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TekMindz Master Data Management Capabilities

  1. 1. MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT Offerings & Benefits
  2. 2. About Us TekMindz Snapshot TekMindz is an IT consulting & technology services company with headquarters in India, serving clients across Asia/Pacific, Middle East, North America and Africa. Bringing together people and processes across diverse sectors for organizations around the world, TekMindz enables business enterprises and governments to most effectively serve their customers and citizens. © Samin TekMindz, India Pvt. Ltd. 2 10/3/2013
  3. 3. What Is Master Data Management? • • • • • Distributor An approach that decouples master Office Customer information from individual applications and unifies it Product Agreement Prospect Becomes a central, application- and process-neutral, resource Company Member Trading Ensures consistent,up-to-date master Partner Manufactured Provider Goods information across business processes, Locations Vendor transactional and analytical systems Service Addresses key data issues such as Financial Account governance, quality and consistency Employee Assets proactively Organization Supplier Simplifies ongoing integration tasks Person and new application development Citizen Contract 3
  4. 4. What data are we talking about? Metadata ID Last First Street Attribute N… CRM123 Jones B. 35 West 15th … ERP789 Jones William Short West 15th 35 Prod ID … Prod Category Prod Class Unit of Measure 36 West 15th Phillips Head Screwdriver … SD-01 PH-01 Each 1244 Slotted Head Screwdriver SD-01 SH-01 Each 1254 Hex Head Screwdriver SD-01 HH-01 Each Description SYS456 Jones 1234 Master Data Gender Code English Billie Spanish Hombre Female 1122345 12/6/11 $650.90 1/4/12 $233.01 1122345 6/5/12 $0 6/6/12 $1,000 8/14/12 $11.11 1122345 9/22/12 $2,333,333 Mujer 9 Citizen $400.99 1122345 Male 12/3/11 1122345 1 Balance 1122345 Desconocido 2 Reference Data Not Known Date 1122345 0 Account Not Applicable Organization No Aplica Product Customer Account Transaction Data Supplier
  5. 5. What is a trusted view? OPERATIONAL APPLICATIONS IT APPLICATIONS MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT ERP Name: Address: Billie Jones 36 West 15th Street Address: NY, NY 32453 Name: Address: William Jones 53 West 15th St. Address: Toledo, OH 12345 Spouse of CRM Warehouse Name: Address: Address: William Jones 35 West 15th Street Toledo, Ohio 12345 Address: Barbara Jones 35 West 15th St. Address: Web Apps Transactional Applications Holds accounts Account #429 Policy #A43C B. Jones 35 West 15th St. Toledo, OH 12345 Sales Name: Barbara Jones 35 West 15th Street Toledo, Ohio 12345 Call Center ANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS Campaign Management Products owned Item #44958 Item #99038 Item #00298 Warehouse/ Analytics Toledo, OH 12345 Big Data Data Quality & Data Integration Tools
  6. 6. Why MDM? InfoSphere Master Data Management Improves operational and analytical systems Complete Accessible  All domains, styles, use cases, industries  Designed for big data  Master data governance  Cloud and mobile options  Pre-built, extensible and customizable data models and services  Integration across InfoSphere solutions 6  Optimized for real time Flexible  Virtual, physical and hybrid styles in a single solution Proven  #1 market share  800 + customers  Collaborative workflow  Lowest risk, Quickest time to value  Reference data management  Global reach  Entity resolution  Scalability, performance
  7. 7. IBM InfoSphere MDM Covers all implementation styles and the full spectrum of integrations Performance & Scalability Open Standards • Stateless transaction engine for ease of scalability, high availability • Dozens of customers mastering 100+ million records • Web services (SOAP & REST) • Java APIs • JMS & MQ Entity Matching & Relationship Linking Comprehensive Business Services • Highly accurate probabilistic matching algorithm • Relationship linking/inference based on attributes • Flexibility to link or collapse matches • Fine-grained services based on pre-built model • Composite services and Batching • Extension points pre- and post-interaction • Web service tailoring Governance Outbound Event Notification • Attribute Level access control • Full history & audit • Survivorship rules (aka „trust‟ rules) • Detect and manage data steward tasks • Source-level and golden-record-level attribute changes • Entity link/collapse/split • Relationship changes 7
  8. 8. Critical business processes benefit from a trusted view Maximizing customer satisfaction & revenue opportunities Customer Service/ Care Customer Self Service Optimizing the business with right-time information Billing Marketing/Sales Interactions Tools Enrich End to End Master Data Management Authoring Security Hierarchies Operational Financial Planning Search Stewardship Back office Systems Fraud Avoidance Understanding the choices & planning with accurate information 8 New Product Introduction Regulatory Compliance Ensuring all systems have consistent & complete information in real time
  9. 9. Align goals to key business priorities Improve Customer Service e.g. Reduce time to search for customers by 58% Comply with Regulations e.g. Improve privacy preference compliance by 10% Optimize Cross-Sell & UpSell Processes e.g. Increase average deal size by 2% What business issues matter most to you? New Market & Product Strategy e.g. Increase campaign yields by 5% 9 Improve Business Agility e.g. Integrate new systems (M&A) in weeks Lower Operational Costs e.g. Decommission 2 of 3 CRM systems
