limited Hong Kong Zheng Da Factory China TCI Co., Ltd Taiwan Traser Case Manufacturing Limited China VietCos Cosmetics Co., Ltd Vietnam Woojung Tech Co., Ltd Korea Youxing Enterprise (Zhongshan) Adhesive Zhongbao Hairdressing Tools Co., Ltd China Tech-Nature France Trend Links International Ltd Hong Kong Vincent Raya Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Woori Medical Group Co., Ltd Korea Co., Ltd China Zhongshan Luencheong Dispensing Pump Ltd China Technology of Nippers Company Vietnam Trophy International Development Ltd Hong Kong Viokox S.A. Spain Worldmate Holdings Limited Hong Kong Yovi Industrial Co., Ltd China Zhongshan Meido Cosmetics Industry Co., Ltd China Tecno Elettra S.r.l. Italy Tropicalife Co., Ltd Thailand Viora USA Wuhan Yage Optic and Electronic Technique Co., Ltd China Yu Hao Inc. / Hao Ying Machine Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Zhongshan Meiquan Plastic Products Co., Ltd China TEK Italy True Keratin Inc. USA Vita Cosmetics S.r.l. Italy Wuxi Redflag Daily Cosmetics Equipment Co., Ltd China Yuan Harng Co., Ltd Taiwan Zhongshan Meiyuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd China Termix Spain True Systems Co., Ltd Korea Vita Ocean France Wuxi Sunmart Science & Technology Co., Ltd China Yuhuan Xinhua Plastic Factory Zhejiang China China Zhongshan Shangyang Precision Industries Co., Ltd China Termosalud S.L. Spain Twin Lotus Co., Ltd Thailand Vitalfarco Italy Wuxi Zhenyu International Trade Co., Ltd China Yuilplus Co., Ltd Korea Zhongshan Syouei Beauty Instrument Co., Ltd China Terra Industrial Ltd Hong Kong TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan Vitality Publications Ltd Hong Kong Xinjiang Osmen Biological Resources Co., Ltd China Yuyao H.B. Packaging Co., Ltd China Zhongshan Weiyuan Packaging Ltd China Thai Hoover Industry Co., Ltd Thailand U.S. Consulate General / U.S. Commercial Service USA Vitry France Xinyi Swift Pack Co., Ltd China Yuyao Huayan Electric Co., Ltd China Zhongshan Weizhao Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd China Thai Rungruang Innovation Co., Ltd Thailand UA Packaging China Viva Healthcare Packaging Hong Kong Xuchang Beautyhair Fashion Co., Ltd China Yuyao Jianda Sprayer Co., Ltd China ZH-Packaging Limited China Thai-Meko Co., Ltd Thailand Uandi Natural Australia Vivescence Switzerland Xuchang Jiatai Hair Products Co., Ltd China Yuyao Jingyi Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd China Zhuhai Blossom Cosmetic Inc China Thalassa Medical Co., Ltd Hong Kong UBIFRANCE France Vora Bula International Beauty & Spa Co., Ltd Thailand Y. C. Beauty Creations Korea Yuyao Ruichang Plastics Co., Ltd China Zhuhai East Kingdom Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd China Thalgo Cosmetic and Terrake France UCL Korea Votre Inc. Korea Yadah Korea Yuyao Shengmei Cosmetic Packing Factory China Zhuhai Shi Shengyuan Household Cosmetics The Cosmetic & Perfumery Association of Ukip Kozmetik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey VTA France France Yakin Biolab Sdn Bhd Malaysia Yuyao Sun-Rain Sprayer Co., Ltd China Container Co., Ltd China Hong Kong Ltd Hong Kong U-Mi Tech Co., Ltd Korea W.S. Industries, Inc. USA Yalong Hardware Furniture Co., Ltd China Yuyao Tirrit Co., Ltd China Zhuji South Star Import & Export Co., Ltd China The Cosmetic Republic S.L. Spain Unhwa Asia Ltd Hong Kong Wah Yuet Light Industrial Co., Ltd Hong Kong Yamamura Mfg. Co., Ltd Japan Yuyao Weitai Plastics Co., Ltd China Zhuozhou Haoyuan Foil Industry China Ya-Man Ltd Japan Zellcos Germany Ziaja Ltd Poland23 24
  • 14. Visitors information 參觀者需知: SPECIAL AIRFARES FROM CATHAY PACIFIC 國泰航空特惠機票 As a special privilege under the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s ‘Business Right Here!’ scheme, registered visitors can enjoy special airfares offered by Cathay Pacific and sister airline Dragonair. 優先登記參觀亞太區美容展的人士可以享受由香港旅遊發展局“商機在此!”計劃提供的尊賞優惠, PRE-REGISTER TODAY TO MAKE SURE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY BADGE RECEIVED IN 購買由國泰航空及港龍航空提供的特惠機票。 ADVANCE. CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS: 請選擇以下其中一種方法登記參觀,優先獲主辦單位寄出參觀者入場證: SHOW VENUE 展覽場地 FREE BUS SERVICE 免費巴士服務 Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre Departure Time 服務時間: 19:00 (9-10 Nov) 18:00 (11-Nov) OPTION 方法 1 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong From HKCEC Expo Drive To Admiralty & Central (MTR station) Register now at 網上登記: www.cosmoprof-asia.com 香港會議展覽中心,香港灣仔博覽道1號 Route 路線 1 由 會展中心博覽道 至 金鐘及中環 (港鐵站) DEADLINE: 3 OCTOBER 2011 截止日期 : 2011年10月3日 From HKCEC Expo Drive To Causeway Bay & Fortress Hill (MTR station) NEW! EXTENDED OPENING HOURS Route 路線 2 ADMISSION FEE 入場費 由 會展中心博覽道 至 銅鑼灣及炮台山 (港鐵站) 延長開放時間! HKD 港幣 200 元正 09:30 - 19:30 (9-10 Nov) For trade only. Visitors under 18 will not be 09:30 - 18:30 (11 Nov) admitted. 展會只供業內人士參觀,18歲以下人士恕不招待。 FREE ADMISSION 免費入場 COSMOPROF ASIA 2011 SHOW FLOOR 2011 亞太區美容展展覽場地 for pre-registered visitors or holders of ORIGINAL registration form 已優先登記或持有參觀者登記表正本之人士可免 費入場 OFFICIAL HOTEL 大會指定酒店 The Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, Hong Kong 香港萬麗海景酒店 FIND US ON For the current rates and reservations, please contact our Official Travel Agent 如要獲取最新的房間價格及預訂房間,請聯絡大 OPTION 方法 2 會指定旅行社 Complete and submit the form attached to this Pre-show Programme and OFFICIAL TRAVEL AGENT 大會指定旅行社 send it to the Organisers by 3 October 2011 Farrington American Express Travel 填妥夾附的「參觀者登記表」,於2011年10月3日前交回主辦單位: Services Ltd MICE INBOUND By Fax 傳真 : (852) 3749 7552 Tel 電話: (852) 3121 3268 / 2808 2828 Fax 傳真: (852) 2576 6172 / 2808 1234 By Post 郵寄 : Cosmoprof Asia Ltd - 17/F, China Resources Building, Email 電郵: hkexhibitions@farringtonamex.com 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Website 網址 : www.amextravel.com.hk/cosmoprof/ 亞太區美容展有限公司 ─ 香港灣仔港灣道26號華潤大廈17樓25 26
  • 15. COSMOPROF-ASIA.COM Organiser - Cosmoprof Asia LtdMarketing and Promotion: SoGeCos s.p.a. - milan - italy - ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 - sogecos@cosmoprof.com Sales Office Asia Pacific: UBM Asia Ltd - hong kong - ph. +852.2827.6211 - fax +852.3749.7345 - cosmasia-hk@ubm.comSales Office Europe, The Americas, Africa and Middle East: Fairsystem International Exhibition Services s.p.a. - bologna - italy ph. + - fax + fairsystem@bfchina.net / fairsystem@fairsystem.it