  10. 10. Address key IT initiatives Reports based on missing or incorrect information Incorrect customer addresses used for invoicing process Duplicate data in customer/product master database What IT issues reduce trust? Enterprise processes using untrusted, inaccurate information result in inefficiency and low quality decisions 10 Incomplete and inconsistent master data Aging systems that are difficult to decommission
  11. 11. Single View of Product Disconnected Product Information • No collaborative authoring of products • Lack of a single view of products • No synchronization with up/downstream applications • No ability to publish to commerce sites or product catalogs 11 11 Streamlined Authoring & Access • Collaboratively author, aggregate and distribute product information • Align with and enforce existing business processes • Access to consistent product information • Product factory build process (assembly of products)
  12. 12. InfoSphere MDM Features & Functionality Accelerate Time to Value  Virtual, physical and hybrid MDM styles in a single instance  Modular implementations and upgrades  Collaborative authoring UI enhancements Designed for Big Data  Augment master data with unstructured text  Expanded patient hub to include clinical attributes Governance Inside & Out 12     Data quality via integration with InfoSphere Information Server Enhanced hierarchy support for reference data Dashboard for collaborative authoring workflow Task KPIs to monitor master data quality
  13. 13. IBM Master Data Management Core Capabilities • Multi-Style – Collaborative MDM • Authoring, workflow, check in/out services to support collaboration on master data creation, management and quality control – Operational MDM • Business services to ingest master data from range of sources, manage it and fulfill all consumer uses of master data • Over 500 Business Services • Act as “System of Record” – Analytic MDM • Identity resolution & relationship discovery • Master data simplifies input to analytical environments (DWs) and improves quality (MDM is source) • Enterprise reporting and analytics • Industry-specific data warehouses  Data Quality Management – Duplicate record processing – Data validation, cleansing & standardization  Event Management – Event detection & management – Notification to business processes and systems  Data Lifecycle Management – Data Governance – Data access management – Auditing, enterprise rules and policies IBM Master Data Management Industry SOA Business Processes Collaborative MDM • Operational MDM Analytical MDM Multi-Domain – Support for Customer, Product, Account, Location, Supplier …. Customer Supplier Location Account Event Management 13 Product Customer / Shipping Data Quality Management Data Lifecycle Mgmt
  14. 14. Master Data Governance in MDM • • • Business Processes require trusted data Trusted data requires data governance IBM providing capabilities to facilitate construction and adoption of these applications – MDM Application Toolkit (MDAT) - Improved Enforce – Master Data Policy Monitoring (MDPM) – Improved – Master Data Policy Remediation (MDPR) - Improved – Master Data Governance Dashboard (MDG) - New Data Quality Remediate Identify Enforce policy rules through Master Data Policy Remediation Monitor the effectiveness of your rules through Master Data Policy Monitoring Identify quality issues through Master Data Policy Monitoring and the MDG console Remediate data quality issues through Master Data Policy Remediation and the MDG console Monitor
  15. 15. Integration Flow – MDM & Data Quality IBM Infosphere Quality Stage IBM Infosphere Master Data Management Sources Consuming Applications Applications CRM Databases ERP xls, xml, Flat Files Data Warehouses z Systems Discover and Cross source analysis Data Validation Standardize & Cleanse Match & Link Monitor & evaluate IBM Infosphere Information Analyzer IBM Infosphere Discovery 15 Data Warehouses eBusiness
  16. 16. Editions Proven, Trusted capabilities with 4 different editions to meet your specific needs Enterprise Edition Comprehensive address all your MDM needs with a single comprehensive solution Advanced Edition Strategic strategically transform your organization through improved business processes and applications Standard Edition Quickest Time to Value delivers business value for MDM projects with the quickest time to value 16 Collaborative Edition Collaborative Authoring streamline workflow activities across users involved in authoring and defining master information Additional Components: Reference Data Management Manage and define reference data as an enterprise standard Custom Domain Hub (Stand Alone) Enables delivery of trusted information based on custom data domains
  17. 17. MDM and Data Warehousing • Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Warehousing (DW) complement each other; they have significant synergies – MDM and DW provide quality data to the business but MDM is valuable beyond the DW for 2 reasons • Latency • Feedback IBM Master Data Management Analytic Services (DW Models, Identity Services & Predictive Analytics ) Industry SOA Business Processes Collaborative MDM Operational MDM Analytical MDM Services Metadata Customer Product Supplier Customer / Shipping Location Account Event Management Data Quality Management Data Lifecycle Mgmt – MDM and DW have different use cases • • • 17 MDM provides a “golden” source of truth that is used collaboratively for authoring, operationally in the transactional / operational environment and supports the delivery of "quality" Master Data to a DW system DW systems are a multidimensional collection of historical transactional data that may be include than Master Data used to determine trends and create forecasts Introducing MDM enhances the value of existing DWs by improving data integrity and closing the loop with transaction systems Data
  18. 18. What‟s New in Collaborative Edition Governance Dashboard Home page Customizable Labels and Icons Single-edit Customization Multi-edit Enhancements Related Items Tab Shared Search Templates ACM for WebSphere Commerce Phase 2 Information Server for Data Quality Supporting Stack Updates
  19. 19. Collaborative Edition – Current Home Page
  20. 20. New Governance Dashboard Workflow summary with priorities and categories of assigned entries: Current – blue Urgent – yellow Critical - red Summary pane with graphical view of assigned entries All numbers are links to view the specific category of entries. Ex. 6 “Urgent” entries in DBWorkflow1
  21. 21. Unification of MDM Virtual & Physical Multi-style, multi-domain MDM in a single operational hub – – – – – Single database instance and schema Engine co-residence (WAS container) Simplified deployment and management (based on OSGi) Unified MDS/MDMS workbench for configuration and customization Unified MDS/MDMS installer – Integration with IBM Support Assistant Data Collector 21
  22. 22. Unified MDM solution 2010 2011-2012 2013 V9 V10 V11 Initiate MDS Initiate MDS MDM Server MDM Server MDMS for PIM Collaboration Server InfoSphere MDM • Separate products targeted to different MDM use cases • Best of breed acquisitions 22 • Single MDM offering • Common matching engine • Advanced Catalog Management for attachment to WebSphere Commerce Operational Server Virtual & Physical Modules Collaboration Server InfoSphere MDM • Unified virtual and physical technology into single server capable of supporting multiple MDM use cases • Hybrid MDM • Modularity
  23. 23. MDM and Big Data Must Work Together Master Data Management Core Big Data Technologies MDM creates context for big data. Big data creates context for MDM. MDM system provides trusted information and operationalizes insights from big data Big data provides new insights from social media and other sources for customer profile
  24. 24. InfoSphere MDM Strategy Designed for Big Data Accelerate Time-toValue Single Solution Govern Inside & Out Embrace New Era of Computing
  25. 25. The 5 Key Use Cases Big Data Exploration Find, visualize, understand all big data to improve decision making Enhanced 360o View of the Customer Security/Intelligence Extension Extend existing customer Lower risk, detect fraud and views (MDM, CRM, etc) by monitor cyber security in incorporating additional internal and real-time external information sources Operations Analysis Analyze a variety of machine data for improved business results 25 Data Warehouse Augmentation Integrate big data and data warehouse capabilities to increase operational efficiency
  26. 26. MDM Industry Use Cases Healthcare Retail • Clinical Data Hub • Multi-domain expansion • Patient Registration • Single view of Patient • Interactive Marketing • Advanced Catalog Management • Customer loyalty program Social Services • Fraud Reduction • Education – Longitudinal Record 26 Intelligence/ Policing • Person screening • Entity resolution on big data Telco FSS • Provisioning and Billing • Customer Churn • Network Inventory Master Data • Product Bundling • Regulatory compliance • Know your customer Manufacturing Insurance • End-consumer relationships • Parts creation & search • BOM Consolidation • Policy Management • Claims Processing • Customer up-sell
  27. 27. MDM Market Trends – Analyst Perspective MDM and Big Data strategies should be intertwined MDM requires Information Governance to be successful Organizations are linking process and data strategies with BPM and MDM Implementations are maturing from single domain to multi-domain 27 To create competitive advantage, organizations will need to leverage sources of big data, especially social networks, in combination with their MDM strategy. MDM cited as the #1 information related project that requires Information Governance to be successful …visionary BPM and MDM teams turn to process data management, which acknowledges the inherent connection between business process improvement and data quality. Some vendors may claim to be able to model and support a variety of data domains in a single technology product, but they often lack aspects of functionality, such as collaborative workflow, and experience in dealing with the needs of the different functional groups and business processes that leverage particular master data domains.
  28. 28. Few Cases where MDM proved helpful…. Banking Product BNP Paribas InfoSphere MDM MoneyGram International Identity Insight Suncorp-Metway Ltd InfoSphere MDM RaboBank InfoSphere MDM DNB ASA InfoSphere MDM Insurance Major Chinese Insurer InfoSphere MDM Retail Truffaut Government InfoSphere MDM Product A U.S. State Police Department InfoSphere MDM A Major Municipal Government Agency Master Data Service State of North Dakota Health and Human Services Master Data Service 28
  29. 29. Gartner Magic Quadrants 2012 MDM for Customer Data MDM for Product Data Gartner estimates that IBM is the market share leader, followed by Oracle, Informatica, SAP and Tibco Link to MQ reports © 2013 IBM Corporation
  30. 30. Samin TekMindz India Pvt. Ltd. India-NOIDA H-171, Ground Floor, Sector-63, Noida 201307 India Tel : +91 120 6137000 Fax : +91 120 6137001 30 Samin TekMindz, Inc. United States 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400 Wilmington, DE 19808 Tel : +1-877-774-1211